How to tie a bandana

Are bandanas fashionable?

Bandanas have been worn for hundreds of years and by many famous people, from spokeswoman Aunt Jemima to author David Foster Wallace and even the great pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (as played by Johnny Depp). Although in some places of the country the bandana has been relegated to the fashion accessory dejour of street gangs, it still remains a utilitarian and trendy piece for many not living the "thug life". 

How to tie a bandana

The easiest way to tie a bandana is to fold it at the diagonal to form a triangle, place the straight edge along your hair line, tie the two ends at the back in a square knot and tuck the remaining point of the triangle under the knot. This is the way Manny Ramirez ties his bandana, and it hardly ever comes off, even when he makes a failed diving attempt at a catch and everything else falls of his head (hat, sunglasses, the other pair of sunglasses, his iPod, the Blackberry, etc).  

When is it appropriate to wear a bandana?

To be honest, bandanas might be fashionable but they aren't really accepted well in most settings. The appropriate time to wear a bandana the same as the appropriate time to wear white gym socks and sneakers: when you're actually involved in an athletic activity. The only other place where a bandana is appropriate would be if you have a job that involves a lot of physical labor and you want to keep your long hair out of your face. This might include farming, construction, or perhaps food preparation (but don't replace a hair net with a bandana, combine the two).

David Foster Wallace would give lectures and speeches with one of his famed bandanas, but you are not David Foster Wallace. He was a critically acclaimed writer and the envy of literary professors across the country. You just want a do-rag on your head.  

Tying a bandana the Jack Sparrow way

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