How to Control Curly, Frizzy Hair

Don't be dismayed--curly hair is a blessing in disguise!
Don't be dismayed--curly hair is a blessing in disguise!

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

My hair is naturally very curly, like everyone else in my family. I never really paid it much attention--until I entered middle school, and looks began to matter. It was the mid-1990's. Alicia Silverstone, the actress from the movie "Clueless" had straight blonde hair. Magazines like "Seventeen" and "YM" featured models with long, straight hair that cascaded over their shoulders. And the popular girls at my school all had shiny, stick straight hair. They could wear it down and run their fingers through it, or tie it back in a loose ponytail for gym class. It looked great no matter what. My hair, on the other hand, was a poofy mass of waves, frizz and lumps. Because everyone I knew could step out of the shower, let their hair dry naturally, and end up with lovely straight locks, I assumed the same technique should work for me. It didn't. When I got out of the shower, my hair dried into an afro. This disturbed me greatly, so I started pulling it back into a tight bun, which seemed to be the only way to control the monstrosity atop my head. Oh yeah, when I say "I" started pulling it back into a tight bun, what I really mean is that I had my mother do it for me every morning before catching the bus. Around this time is when the fights would break out. I would go postal if there were any lumps, if a single hair was left out of the rigid bun, if the elastic wasn't wound tight enough. After re-doing it ten times, my mother would eventually turn from helpful to helpless to frustrated, and I would cry and cry and lament my fate. Adolescence sucks.

In high school I discovered flat irons and began straightening my hair, which worked a little but always looked slightly fried and unnatural. Then one day I had an epiphany. I was fighting a losing battle. Instead of working against my hair, maybe I should start working with it? There had to be a way to make my God-given curls work in my favor. A friend of my mother's had long, curly hair, so one day I asked her how she got it to look so good? The answer she gave changed my life: products. Products! All it took was a little hair gel and a blow dryer diffuser attachment to achieve a look of loveliness. I took her advice, and have embraced my curls ever since. Here are the life-saving tips to creating manageable curls that I would be lost without:

Use products that infuse hair with moisture, like Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration!" collection
Use products that infuse hair with moisture, like Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration!" collection
1.) In the shower, wash hair with a gentle clarifying shampoo like Nexxus Aloe Rid, and then a separate moisturizing conditioner (no shampoo-and-conditioner-in-one products). Curly hair is dry and brittle by nature, so it needs products that renew and moisturize. Try Pantene's "Hydrating Curls" or Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration".

2.) When you get out, gently squeeze excess water out using your hands, just enough so it's not dripping wet. Using a towel creates friction that causes frizz. Place a quarter-sized dollop of gel in the palm of your hand (I swear by Matrix's Biolage "Gelee") and run through your hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to use more. Experiment with different amounts to find what works best for you. Not enough product and your curls will misbehave. Too much and your hair will look greasy and weighed down. Wash hands when finished.

3.) Flip hair back and forth over your head a few times and shake it out to separate the curls naturally.

4.) Lean over so all your hair is hanging in front of your face. Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer (diffusers enhance curls and control frizz by evenly distributing air) and start drying until hair is 90% dry. Conair sells diffuser attachments that are compatible with most standard blow dryers.

5.) Flip back over to a normal upright position. You'll now need to seal the deal and hold your locks in place. Use a spray gel like Herbal Essences Extra Hold Spray Gel or Maximum Hold Spritz and spray lightly over the full length of your hair--not too much near the scalp, because that'll create flakes; focus mainly on the middle and the ends.



  • People with curly hair really only need to wash their hair every other day or so due to the fact that daily shampooing will make your curls even dryer. If you do have to wash it every day, use a dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders, or a moisturizing shampoo like Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration".
  • If you wake up in the morning and your curls aren't looking so hot, try a product like Pantene Pro-V Frizz Control Curl Revive. Mist over dry curls to give them moisturization and a frizz-free lift.
  • Deep condition your hair once a week with a product like Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. While in the shower, apply the conditioner from about the middle of your ears down to the ends (this keeps your scalp from getting greasy). Allow to absorb for 10-20 minutes, then rinse.
  • If your curls are excessively dry or frizzy, apply a dime-size amount of John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum after you get out of the shower but before putting in your hair gel.
  • Never use a brush on curly hair. De-tangle hair in the shower by running a wide tooth comb through your tresses while conditioning.

These days, curly hair is gaining in the ranks of popularity. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks embrace the sexy unruliness of their natural look. If you are someone who was blessed with curly hair, consider yourself lucky. Since I began enhancing my curls rather than hiding them, the tables have turned dramatically. I can't tell you how many times people with stick straight hair have come up to me and said, "I would give anything to have your hair. No matter what I do, my hair just won't hold a curl!"

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Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 9 years ago

Jaclyn, you give some great advice in your hub. The best was when you said 'stop fighting against your hair type'. If you really want to have an easier time styling your hair, go with what nature gave you and not against it.

elisa 9 years ago

well this was a wast wof time. you don't have curly hair. your hair is just wavey and you scranch it to make it even more wavey. i have curly hair. and its not this much work geeze.

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

No Elisa, my hair is curly, trust me. It is long, however, way past my shoulders so the weight does stretch out the curls a bit. And I don't scrunch it at all. I step out of the shower and it's curly BUT frizzy. I put in gel to control the frizz. The girl in the video, however, now she scrunches.

Susie 9 years ago

Dude what you just said about your hair is the same thing at my school. All of my friends who are popular have super straight hair that looks great every day no matter what they do to it. They always say "My hair looks soo bad." and i'll be like what are you talking about. It always bugged the crap out of me. Well i'll try your advice and give a comment about that. Tanks for making this site. Susie

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

I know what you mean, Susie. Middle school and high school suck. Wait and see though, the same girls who have perfect, pin straight hair every day will be the ones freaking out when it comes time for the prom and they can't get their hair to hold a curl :)

Lily 9 years ago

This is a very nice story, but what happens if you have naturally curly hair and it just looks BAD on you? That's what happened with me. I never got any positive attention on my looks until I started straightening my hair. I even had one girl tell me "I love curly hair, but you look SOOO much better with straight hair" My mom says I'm living a lie, and sometimes its a fight but curly hair doesn't work with my face or my personality... but I do agree with you, middle school sucks.

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

Lily -- you are absolutely right. If you don't have a face shape that you feel works well with curly hair, then by all means straighten it. It's all about what feels most comfortable for YOU (despite what your mom says).

Yes, Elisa! 9 years ago

I agree with Elisa. This is advice someone would have given in 1980. There are better-known methods for maintaining curly hair today. And the products you listed are crap!

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J. Author

Yes, Elisa! these are the products that I personally use and swear by. Everyone has their own preference, this is just a rough outline. If there are better-known methods for maintaining curly hair to keep it from frizzing out other than gel and/or a diffuser, please let me know what they are. I'd love to check them out. Thanks!

Hillyy 9 years ago

hey! thanks for the tips but i have thick bouncy frizzy curls that take FOREVER to control! i need a way to quickly do my hair but have it looking great! any ideas?

april 8 years ago

thanks for the tips, im defiantly going to try it like i have really curly hair but no matter what i do it does crazy stuff and sometimes it looks really good and sometimes it looks really bad and i never know what to expect but im going to try it and HOPEFULLY it will help and im sure it will and thank you so much again.

Julie I. 8 years ago

Don't forget to try Mixed Chicks products. They tame frizz so well!

Kayce 8 years ago

This is good advice! Ive been fighting against my curly hair for years.. Ive learned to control it but but Ive wanted to find away for it to look more natural & this definitely worked! Thanks!

danielle 8 years ago

You have lovely hair by the way.

laura 8 years ago

I have loose curls that are very frizzy. I use serums to help tame it - the best I think is Aussie dual personality curl definition and soft feel serum. It makes my curls silky! I also use frizz ease dream curls to help keep my curls under control. However, I just never know how to cut my hair. I have it long and I've been told rounded layers are best to have but I don't know what this means. Anybody have any ideas on how to cut curly hair?

Mary 8 years ago

Hey Jaclyn.. coudnt have said it better myself!

ive got super frizzy hair & do the same thing with my hair.. but instead of gel i use mousse. i find it a lot better for an even distribution of product..

many thanks



Isaebelle 8 years ago

Hey, thanks for the great tips!

CURRRRLY  8 years ago

My hair is JUST like yours and I have always disliked it and tried to straighten in various ways but when I read this I decided I'd try to go along with it, I mean curly hair is very pretty also. It just takes work to make it look nice :D


CaliCurl 8 years ago

I have the worst issues with my hair. My hair looks so pretty when I get out of the shower and my curls so nice until it begins to dry and I end up looking like my hair is made of cotton!!! I've tried mousse, gel, conditioners, you name it but to no avail. It's as if my hair is too light and just shrinks up and takes on a life of its own. I will give your techniques a try because I am sick of pulling my hair into a bun and listening to it break off.

