How to wear a red dress for an evening out

A red dress is a color that will stop anyone in his or her track even if for a few seconds. It exudes courage and makes a very bold statement.

It is said that every woman must have at least two essential evening dresses, after the black dress then comes the red dress for variety.

Red has been proven to boost your self esteem, wearing a red dress will definitely make any woman feel confident, sexy and 'naughty'. C'mon try it even with your red turtle neck sweater and see what effect it has.

A red dress represents passion and love. It never goes out of fashion and can be worn by blondes, brunette and even black.

There are many ways to wear a red dress, but you need a little bit of imagination. It should be perfectly tailored to fit and should be made with good material. Choose the right shade of red that will compliment your complexion. If you have a dark skin, go for a shade of red with bluish undertone. Maroon or brownish red will blend well with an olive skin and make your dark hair appear shinier.

Shoes to match your red dress

Choosing the right shoes for your red dress can be a bit tedious especially when you are faced with many choices.

A red dress will look superb when worn complete with red strappy sandals or peep-toe patent pumps(never with white shoes). Black shoes will also add a nice contrast and break the monotony when going for a formal outing. Silver sandals are a safe choice as it will create a sparkling effect and gold will work well when matched with gold jewelries.

If your dress is plain, a pumps or sandal with detailing like a ruffle or bow will flatter your feet and make a difference to your entire outfit.

Red sandals

Fall head-over-heels with this beautiful red sandals.The height of the sandals look comfortable and will lift the dress off the ground to give you a really slim appearance. The silver detail on the front of the sandal can be matched with a simple dangling silver earrings

This Black Nina sandals will break the monotony but still add style so you are not looking all formal. The ruffle detail will flatter your feet(do not forget to polish your toe nails).

If you are not comfortable with stilettos, this wedge can do the trick for you. Wear with matching jewelries for that simplistic look. 

Watch it with the jewelries

The red dress does all the talking for you already. You don't need to wear too many jewelries that will end up competing with your dress.

Handy clutch bag

Finish off with the perfect hand accessory, the clutch bag. It should not be the size of your regular bag, just big enough for your essentials - lipstick, cellphone, keys and some money.

The clutch bag does not need to be expensive, just get ones with high quality materials like satin,velvet or patent to have that 'expensive' look

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

I am all for a sharp woman in a red dress. Thank you for this nice Hub.

xixi12 profile image

xixi12 6 years ago from Everywhere but here. In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. You can never be truly free till you have the discipline to manage it. Author

Thanks for stopping by James. Red happens to be my best color and its a real show stopper. Glad you liked the hub

mysisters profile image

mysisters 5 years ago

Great Hub. Red is a great color to wear to a cocktail party or even for a night out. It definitely turns heads and makes a bold statement.

Sangre 5 years ago

thanks so much cos i've been wondering for some time the sort of accessories i will be adding to my outfit.

angel 17 months ago

Show off your passionate side in a stunning red designer dress. Sexy hot red short cocktail dresses, sultry long red evening gowns and long red summer dresses are available in halter tops or strapless.

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    Not too much jewelry

    Accessorise with pearls, black or silver jewelries so it contrasts with your red dress to give you that classic look.

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