Carmel 8 years ago

My hair just plain looks bad I strigtin it and then people say it looks good on me and when I had to use a curling iron one time it looked really bad and I don't even think my hair is curly all ofit is just frizz it looks bad no matter what i try to do to it when i straigten it it starts frizzing up bye the end of one day and i've tryed so many things that say silky and mooth for my hair but it still sux I'm going to try this but not even sure if it'll work but thatnks for taking your time to help random people you don't even know:-D

Erika 8 years ago

Thanks so much, Jaclyn! I will definetly try this. :o)

GEM 8 years ago

I have veryb dry, thick, long, curly hair and I love it! However, if I did not use Lusters Pink Hair Moisturizer I would be lost. I swear by this stuff! Also a good leave in conditioner and a definer does the trick! Good luck to all of you out there!

nia 8 years ago

Im in middle school i have to use clips to try to position it after using gel it looks good for the first period but at the end of the day it looks horrible.i straightend it it looked nice but it didn't shine like when i had curly hair.i just want to way it down and let it stay down so its corly but not fluffy.does this work for problems like this?

profile image

curly haired 8 years ago

i mean very curly

i am nia

GEM 8 years ago

I have veryb dry, thick, long, curly hair and I love it! However, if I did not use Lusters Pink Hair Moisturizer I would be lost. I swear by this stuff! Also a good leave in conditioner and a definer does the trick! Good luck to all of you out there!

Dorina 8 years ago

Yeah my hair is curly and very pretty it never matterd when I was little but since i started middle school i started to notice the frizz in my hair and it was driving me nuts I was straightening my hair for a while but my mom was so aganst it that she stolld it and she still has it. I look great whith curly and straight hair but is frizzy so I whent online and I whant to thank you for the edvice now i feel more comfedent in my curls thanks Ty.

twit 8 years ago

thank you so so so so so much for giving these tips!!! i have wavy/frizzy hair that's very..alive and freaky. its so puffy i look like i have wings sprouting out of my head. freaky as hell! im going to try doing exactly what you said. your hair is beautiful!!!! ill be really pleased if my hair ends up looking 1/2 as good as yours does! :)

twit 8 years ago

thank you so so so so so much for giving these tips!!! i have wavy/frizzy hair that's very..alive and freaky. its so puffy i look like i have wings sprouting out of my head. freaky as hell! im going to try doing exactly what you said. your hair is beautiful!!!! ill be really pleased if my hair ends up looking 1/2 as good as yours does! :)

arwen 8 years ago

i've got curly hair and i usually shower at night so of course my course are in mad competition with each other the next morning in which case i run a flat iron through it and i keep most of the curls but it just kills anything unseemly... otherwise i use dove curl definition cream and a bit of hair spray... works a dream!

whiteluna 8 years ago

Thanks so much this migh acually help me with my very long, frizzy, puffy, desert of a mess hair. Now I think I know what I want for christmas now so then by the time christmas break is over I might acually be able to wear my hair out with out worrying about it tickling people, or being to puffy. Again thanks you saved my life.


A girl in her last year of middle school

bookworm 8 years ago

i am going to try this! I LOVE my curls but they always look soooo out of control. I would love to be able to leave them down and not have to worry! Thanx!

Jillian 8 years ago

i have suuuper long curly thich hair! i hate it! but when i can get it to look good i luv it! im in 7th grade and do a lot of extra activitys like soccer and stuff so i don't really have time to do any thing with my hair! it stinks!!! all the girls hav pretty hair and my friends tell me i have prettier hair but i don't feel like it! so it really upsets me when i have a REALLY bad hair day and the only thing i can do is put it in a ponytail! do you think if i did your idea the night before it would still work??? HELP!!!!!! IF ANY ONE HAS ANY IDEAS EMAIL ME AT BEACHBOYFAN111@AOL.COM!!!!! THANKS!!!!

Crazy curlz 7 years ago

this helped me alot with my hair. Like you, I used to try to straighten my hair and it didn't look like the pretty, glossy straight hair like the popular girls. But now i know how to work with my hair.

Crazy curlz 7 years ago

this helped me a lot with my hair. Like you, I used to try to straighten my hair and it didn't look like the pretty, glossy straight hair like the popular girls. But now i know how to work with my hair.

Crazy curlz 7 years ago

this helped me a lot with my hair. Like you, I used to try to straighten my hair and it didn't look like the pretty, glossy straight hair like the popular girls. But now i know how to work with my hair.

FrizzyJadey 7 years ago

Hey all these tips have made me feel dead hopeful and I cant wait to try them all cause I have such thick & curly hair right from the root and even though I straightened my hair you could still see my curly roots and it somehow looked damaged so am going to get it back to curly so all this sounds good thanx :)

Dima 7 years ago

Hey, my hair is really thick and curly to the point where it starts to friz and goes all over the place. any ideas on how to keep it taimed and loose instead of just all bulged together?

Em 7 years ago

My hair is closer to ringlets than curls, leave it a few days and they get so tight they appear to be dreadlocks. My hair is really long though so there's no bodyin my hair. However this is because hairdressers seem to be blind to curly hair, if you go in with curly hair you leave with a frizzball because they just see the curls and try straighten them to no avail.

I must be lucky, my hair is so soft and shiney when I straighten it, I must be doing something right in the way of conditioning.

Me regime is pretty much the same as this, my hair just behaves when it wants to, I can't wash it too often though, it's horrible for at least 2 days after washing.

A├»sha 7 years ago

I had curls when I was a little kid, in prim. school I had beautiful straight hair and now (I'm 17) I am stuck with my hair that is something between wavy and curly but with a lot of frizz (and straightening isn't even an option 'cause I have a longshaped face now)

You said, don't brush and I do that already but I always notice that my hair looks quite bad the morning after my shower because the cruls 'clitt' together and that makes me look like I'm a poor girl that doesn't even has a brush to brush her hair.

So do you have any advice for girls like me with a lot of thin curly hair (you can have that thick curly hair and then you can have thin curly hair that always looks like you've had an electric shock or your hairdryer had exploded or something) . . . so any advice for me how to separate the curls without brushing (and when I just run my fingers through it it doesn't work)

erika 7 years ago

i have long curly hair and my dad does not like it when i straten it because he says im ruing my beutifull hair but i hate it sometimes!i got a lot of complements on my curly hair .what i do is i get out of the shower and i let it dry just a little it is still damp and i put gel in and let that dry and it looks good :)

Unknown 7 years ago

My hair is really curly but when i straighten it, The next day overnight it goes curly ish. Does anyone know why?.

Erica 7 years ago

Thx so much 4 this! I have thick, curlyy hair. It doesn't frizz that bad. Actually only the back looks unpleasent when it dries. I might try the wide-toothed comb tecnique, cause for ever i've been brushing my curly locks. At the beginning of 6th grade (i'm a 7th grader now) I always straightenend my hair. My friends asked me, what happened to your long beautiful curly hair? I said "I straigtened it." Then, during Christmas break, I discovered a hair style (yes, I didn't use ANY products) that changed my life. Here's what to do: you know that hairstyle where you take the top front part of your hair and clip it backwards. The hairstyle that all girls with straight hair can get away with. Let me tell you a secret: Girls with curly hair can get away with it too. Now, EVERYONE compliments my hair. All my friends say: I love your hair. How do you get it like that? Do you do anything to it??? I say, "No, I let it air dry, and it gets like this." They say: You're soooo lucky to have curly hair. Now I say: I know! Girls, like it said in this article, don't fight with your hair. Trust me, you'll loose the battle. Just let your hair be it's naturally beautiful self. Even boys say they love my hair now!

cassandra 7 years ago

well my hair is really frizzy and i cant seem to find any product to tame my frizz down! i have tried everything trust me and nothing works! ive tried mousseeing it and putting gel into it and everything nothing works! my hairgets frizzyaround my hair line and when my hair dries i look like a lion any tips?

Jbunton profile image

Jbunton 7 years ago from United States of America

You have some good points on here. I am biracial and my hair is really curly. I have tried many products and some work, some make it worse. Let me tell you what I do.

-In the shower I wash my hair, then condition it TWICE. I comb it in the shower to remove all the tangles. And I only wash it every other or even every two days. I use shampoos and conditioners that are hydrating. I also condition my hair everyday between shampooing.

-Once I get out I add some kind of creme hair product, like Hair milk by Pantene, or even Sunsilk. They have different ones that I choose randomly. lol. Then I put some gel in for curly hair. One to try is bouncy curls by Tresemme. I flip my hair over and make sure to get my whole head of hair. The underside is important too.

-I let my hair air dry. Just simply because adding heat,even with a diffuser, gives me frizz. If I go get any frizz, I add a bit of serum, or grease, which I use because I am biracial. I use several: Pink oil, Optimum, or olive oil.

I do flat iron my hair sometimes but its so time consuming. And yes, at the roots it will wave up overnight or in humidity just because that's the natural order of your hair. Try using a product to help keep hair smooth even in high humidity. Also when my hair line gets out of control, I use a hard bristoled brush while my hair is damp and brush it back. And a serum or oil.

Deirdre 7 years ago

Your story is very similar to my own. I grew up with curly hair, so curly in fact that I had to keep it short for the first 14 years of my life. At school my life was hell. Kids teased me and said I looked like I had been hit by and electric wire and as as result I grew up inwards and deeply ashamed about my hair. When I was 14 I was told by a hairdresser that my hair was too curly to relax and that I would have to grow it out to control it. Other hairdressers would mock and joke about my hair.

When I finally did grow my hair (a painstaking process) I was very self conscious and got some negative comments on it if I ever wore it down from time to time in school. Someone even said my hair looked "stupid".It was because of this that I started tightly putting my hair in buns, ponytails and used extensions constantly.

Now I'm 19 years old and I've finally excepted my hair and realise that it won't change. I recently booked an appointment with an expensive celebrity hairdresser would was very experianced in artistic creations and loved the look of ott curly hair (a lunatic fringe manager). She analysed my hair, pulled it out, and then gave me a perfect cut. Short and thinned out underneath and longer as it got to the front - very high fashion. Its a look where bigger is definetly better!

My tips to all the girls out there is that products should be your BEST friend. They should weight the hair down and keep it from changing as it dries. I have a few products that I would reccomment:

Wella Enrich Shampoo,

Wella Colour Saver Whip,

Enrich Mask,

Redkin Ringlet,

John Frieda Serum,

Pantene Pro V Smooth and Sleek Collection,

And a strong gel.

I don't use spray gels anymore, I find they can ruin the curl and it becomes too hard with no bounce.

PS for perfect ringlets use your fingers to make them while your hair is wet and always twirl them towards the face, Also, NEVER use product on dry hair. It won't absorb and its just a waste.

Finally, the best advice I can give is to search online for the perfect hairdresser, one who gets your hair. Its what I did and it was one of the best things that I ever did. Wear your curls proudly!

alannah 7 years ago

i thought my hair was ugly but when i started a new middle school last year everyone even the really cute guys acted like my hair was this amazing thing!! all i ever got were questions about my hair and how they would trade me!!! my friends LOVED pulling my hair down then letting it go and watching it bounce back up!!! some of the guys even liked it!! so if u have curly hair just think about how lucky u r because u cant get really curly hair in a salon!! one thing i do to my hair that i kinda like is parting my hair so i have bangs then pulling it back and pinning it!!! its really cute cause its curly not straight!

Sonia 7 years ago

Try this products, you will LOVE it!

100% no sulfate and it's organic!

Sonia 7 years ago

Sorry, here is the link:


curlyy chickk 7 years ago

i have had curlyy hair my who;e life but when i was little i braided it, now in highschool i have a lot of white friends (im black) and theyy have nice silkyy hair!

my hair is silky only when i straiten it and thatt damaged/cut my hair! so i pull my hairr in a tightt bunn.

i also advise garnier productss theyree greattt!

also a leve in conditoinerr!

im a currly cullen  7 years ago

i have bad currly hair it frizy and poofy i got a straght perm and that helped my hair look much better when i stratened it but all that heat really messed up my hair i stop ironing my hair but the damged is done my hair is worse and now i have split ends for the heat- but iv learned to deal with it but i cant think of any cute hairstiles if i leave it down it crazy frizzy and verry hard to control what should i do to not damage my hair but make it look super hot for high school?

im a currly cullen  7 years ago

i have bad currly hair it frizy and poofy i got a straght perm and that helped my hair look much better when i stratened it but all that heat really messed up my hair i stop ironing my hair but the damged is done my hair is worse and now i have split ends for the heat- but iv learned to deal with it but i cant think of any cute hairstiles if i leave it down it crazy frizzy and verry hard to control what should i do to not damage my hair but make it look super hot for high school?

Jessica 7 years ago

Thanks for taking ur time to write about ur experiences with thick curly hair. I'll definetly try some of those products and tips. I have had thick curly hair my whole life and always hated it. I started caring about my looks in grade 5 or 6 and since grade 7 I've always straightned my hair. It is SO time consuming, it takes like 3 hours from when I get out of the shower. I let it air dry because using a hair dryer makes it go wildley poofy like a lions mane. I would absolutly LOVE to have nice straight hair like a lot of my friends have. And I'm so scared to go even swimming with a friend because after my hair will go horrible. I'm slowly starting to appreciate my curly hair though. I just need help controling it. I have used dove hair mouse and it helps a little. I also use john frieda hair serum and leave in conditioner. They help but my hair still looks poofy. However I've never used gel before, does it help? Do you leave it in to dry or curl ur hair into ringlets with ur finger? I need help! I'm going into high school in 3 weeks and I would really like to look my best. Any suggestions? I don't have any time to straighten my hair anymore, it's to thick! Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks! :) ;)

P.S Its good to no other girls have the same problems as me! I no how you all feel! ;)

Marcela 7 years ago

I used to straighten my hair but have recently decided to keep it curly and after I learned how to make it look cute I started to love my curly hair! I would take a shower, and then as soon as I got out of the shower I'd put some gell on it and the curls would stay cute when it dried. However, eventually I just started getting dreadlocks and my hair would be so tangled and knotty that it was hell trying to comb through it. When I realized I had to comb it I started doing it in the shower and It's kept my hair from getting tangled but I can't get the curls to come back. I started combing it out only when I shower before bed just to untangle it and then wash it out in the morning and not comb it so I can have my curls during the day but I still have no curls. My hair just gets frizzy and wavy. If i go a couple of days without combing it, it gets curly but knotty again. Do you have any advice for me?

grace 7 years ago

thanks for these tips. im definetly going to try this cuz im tired of wearing my hair in a ponytail. ive worn my hair in a ponytail so muxh my bangs were getting worn ourt into nothing thank u so much.

SARAH 7 years ago

thank god i found this my hair is frizzy and curly and not pretty but now i can try this thanks a lot

Joe 7 years ago

Hey, thanks for these tips! I"m probably the only buy to ever

post on this, but I have EXTREMELY curly hair, and I hate it so much, it's reasonably long to. Whenever I try to make the curls go away, they won't, and the they hang down the side of my face, and it looks like I'm a girl...


hope 7 years ago

my hair is super thick frizzy curly and when i have it down and walk around it looks like a lions mane and it does it even when i flat iiron it with my chi

Becky 7 years ago

I've fought curly hair all my life. My hair never looks good and is always imbarrassing to me. Just frizzy and wild. Thanks for the tips. I see some things that I have been doing wrong and products I need to try. I'll let you know if it works on my hair.

Kristina 7 years ago

oh my goodnes...i totally agree. in my freshmen year in high school, i straightened my hair almost every day so that it would look like everyone else's. all the girls had straight hair and i thought it would look better if my hair looked like theirs. they said that my hair was ugly and frizzy and that i couldn't do anything with it. im a sophomore this year, and i haven't straightened my hair once. i love my curly hair now that i've learned how to deal with it :)

Erin 7 years ago

I have very curly and frizzy hair. It LOOKS thick, because of the natural "boof" from all the curls separating the hair from eachother, but in actual fact, my hair is thin when I straighten it and has no volume whatsoever. Even the actual hairs are thinner than my friends with straight or slightly wavy hair. It's taken me a while to realise, but I have curly AND "thin fly-away" hair that I've heard about on the shampoo ads, so even when I grow it long it isn't enough to weigh it down. When I leave the house with it out when it's curly, even with a little bit of light anti-frizz product it just won't hang like other people's hair, a slight breeze sends it off in all directions. The last thing I want to do it spray it with a maximum hold hairspray or anything to make it go stiff and immoveable! Arrgh. The best thing I've discovered is adding a little bit of baby oil to my conditioner or the smallest amount to damp hair, spread thoroughly. I've recently starting trying the same with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Oil, OR youy can also use natural coconut oil. It seems to replace the natural oils that get stripped when shampooing so helps to eliminate some of the frizz. But - too much and it can look too oily and therefore 'unwashed' looking.

Also, make sure you use cream moisturisers, not anything that has had too much water or "aqua" added (check the ingredients) and stay away from anything with a thin & drippy opaque or clear consistency because all that does is wet your hair a little more and undoes a lot of the work you've done trying to dry it without it frizzing.

I only wash my hair once a week (sometimes less) because it ALWAYS looks better a little dirty with my natural oils spread through. Nobody notices it and it doesn't smell. Although, I find the more often it gets washed, the more it needs washing as it seems to encourage it to produce more oil since it's getting striiped too often.

emily 7 years ago

i have curly hair and people are always like "hey emily nice afro " and i just start to cry

nicole 7 years ago

just read some of the comments to this video and i have really curly hair which runs through my family and i still scrunch it to stop it going frizzy just because you scrunch your curls it does not mean you hair is not curly ? lol

kaitlyn 7 years ago

i have curly hair also. i learned to go in the shower and after, use mousse and gel. but everytime i do it, at school it just gets dried and dosnt look scrunched. i usually straighten my hair but im getting annoyed by how long it takes and how at school it goes curly again. my sister says i lok better with curly hair which i think is sorta true. but how do i keep my hair not looking so dry ?? please help me):

bella 7 years ago

i have wavy/curly hair. but when i let it air dry, the curls just turn into a big poofy mess. so when i get out of the shower, i part my hair in two, then i twist each side and roll it up inot two buns. i secure that with an elastic. i do this at night and when i wake up in the morning, i take the elastics out. then i gently separate my curls and it looks amazing. the last thing i do is spray it with hairspray. if your hair is reallly frizzy, put gel in it b4 you do this. this will ease the frizz. i hope this helps!

Chloe 7 years ago

Thank you soo much for these great tips i have naturally very curly hair that always looks like a fizz ball! my hair is already starting to look betterr!

Lulu 7 years ago

Trust me i no what u mean I maintain a battle with my curly frizzy hair all the time. I think I will try using gel like u said and see how it works thanks.

Cierra 7 years ago

i no how you feel ever since i was little i have had curly, frizzy hair. IT DRIVES ME INSANE. I saw this add on tv called curl confidence and i thought it could work but it was like $40 a moth and i cant afford that. those of who can go to and see if it works for you. I think i might trie gel and see if it works.

Daisy 7 years ago

I discovered SUNSILK hair product about a year ago, and it works magic on my hair. I can now achieve the golden, bouncy curls I desire without the crunchy texture from gels.

My routine is brushing my hair in the shower when conditioner (of the sunsilk collection) is still in my hair, patting it until its damp and then running about a quarter-sized drop of the same conditioner through my hair. If I shower at night, I then sleep on my damp curls to control it futher. In the morning I use sunsilk hair product to finish my look by tweaking rebellious curls or controlling any frizz which developed overnight.

Jasmine 6 years ago

Well, I have extreme curly frizzy hair and scrunching it doesn't doesn't help but encourage my frizz. All my friends have beautiful strait hair. I am thinking about getting a perm to help make it more wavier.

Help i dont know what to do with my hair 6 years ago

I have very thick hair! its wavey/curly and i don't know what to do with it!! im not good with hair so i don't know how to style it so it looks good! i hate wearing it in a ponytail b/c then i look bad! Im in middle school and all the pretty girls have nice straight hair or perfect curls. i just want nice looking hair! my hair is very frizzy and pooffy!

Hello 6 years ago

Do you post on this anymore because i really need ur help!! im help i don't know what to do with my hair!!

tayb 6 years ago

i have really poofy and curly hair also.

It seems here at this website people are only talking about the problems.


i am lightskinned black girl and my hair is really frizzy.

i tried curl confidence, it didn't work on my hair.

someoen please comment here back with answers!

sunitashivani 6 years ago

My hair is thick and rough. It is like african american hair but not as coarse or curly. It is a bit like Shakira's hair but thicker. I have nice curls if they are dried but are to puffy. What should I do?

tetema 6 years ago

thanks for the advice i will try it

but my mom says that i look much better in straight hair so i have a machine named ''eva jor'' i use it because my hair is like sunitashivani's hair : I have nice curls if they are dried :)but are to puffy.:(

and my face does not go with curly hair :(

and it takes 2 hours to straight my hair with ''eva jor''

Noaks 6 years ago

I have thick, curly, crazy frizzy hair. I have no idea what to do with it. If I don't use a flat iron, I get triangle hair, no matter what products I use. Plus I have oily hair at the roots and dry ends. My hair is a hot mess without the hot. :/

Mom2CurlyGirl 6 years ago

I feel so bad for some of the posters here. Maybe I can help. My daughter is 10 and has long, beautiful spiral curls. However, they weren't always that way. They gradually became unmanagemable and I was desperate to find a way to fix it. I tried every product out there, spent hours combing out horrible knots, read the Curly Girl Book; I did everything I could and nothing worked. Finally, I discovered Tiffany, a hairstylist who specializes in curly hair. She transformed my daughter's frizzy, parched mess into glorious ringlets. Tiffany is in FL but her website offers tips for curly hair. She runs a website called Live Curly Live Free at Beau Monde Salon. What I learned from Tiffany was that I'd been doing the opposite of what my daughter's hair needed. Not all curly hair is the same, obviously, so if you can find out what type of hair you have, you will have the key to maintaining it properly. Tiffany's advice to me was to AVOID protein and silicones on my daughter's hair, condition every night with Suave Naturals conditioner (Lavendar Lilac and Cherry Blossom work the best) and shampoo once a week with a sulfate free shampoo like Giovanni Triple Treat Tea Tree (avail at Wal-Mart). This regimen has worked miracles and I share it because if it helps ease someone else's frustration, then I'm glad! If your hair isn't responding to proteins and silicones (and most products designed for curly hair are loaded with them), try a different strategy and see if it works.

Mom2CurlyGirl 6 years ago

By the way, when you buy hair products and you're trying to avoid the above mentioned proteins/silicones, you can identify them this way: if the ingredient ends in "one" as in andomethicone, dimethicone, etc. it's a silicone based product. Proteins can be called amino acids, wheat protein, silk protein, among other names. A lot of curly hair books and websites will tell you that protein is great for curly hair but it depends on hair type. Protein and silicone on the wrong hair results in a dry, frizzy, knotted disaster. Silicone coats the hair shaft and can really cause problems. You can buy products that promise to moisturize and defrizz but that doesn't mean they will work for you. I've bought the expensive stuff and ironically it's the inexpensive product that works the best. Like I said, Suave Naturals Conditioner may not be for everyone but if what you're doing isn't working, it's worth a try.

Princess 6 years ago

I have thick frizzy hair. The frizz was unbearable and really annoying because i had never ever wear my hair out without a ponytail for 10 years. I had tried every product from cheap to expensive and nothing worked until I found hair oil. The best hair oils are Macadamia oil and Argan Maroccan oil. These oils make your hair strong and repair it from damage and dryness and best of all YOUR HAIR ISN'T FRIZZY!!!! What you do is you take some oil in the palm of your hand and rub it into your palm then you evenly distribute the oil and you can comb it through or you can just leave it, then you put some hair mask or leave in conditioner and you leave it to dry and don't what ever you do blow dry it. Hope i helped.

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M-girl101 6 years ago

hi. I hav reallt THICK hair. im in middle school and i where my hair flat iron everyday. and today somone asked me how many times i wash my hair and i said 1 a week . it is embrassing and i feel bad. how many times a week should i wash my hair and some tips how i should where it

bay bay gal 6 years ago

hey im in middle school to and i leave conditioner in my hair and i don't have a differ thing! i usually put my hair up but even when i put it in a pony its so frizzy! i use moose but it still don't work! everyone at my school has perfect staight good looking hair and i get jelous. everyone thinks my hair is so pretty but i think different. i try to straighten my hair but it doesn't look healthy in its still frizzy! plz plz plz help me keep my locks without friz n without expensive products!

lucy balogova 6 years ago

my hair is so thick saw curly and i woould like to hawe it nice and straight but its just not working for me?

nikki 6 years ago

lucy balogova ,

i recommend that you get a flat iron if you want it to be straight , and if you do not want to damage your curly locks , then i say that you get a hair straightening protection , which helps your hair stay healthy and not damaged . ask your hair dresser what she reccomends , i must warn you that the hair straightening protection is kind of expensive .

bay bay girl ,

i know how you feel , my hair is extremely curly / frizzy , while all my friends hair is as straight as a stick , but i just bought the products from CVS , herbal essences hello hydration , and pantene's curls , i also got herbal essences curl scrunch , hopefully it will work out for me , but i will find out tomorrow . !

i also have a question , do you think that you might know how long it will take in the morning to do all the steps , well over an hour i'm guessing .

thanks ,

nikki ?

Ahhhhg-Not Fair 6 years ago

I Did My Hair This Afternoon Because I Had Staightened It Before And Needed To Wash It Before My Friend Came. In The Shower My Hair Was In Loose Curls And Looked Nice, But When I Stepped Out, Got My Self Sorted And Brushed My Hair, I Was Big Again. During The Day It Got Bigger And Bigger, It Separated Inot Two Layers. That Also Happened When My Hair Was Way Past My Shoulders, I Got I Cut. But It's Happening Again. How Do I Sort That Out? :( (The Top Layer Was Big And The Bottom Was Loose Curls)

DeeDee 6 years ago

well i have short and curly hair. my hair is above shoulder length and is curly and frizzy, and when i do try to style it to its normal texture i get wayy too much volume and it sort of just sits there on top of my shoulders scrunched up and just looks ugly with how frizzy it is... what do i do now :S

supper friz 6 years ago

i have really thick/frizzy hair that never stays in place. ive tried brushing it consantly and putting tons of product in it.i keep thinking about cutting it but i love it when its wet. what can i do to keep it looking like it does when i get out of th shower?

q-t pie 6 years ago

i have frizzy hair.this stuff better work!how long will it take 2 get sexy hair?

charise 6 years ago

I thought that having straight hair was amazing ,Until one day i looked in the mirror and thought hold on this isen't right , If you saw a girl who naturally had straight hair but this time it was curly . You would think it diden't look right , On black girls curly hair/your own natural hair looks best . And is better for your hair.

CraziER curly 6 years ago

i have longish, thichish, SUPER CURLY HAIR. i get out of the shower and oh, its all shiney and perfectly curly, but it dries up and is just a medusa! i can never have my hair down or do anything with it. all i can do is have a ponytail, and even my ponytail! it gets all poofy! and dull and frizzy! i don't mind having curly hair, but i just want it to be a bit more tame and managable and more easy to handle. so plz, i cry a lot if not every other day, so plz plz, only if u have my problem or something similar and have a solution, plz post it! thnx! and Peace!

Shorty 6 years ago

I know exactly what you mean! I'm in highschool right now and all the girls have beautiful straight hair that they can do everything with! I straighten my hair all the time but it always looks fried or frizzy! People tell me they love my curly hair but I just don't feel like I fit in as much. I will try your tips, thanks so much! p.s I'm trying to grow my hair out (it's only at my shoulders now) anybody have tips to help it grow faster? please and thanks sooo much!

Shorty 6 years ago

Crazier curly, it is soo much easier to deal with curly hair when it's long. When I get out of the shower I instantly put mousse in my hair. That's all i put in it and i let it air dry, just style put mousse in and go. It works for me most of the time. Hope this helped :)

Wishing for my wet hair 6 years ago

Im the only one in my family with my long,curly blonde hair. It goes to my *very* lower back when straight, when curly goes 1 and a half inches below my breasts. It has always been thick and frizzy,unless it wet, When it looks like i belong in a runway. I cant stand the fact that my family wont do anything for me, and i don't have enough money to go to a stylist everyday. 6th grade was terrible, every single one of my friends had straight hair!!! My hair cant be managed, any tips whatsoever?

ash 6 years ago

well i think this isn't very helpful because this girl has maybe 1/10th the hair i do.. half a bottle of gel doesn't even touch my hair. i have to put straight grease in my hair or it feels like straw its so frustrating

helpppme 6 years ago

I have superrrr curly, frizzy hair and i no longer know what to do with it. I am 15 years old and all my friends have slick straight hair, and I wish I did too. I think curls look gorgeous without frizz, and I don't know how to get rid of it. I have tried your tips and everything else and nothing works. Any other ideas?

Crazier Curly 6 years ago

shorty, my hair is really air sensitive and will get poofy if the wind touches it and moves in the breeze. i can NEVER let my hair down. it will get all poofy and become a pyrimad. and, here are some of the creams i use, try it out if you think it will work for you.

theres fructis, and/or sunsilk(s), aussie instanst freeze hair spray, and a must, Catwalk. its like mousse, but it's a cream. and a couple others are vital care whipped creme, and products from the smooth'n'shine. hope that helps!

crazier curly 6 years ago

and the girl in the diffuser youtube show, that's not the hair i have. what straightners do you all use? and after you straighten your hair, can it ever go back to its original form? like exactly how it was? if yes, how? do you wash it? and if no, why? when you straighten your hair, does it burn the hair? does the instyler really work? and are there any creams or sprays or etc.. that you use before or after or during when you straighten your hair? as you can see, ive never ever straightened my hair. i couldve done it years ago, but i was just to scared my hair would be permanently stuck like that forever. so if you have the time, please answer my questions.

crazy curly hair !!! 6 years ago

i have really frizzy curls that tend to be frizz at the top and curly at the bottom. if i use product it is curly all round. i do straighten my hair sometimes, with a G.H.D. straightener. i think it works really well, as i have tried others and they don't seem to work that well in my hair. but if anyone has any other ones they would like to recommend i will be very grateful. my curls come back as soon as i wet my hair,i don't even need to shampoo it or anything. is there a way to make it stay straight? and friends always say that they love my curly hair and wish they had it bt i HATE MY HAIR!!!...except when i put product in. what products would you suggest??

Crazier Curly 6 years ago

crazy curly hair, read my second most recent post. u will see that i have listed a bunch of creams that work.

Julie 6 years ago

Do not buy Curl Confidence! Not happy with product, not happy with customer service. Good luck getting your money back!!

Rim 6 years ago

I have a not very curly hair whit a lot of friiiiz when i let it airdry it's like i got an electricshoke like 1 of the girls said and I'm not able to buy products :( so what the perfect way to make my curls look nice whitout any products ?? thnx :D

Carilone 6 years ago

I am sorry I am not trying to be rude but it didn't help me i think because i don't have that much curls well thanks anyway!!!!

ahaha 6 years ago

Ok, im black with afro-caribbean hair and i have tried so many products and they don't work, when i get out of the shower and my hair is wet its looks super nice but as soon as it dries, its turns into a huge frizz ball. My hair is quite dry and unmanagable and i just want to find a solution that really works.

32YCurls 6 years ago

Listen to Mom2CurlyGirl. She has the solution. Avoid "cones" and protein, condition, condition and condition again. Wash once a week with a mild sulfate free shampoo. Don't touch your curls because messing and twisting damages your hair.

This site has tons of tips:

hope 6 years ago

What type of haircut would be good for curly hair? Would layers be good, or something like side-bans? My hair is soo frizzy and i have no idea how to handle it! Thanks soo much, this really helped me - i cant wait to try all of the tips. Im in middle school and i feel the same way you did. Last year i straightened my hair everyday. But this summer i have been trying to accept my God-Given curls. Its hard though. Also, when i have tried mouse before, it made my hair feel sticky and straw-like. Does this happen with gel also? Thanks SO much!! :)

hope (again sorry) 6 years ago

Im not sure if you still write on this blog, but i really need answers :) And you seem like someone who can give them to me! Thanks soooo much!!!


CurlyGirly 6 years ago

i'm juz lke the rest of u. im from asia & i hve thick curly hair which all my realtives admire. my mom insists on brushing it with a wide tooth comb after shower 2 get free from the tangles wen all of my curls r in place & as a result it gets frizzy & flyaway she also insists on putting herbal hair oil every nite & braiding it wich i h8 but i can't do anyting bout in 7th grade now & all of my friends have perfect curly, wavy or straight silky hair. plse send help.rite 2

Hope 6 years ago

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have had curly hair my whole life and was fine with it until I got to grade 6 and everybody was starting to straighten there hair. I learnt how to straighten my hair and I made it look pin straight every single day. I hated how much work I had to do just to get pretty hair. My natural curly hair is real frizzy and dry looking and I get pretty ringlets but they are totally frizzy. I just tried out your way of making nice pretty curls without the diffuser because I don't have one yet, and it worked like a charm! so thank you! Im going to get the diffuser and it will probably look even better =) THANK YOU!

Hope(again) 6 years ago

and to the other Hope that commented right above me, if you get long layers it helps out the curls a lot =)

Curly Gal 6 years ago

My hair is really curly. I'm still in the straightening phase but thanx for the tips, and the high school stuff is so true. =) Thanx again.

Tai 6 years ago

Hold up on straightening. Curls are reallyu an amazing thing to have IF you can find out what steps will control them and you can then work with them. I only wash and condition my hair using shampoo once a month. COnditioners have enough chemicals to clean hair alone on a daily basis. I've found Aussie SMOOTH shampoo to be a Godsend in two washes knots disappear and I can run my fingers through my wet hair without catching. Use your fingers to separate your hair when wet. Apply conditioner and then separate hair with fingers. Then when I get out I squeeze out the remaining water and hold in a towel for a minute to remove excess water. never pull the towel through your hair as it does indeed create frizz. Then I simply add another generaous palm of the same SMOOTH conditioner from Aussie and work it into my hair and leave, mixed with one other item which is amazing...Morrocan Hair oil -(Check URL). You can use the oil or there is also a cream. Check the full line as this line of products is truly amazing for your hair. In closing I have to say I kept my hair shaved all my life as a crew cut but then grew it while I was in the hospital for two years and now it's halfway down my back and I can't walk two blocks without people commenting, all because I changed my ATTITUDE twoards it and started focusing on how to actually enhance my curls and simply control them instead of fighting and trying to get rid of them. Love your curls and help them shine and watch how people react to your amazing hair. you have a gift, when you learn to truly love and work with it you'll regret not doing it sooner because people REALLY love seeing those magic curls you are so lucky to have. IF, you can bring yourself to love them and find out how to work with them and stop following everyone else and wanting straight, boring hair as I did for over 30 years before opening my eyes and seeing how amazing my curls can be, hypnotizing people everyday before I've even left my apartment building each day. Best of luck to all those lucky curl owners out there. PS. I lose TONS of hair each day when washing and grooming and my hair is strong and healthy. breakage and loss is normal, so don't WORRY about it, THAT causes hair loss. Just do one thing...LOVE your hair type and embrace your natural curls and see the difference.

Jay 6 years ago

Thank you SOOOOO much for the tips! but, my hair is, like, a curly mutated mop on my head! it's thick and super curly and it takes FOREVER to get it decent. I struggle with it daily so it doesn't look dry by putting on baby oil. However, it is always like an afro that has been parted and pulled down. Some people say that I have african american styled hair--- AND I'M A LITINA!!!!!!!! You are so right-- middle school SUCKS

Jillian 6 years ago

WOW!!!!!!!!! Reading this was like, my life story!! every detail! Lol. Anyways, I am 13 years old and yes have just started that phase where u actually care how u look, lol. Anyways, I am biracial, and i have really curly hair, only its a little past my shoulders. Not too long. But if never really known how to manage it correctly, and it usually wound of puffing into this ugly poof, which would make me cry cause it didn't look even comparable to the perfectly straight, and silky hair other girls would have with ease, or so i thought. Until i started learning how to care for my hair. But yes my mom would get very annoyed and so would I so she put it into a tight bun, and i would yell if it was imperfect, just like you. lol. Well i still were it that way today, but its getting old and i want to try curly, like a pony for school. Anyways when i read this article, I immediately bookmarked it, and said I HAVE TO TRY THESE TRICKS!! SO tomorrow I`m off to buy a diffuser and a few products, and see how it goes, I`m hoping well! Thanks, sooo much this article was the most helpful I`ve ready thus far, i really appreciate it, and i understand 100% what you went through as a kid, as im going through it NOW!, lol. But thanks for relating and realistically providing solutions.

brooke 6 years ago

i have VERY VERY VERY frizzy hair even wen i straghten it its stll really frizzy please help me there isn't any guys at school that like me because of my hair PLEASE HELP ME!! :(

Vanessa 6 years ago

You saved my hair life!!! Thank you! I did EXACTLY what you had written down on here and I finally LOVE my hair. It is ironic I had the exact same story throughout high school, too. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Michelle 6 years ago

All of you people that are dissing becauseilive's products and advice are mean. The reason WHY she created this website was to help people. yeah, these products might not work for everyone but for some others who came across this site, it probably helped a ton. Belive me, its hard to hold all of our anger in(girls with frizzy, curly, puffy, dry hair x 100!) but you shouldn't diss someone. (THAT'S JUST RUDE!)trust me, ive tried EVERYTHING in the book from sleeping with wet hair and then saturating it in product to using setting lotion and twisting my hair into many twists and then blowdrying it to gels to rinsing my hair EVERY morning to everything!I had this one product that was AMAZING! I'd died and gone to heaven and then when i needed more, i found that they discontinued the product!!but its not hot to diss!If becauseilive's advice doesn't help, try these. they didn't work for my hair type but they work for others:

SETTING LOTION- setting lotion moisturizes and defines curls @the same can get setting lotion at Sally's or other beauty places that specialize in hair.Even though its called setting lotion, its actually has the consistency of water; its liquidy.


1)first you wet your hair, then towel dry it.

2)comb your hair out until there are no knots and tangles.

3)now you want to clip up your hair into four sections so its easier to work with and so it doesn't dry out faster.

4)unclip one section of hair and then further divide that into two sections.

5)you want to make two to three twists per section of hair, so you'll end up with eight to twelve twist depending on how much hair you have. and as you twist up your hair you want to spray the setting lotion mixture on your twist.(if you do not know how to make a "twist" scroll down to the "HOW TO MAKE A TWIST" section.)

6)repeat the twisting process for each section and use a hairband to hold the ends of your twist together.

(HOW TO MAKE A TWIST: a twist is basically how it sounds. its kinda like braiding your hair but with two pieces of hair. you take one piece of hair and divide it into two, so now you have two pieces and you wrap the two pieces of hair around eachother. you want to make sure that your twist is tight from the root to the end.)

7)after youv'e completed twisting, you want to dry your hair with a blowdryer. you want to make sure the twist is MOSTLY dry! this does not meant to burn the heck out of your hair especially the hair closest to your scalp.

8)after you are done blowdrying your hair,let it airdry for about 5 minutes just in case.

9)now after this, you can untwist your twists and FINGER COMB IT!DO NOT USE A COMB OR BRUSH! using a comb/brush just does the complete oppostie of what you wanted,it makes it frizzy and non-curly and non-attractive. just lightly run your fingers through it to separate the curls.

10)TA-DA!WONDERFUL CURLS!!(if this doesn't work for you, don't freak out. it didn't give me the look i wanted.)

you can also try Tresseme's products for curly hair. you can it at Walmart and maybe Target. and if you are a gel person, you can try La Bella Lots of curls. you can find this Walmart also, AND SURPRISINGLY AT CVS located in the hair aisle. and if your not a gel person(im not), you can try this simple trick: wet your hair the night before and run some Tresseme curl product in it and then when you wake up, it should still be a little damp(which is good) and then you can run a little Tresseme product with your FINGERS. i hope this helped!

Lucky 6 years ago

I don't understand why everybody complains about curls.We need to be lucky about the fact that we do have curly hair.Think about it, there are so many products and techniques available in market to make that curly, unruly hair stick straight. again with so many options to choose from, temporary and permanent.

But getting curls out of super straight hair is not even half easy as the other way round. Buy a good Blow drier, straightening iron, and few good products from salons.and straighten your hair when you want to.

Also, remember, straight hair makes you look old, whereas curly hair adds years to you. I say this, cos, everybody walks upto me and says I look cheerful,chirpy and young all the time. I owe it to my beautiful curls.

Look at actresses and models, not all of them have super straight hair, its got to do with the miracle of that hairstylist. SO, THERE IS NO "NO WAY" TO GET THAT STRAIGHT HAIR, if you still want to.

Here is a simple trick that did wonders to my hair. and I DID NOT spend a bomb to get the smooth hair, i have now.

All i did was apply a mixture of Olive oil,Coconut oil, Mustard Oil, Almond Oil, few herbs (i got from Kerala,India), and red Hibiscus flower every alternate day, and leave it overnight on my hair and washing it with a good Shampoo meant for Curly hair(I use Swarzkorpf).oil mixture needs to be heated, till the color of the flower and herbs fade.Not only did my unruly curls started behaving, but also my hair grew thick and long. i still have curls, but they are dreamy soft and bouncy. I use blow drier and straightener once in a while, when i need straight hair, and it looks just as perfect.and when in mood to have soft waves, i tie the hair in a bun in the night, and lo! i have beautiful flowing waves in the morning.what else do i need?

My friends love my hair. This may sound too corny, but yes, it worked.Thanks, i stay in India and can find pure forms of all oils. I have just ordered for some more exotic oils,which i have heard works wonders on skin and hair. ooohhh! i can't wait it to be delivered.

Katie 6 years ago

my school pictures are coming up and i have a perm so i was going to scrunch my hair wich is pretty easy for me it gets a little frizzy at times but i can usually handle that. but before pictures i have gym class how do i keep the curls looking good and not frizzy??

Hannah 6 years ago

I have long hair 3/4 down my back. and it is waay thick and super curly and frizzy and almost the ONLY way my hair looks good is in a halfie. when I just leave my hair down it gets all puffy and frizzy and ugly. I haate it! I already use gel and everything which helps a little. Does anyone have anymore tips?

Neha 6 years ago

hi i have very thick and curly hair....i use to hate my hair cuz everytime i had to go out i use to spend hours before to traighten my hair...but no i don't have to worry at all you have to do is wash ur hair with a mild shampoo may be a jhonsons baby shampoo...condition ur hair everytime you shampoo...after that let ur hair dry completely and then instead of any serum or any other chemical use few drops of olive oil at the length of ur hair...which will control ur hair from blowing away and will give u a controlled look....i try this all the time and it works great for me.....

Brittany 6 years ago

When i curl my hair i use garnier fructis products... it works great on my hair!

person 6 years ago

People always comment how much they love my hair, my curly, frizzy, ugly hair that i hate. They don't know how hard it is to deal with. It stinks. Right now my hair is like a huge knot of curls. Thanks for the tips though!

someone secret 6 years ago

Hey, I am in seventh grade and i have curls that drive me nuts plus it is always frizzy, i get it from my mother, everyday i have to tie it up weird and i get teased by the popular girls for it, now since i have read your article i feel more confident about my hair. Thank you so much for making me understand that curly hair is awesome. (Also that its sexy!)... Bye!

William 6 years ago

Hey, I am a guy with unruly and annoying curly hair. Would these steps make my hair look better too, or would it make my hair look feminine?

not known 6 years ago

hey guys...........i hve real curly hair n ppl say der luv ma hair i used 2 hate ma hair but now i luv it m d oly prsn at home wid curls.....................n my bf luvs it m nw in d 8th grade n things r really me dun eva hate ya curls u can straighten ya hair but can neva get natural curls............luv ma hair

Aggie 6 years ago

I'm in seventh grade and have the worst FRIZZY curly and uncontrollable hair. I have tried tons of different products but nothing seems to work and a diffuser only makes my hair frizzier. I have to put my hair up in a tight bun everyday and it's getting old. I'm getting tired of my dry frizzy hair and would like help to get bouncy hydrated curls. Any tips??

sonya_bear23 6 years ago

sock pupets are real

Kate 6 years ago

hey, these tips are really good :)

i have really dark brown, short ringlety hair.

but, i always wake up with really frizzy hair in the morning. is there something you can do at night before you go to bed to keep your hair tame, or put something like a scarf over my hair at night?

Michelle(from 2 months ago...) 6 years ago

hello!back again!! omg! i found this product for my hair and so far it works great and it moisturizes my hair also. but the only problem is, my hair doesn't alwasys turn out beautiful, in fact it rarely happens(i know its contradicting my first statement)the problem is, i really want to wear my hair out and i am in high school now, so i feel like i have to keep up w/evrybody else and i DEFINITELY cant do that when my hairs in a bun. i ENVY my friends hair bcuz we both have long,frizzy, fly-away hair but she uses mixed chick (shes mixed) &i really want to try the product but its SUPER expensive! people always come up to me and say that they love my hair and wish they had my hair (and if im mixed, im not btw), but they don't know how hard it is to function with my hair. I feel like im stuck in middle school. I feel so retarded w/ my hair in a bun 95% of the time. and if i really want my hair to be nice and cury i have to spend and hour and a half and it still has frizz! What are some products that can define and hold curls while moisturizing the hair and keeping frizz away for african americans???im so lost and frustrated!!

sam 6 years ago

Im a sophmore in highschhool and i love my curly hair

i haven't straighten it for a least a year and when i did no one reconized me cuase people know me as the person with the really curly hair. Everyone loves it and loves to play with if you have curly hair don't straighten it more thnhonce every one or 2 weeks and then once you realize how much you like it curly you probaley will never straighten it. I use all garnier products and they work great. the morning if you don't shower in the moring i wet my hair by wetting my hands and running it through my hair til it is wet then i put leave in conitioner and then their scrunch gel

if you do it right when your hair drys it doesn't look like your have gel in your hair and looks curly and really shinny

i also put some hair spray in usually

Curly hair is awesome and boys love it cuase its something new for sore eyes to see

Sophie 6 years ago

Hey what product are you referring to when you say "a quarter-sized dollop of gel"? That's the only thing you were vague on using....

Sarah 6 years ago

i have naturally curly hair and it reaches my butt. it is also really frizzy... so thanks for the tips..

ranaya 6 years ago

hey... i'm trying to find new hairstyles for my hair... I have really thick curly hair that kind of looks like an afro.. haha :) but can you please leave me some tips because everyday i go to school... i wear the same hairstyle and i need a new look because it's getting kind of old.. PLEASE HELP! Oh, & i need help managing it , too! thanks ?

lydia 6 years ago

I am a middle school student and i have dealed with my untamable frizzy poofy hair since i was born. I now straighten it because i have NO self confidence left. Now, i know this sounds dumb but i have always wanted to have scene hair. Its a dream for me. But, i know i will never be able to have hair so beautiful. I straighten it, but it just pumps out and curves in and the under parts frizz up! i don't know if i will ever be able to achieve model curls.

JJ 6 years ago

I am a bit confused as to why people are advising use of certain shampoos, was reading here yesterday and it states to NOT use off the shelf basic shampoos as the sulfates in them are what cause more frizz/dryness:

GAM 6 years ago

WOW, this worked like a charm! my hair is they way I want it and I love it!

Corina 6 years ago

When I blow dry my hair straight, how do I keep the ends from frizzing?

julie 6 years ago

spray something on your ends that will protect them from heat, and then go over the ends with a flat iron.

you could also try a product that is supposed to reduce frizz, and try applying that directly to the ends before blowdrying.

Amber 6 years ago

I have super duper like extreme curls, I hate it so much!, because I cant seem to control frizz no matter what product I use. Its very annoying, because when I leave my hair curly, I don't get any compliments from people because Its a fricken frizz ball, its greasy because of the like 2L of product i use to help control my frizz which doesn't work worth a damn, its horrible and yucky!" But when I have my hair straightened EVERYONE compliments me, because it looks shiny, ( a healthy shiny), smooth ( I CAN EVEN RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH IT!) , its silky, and it looks amazing, because it matches my sidebangs, which when my hair is curly and there straight, to me it looks awkward). But my mom is like leave it curly, you have natural curls for a reason, but I HATE MY CURLS!!!! /end of rant. Let me know if anyone has the same problem, and if they have found a great product that really works! Thanks ! :)

khatijah 6 years ago

thank you i really had the same story..

Madisyn  5 years ago

im 12 years old and i have super frizzy and poofy curly hair and im always straightening it because I hate it and from straightening it I have started to break my hair around the hair line and now if i don't straighten my hair around the hair line it gets kinky and curls up next to my head and i cant stand it..... Does anybody have any advice or comments for me?

Angela 5 years ago

I don't know why but my hair is still frizzy!!!

Even while I'm in the shower! maybe in using too-hot


Natasha Zariwala 5 years ago

Hey, Ironing of hair leads to split ends and hair becoming frizzy, dry and brittle. Avoid ironing your hair. If you blow dry your hair, hold the dryer a foot away from your hair. To get rid of your split ends, go to the salon for a regular trim. To cure your hair fall, use Parachute Advansed Therapie Hair Vitaliser. Leave it on overnight and wash it with a herbal shampoo. This will help you in getting smoother and stonger hair.

clarisse 5 years ago

1 am 12 i have horrible thick hair its so bad. i have straightned my hair for about a year and a half (it took me atleast 2 hours just to straightn it) but i gave up because it gave me split ends and made my hair dry and more frizzyer and im fed up with it should i thin my hair out? will that make a difference????

ayesha 5 years ago

I have thick curly hair, and its really short so it puffs out and frizzes loads. I have realised that if you have curls, they are easy to look after when they are longer. I am trying to grow mine long but it takes a while, but i had it longer when i was younger, and looking back at photos of me then, i looked much better and it wasn't frizzy at all. I like to use mousse in my hair, it keeps it in for the whole day, and if you are doing any activities like running or long walks or its really windy outside, then it stops the air from getting to it, so it wont frizz up in the wind, also it holds it in place nicely, unlike hairspray which can really ruin your hair if you use it too much. Does anyine know how to speed up hair growth?:)

jess 5 years ago

I don't like the way gel makes my hair look, and find that mousse is better. Does anyone know a good mousse product?

Lorena 5 years ago

im 13 and in middle school my hair is very curly and i can't control it so i straight it every week! i'm killing my hair! so i want to try and keep it natural but is so hard and no product is gonna help me! i tried almost everything and i gave up but maybe you're way can help me i doubt it but i'll try.

nishka***XXXX 5 years ago

thank you jackly for you're advice

Sarah 5 years ago

Even though I'm just a kid (12 years old), I work very hard to maintain my curls. I have really curly blondish- brown hair and it falls just past my shoulders. Literally EVERY "pretty" girl at my school has long, pin-straight hair and they toss it over their shoulders all shiny and gorgeous. I straighten my hair (sometimes...) and it NEVER ends up like them. Obviously because my hair is thick and crazy. But today, because of this and other articles and some videos on youtube, I've learned to embrace my natural hair. No other hair would fit me better. Crazy, springy, flowing curls is just a part of me. It's who I am.

Much Lovee

blue haze  5 years ago

man curly hair does not suit me at all, I really do not have self face shape is oval a lot of people tell me this but when I look in the mirror, it just looks wide.....anyway back to it I use hot oil treatment once a week like coconut oil I also rinse my hair with cold water.It helps! oh and I use loreal professional liss ultime serum it's better than john Frieda's serum, well for me then I put Aussie's anti-frizz conditioning milk but I still have a hard time trying to straighten my hair with a hairdryer!, I really don't want to use a straightener because it fried my hair ughhhh! got any ideas on how to straighten my hair with a hairdryer attached to a diffuser?.

MariahC 5 years ago

I am letting my perm grow out and with perms you have dry, frizzy hair, so for a year I was not using Shielo products. Man I was missing out on soft silky hair.

Well I started to straighten it everyday and I wanted something to use before and after I straighten it. The Antioxidant Protectant from Shielo got great reviews on other websites. Just a spray goes a long way!

I have thick hair and it's a little past my shoulders and a spray is enough for me. I put some in my hair before I use my straightener and after I'm done to tame flyaways and lose the frizz. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny! I'm glad I tried this.

Gabriela 5 years ago

I have curly hair as well. I use to not do anything to it once I got out of the shower. The only thing I would do to it would be brush it....bad idea because my hair would look like the 60's hairstyle when messy hairstyles were popular. One day when I got out of the shower I decided to use baby oil and it worked!! when I got out of the shower I will use baby oil all over my hair and it helped a lot. It actually looked curly instead of just a mass of frizz.

Olivia 5 years ago

Hello I'm mixed with many race and have shoulder length curly hair (not that thick)it's always frizzing or poofing from the back of my head. I'm trying to keep it natural. Most products I use fail me. I'm using john freida's smooth start shampoo and conditioner,leave in conditioner.from motions and other gels. I'm currently in the eighth grade.

MyHairWon'tWork 5 years ago

Okay so my hair is a little past my shoulders and it is thick, curly, kinky, frizzy, TOO volumed, and uncontrollable. I normally straighten my hair and have had 2 relaxers put in my hair, which is a big mistake. The relaxers fried my hair, caused it to break off, and only lasted a short time. I have just now got my hair normal length and healthy again and although I was considering getting a brazillion blowout, which I was informed contains bad chemicals, I decided not to. Maybe you're right, I should just stop fighting against my curls and work with them. I just honestly don't know how. If I put a blow dryer to my hair, it turns into a puffball and if I leave out the blow dryer, it looks greasy. I just finished eighth grade and I had to wear my hair in a ponytail literally everyday except for maybe a total of 7 days, including picture days. I want a way to make my hair curl, not be very big and poofy, but not look all hard and really show that there is gel in it. I need as many tips as you can give me. I'm am to the point where I have no self confidence in my hair and I don't know what to do. Please ANYONE WHO CAN HELP I DESPARATLY NEED IT. I really would like to embrace the natural curly look and it be pretty, but it always ends up looking like a frizzy, poofy, afro mess. :(

grrr 5 years ago

I am 12 and my curls are half the size of yours they curl the same way but its like they have shrunk i have tried every way there is to get it under control but nothing works its notted frizzy curly dry and thin i am not over exaggerating if i leave it to dry without tugging it into a tight bun that btw can explode any minute it shrinks even more and when it is dry i cant touch my scalp it tightens into one furry ball i have tried relaxers conditioners and combing it but all ending in screaming and i must say not only mine

grrr 5 years ago

and by yours i meant the picture because your profile pic doesn't have curly hair just frizzy (not to be rude or anything)

Hopeless  5 years ago

My hair is VERY frizzy and curly. I turned to curling my hair with a barrel curling iron to get those big loose curls or making my hair as straight as i could with a flat iron. It looks SO much better than my natural hair. But if I went outside into humid air or moist air for to long it would start to curl and frizz. :( The thing is I wouldn't mind doing my hair with heat but it can take up to two hours to do it! So i'm looking for a way to wear my hair naturally, but i want it to look good. I've used a lot of products. No matter how much I use My hair is still frizzy and looks like an afro! My hair is so hard to handle. I'm going to try your tips and look around other sites too, but I have a feeling there is no use.

Hopeless 5 years ago

BTW my hair is very long, EXTREMELY thick, and holds moisture all day. So in the morning before I walk out the door its good, but a little frizzy. half way through the day it's very big, frizzy, and it looks like my hair shrunk 2 inches in length. By the end of the day, my hair is an ugly, poofy mess, but by then I've put it up into a messy bun.

destinee  5 years ago

my hair is thick and course and long and curly... i have tried like every product at walmart nothing works it looks fine when its wet except right above my forehead....then its starts to dry and looks like a giant ball of fuzzzz its so frizzy.. i take a shower at night and wash/condition my hair then brush out all tangles, then i put it in a bun, go to sleep... when i wake up and brush the tangles it looks like literally like selena gomezes hair at the beggining of the music video i love you like a love songif anyone has advice plz email me at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short Curly Fro finds CUTE! 5 years ago

I am in middle school--My hair is short and curly and i control it with gel out of the shower to scrunch and shape my curls. I also recommend taking a shower in the mourning.

Sully 5 years ago

When I get out of the shower my hair is gorgeous!!! It is super curly but it goes straight down no bounce...I love it! Then it dries...:(

Monique 5 years ago

Product Product Product as my hairdresser puts it. gBlow drying is not great for curly hair to begin with and by the looks of the video way to much work. Put stuff into hair (Hairdresser calls it my cocktail squirt of leave-in for curly hair- squirt of gel- tiny dot of oil product) mix together start on ends work up not quite to the scalp let dry lot quicker.I always get compliments on my hair and the famous "I would kill for that hair."

curly frizzy hair!! :P 5 years ago

i always had curly hair actually i had straight hair until i was 5 then it got really curly. My hair was always dry, frizzy and puffy and really curly. i love my hair but sometimes it was a pain in the butt. this helped me a lot and now my hair is wonderful!!!!

actually to tell you the truth i already do these things but it still works for me. Now the onlt problem for me is straighting it at home. It always goes frizzy and extra puffy. And the 2 hours of work doesn't pay off!!

Gail Winters 5 years ago

I have long, wavy, frizzy, and color treated hair. I was able to use the Bounce Styling Creme from Shielo Haircare and let my hair air dry and my hair didn't look perfect but didn't look out of control either. Works even better if I blow dry then style my hair.

PS...there is also no greasy feeling when using this product.

Cynthia 5 years ago

Yes! I think I finally found the solution to my God awful hair! I'm 15 and I'm actually going through what you went through. Right now I'm at the laptop with my super curly hair in a tight ponytail with hair gel. Sometimes I wonder why I couldn't get my mom's silky straight hair. There are times when I go to a party and I have to idea what to do with my hair. More than once I've even cried because of it. And now I'm about to start my second year of high school and I still don't really know what hair do's I can do with it. But I'm going to dry what this website says and hopefully i can start wearing my hair down again. Something I haven't done in over 7 years.

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J. Author

Cynthia - I feel your pain, girl. I wore my hair pulled back all through middle school and my freshman year of high school. The summer before sophomore year is when I figured out how to work with my curls instead of trying to fight against them. Definitely try it and let me know how it goes!

geneevaaaaa 5 years ago

thanks sooo much! im in middle schoool right now, and i too have really curly natural hair,... never thought it was a blessing until today ! you've changed my life

Mykaila :) 5 years ago

This story very much remindes me of myself.. i would just go searching on the internet for ways to deal with my curly hair. But there is to many different products to use to help with ur hair but the products u listed i already use so i really think this is good advice and i will be trying.

Seraphina 5 years ago

I get your pain !! I'm Asian , and Asians ALL have nice , straight , sleek , silky hair . BUT what I have is , curly + wavy , frizzy ( in some strands ) , and worst of all , poofy hair !! And I can't tame it , except that I have to put some cream in my hair everyday . And I envy those who can just tie their hair up loosely and it looks great but I have to tie plaits everyday and I think I look like some girl from the 80s ? I don't want to straighten it an whatnot but nothing is helping for me . And friends always comment on my hair . It makes me feel real depressed and I don't know what to do . But your story sure has inspired me ! Thank you very much (:

joanna 5 years ago

you're really pretty! :) haha. I identify with what you say... I have naturally wavy hair too and my friends tell me on a really regular basis how they're really jealous of my hair because they try so hard to perm it and get it to look natural and still can't get it to look like mine does. heh. I'm glad I've never tried to do anything too drastic or chemical to it so i kinda still have 'virgin' hair! :D haha... The only thing is i live in Singapore which is ON the equator, so the extreme heat and humidity make the frizz a constant battle. Sigh. After reading all the articles online, i've come to the conclusion that if i want smooth luscious hair like in magazines, it's gonna take an Insane amount of time and effort that i don't have, so until i find an amazing all-in-one product that does all that without take an hour a day, i'm just gonna settle for regular person on the street kinda hair :) :D You look really pretty with wavy hair! As in, it suits you. Glad you decided to stick with it :))

Dija 5 years ago

Highschool sucks. My hair is curly and short. and has A lot of layers. So basically i have one big afro that usually frizzes up. I hate how all those girls have like pin straight hair. I would use my straightener but my mom says that it just ruins my hair blaah blaah blaah. Well this helped a lot. Atleast I can tame the beast now:} thanks

shermin 5 years ago

thanx alooooooooooooooooooooooot

really didn't know what should I do with my hair

thanx again

Koolie 5 years ago


Anuwn 5 years ago

Hey, I'm a 15 year old GUY and im really struggling with my hair. i look horrible with it. It looks really curly and dry! ive tried everything from conditioners, soft shampoo(baby), gel, putty, you name it. Ive had curly hair since i hit puberty and im really sick of it. Please, PLEASE help me girls.

prettiethree 5 years ago

Agree! Nice article..

I've learned to embrace my curls for two years now. I never fail to straighten it before because from where i came from, people originally have curly hair. they try so hard and pay a lot to get silky straight hair which encouraged me to do so as well. but since i migrated to a country where everyone has perfect, silky, jet-black hair, i noticed that i get their attention with my curls and that everyone tries to have them just to look different/foreign. I've added color to match my curls and people really admire and touch them, even :) I gained confidence and started to love, pay attention, and thank God for my beautifully-put curls. The best tip i can share is to let it dry NATURALLY. it always result to less frizz and at the same time, keep the curls intact so it doesn't look like it caught static electricity :D Also, use products made just for us "curly" and don't forget to put hair lotion when its 75% dry. DON'T rub hair with hands or a towel. Enjoy your bouncy hair especially when walking.. wait, don't walk. strut! strut with it while the air passes through. it's like showing the world that you're curly and proud!

thanks for reading.. now, i have a question myself. i often have falling hair esp right after washing them. I don't comb it because i know hair is in its weakest if its wet. what should i do?

hauhshi 5 years ago

thanks so much

Ansley 5 years ago

I love your advice...but one thing is that when I was little I had pin straight hair, then I got my hair cut and suddenly it became wavy/curly. After a while I decided to start straightening it. I thought it would take an hour to do, but for some odd reason it only takes 15 minutes! And I'm on the lowest heat setting! Is there something wrong with my hair? Does it not have any form?

Jenny 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice, i'll be sure to try it. to be honest, i'd try anything that could tame my hair :)

sana 5 years ago

ihave curly hair idont know what to do

bri 5 years ago

my hair is REALLY dry,thick,&curly!&all the popular girls all have beautiful straight hair &all i have is an afro.i always put it up in a bun &people make fun of my hair:/.I LOVE YOUR TIP SOO MUCH !&IM GOING TO TRY IT SOON!&im in middle school and it sucks:/.


claire B 5 years ago

I have proper curly hair and i mean it is curly and frizzy but my best ways to deal with it are:

1. Use a good conditioner and shampoo like elvive shine or Gliss Shampoo and conditioner which contains keratin.

2. Do not towel dry your hair, brush with a WIDE toothcomb brush.

3. Now you can either do 2 things here, 1. add some MORROCAN OIL and leave to dry naturally or 2. dry with hairdryer and diffuser!

4. If you want nice proper curls, leave your hair overnight to dry and in the morning use a curling wand to curl your hair - do this in sections, you may end up with really tight curls, if so go over these with some GHDS or any good straighteners, but only slightly, its only to part the curls out a bit.

5. When Finished - put either some EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL on your hair OR MORROCAN OIL to give it a sleek and soft look. If using Olive Oil MAKE SURE ITS >>> EXTRA VIRGIN.

DON'T use hairspray, it damages your hair and don't leave normal conditioner in as it gives you an itchy scalp and always blow dry your hair downwards to keep your hairs cuticles together, otherwise they will part and then frizz appears. Also the same with straightening, always straighten your hair downwards not outwards or sideways.

I promise you this method I have posted works, I hated my hair as a child but now im 23 yrs old and found this works best! Thanks and good luck! :) xx

Adriana 5 years ago

My hair is as straight as a door knob lol. My hair isn't super duper curly but its still really curly and frizzy! Mostly the front though. I got layers a few years ago, and it helped a lot. Three people in my class have straight hair ( im in 7th grade) and the other four have curlyness. I think the curlies have better hair because it can be straight wavy and curly. Straight hair cant be really curly, so the curly haired ones have an advantage.

Em 5 years ago

Let's hope this works. Because I have really curly & frizzy hair. & I can barely control it. Also it has a lot of volume. Any suggestions?

azeliah 5 years ago

i love the article and the guys made me realize that i should love my hair..i was planning to hair straight my hair again but after reading your comments i realized that if you had manage your curly hairs why cant i work mind..thank u so much..this article is a great help!

b-dogg 5 years ago

i love my curls but they look super messy i totally hope this works thnx.x

Elle 5 years ago

I used to have lovely thick tight curls, but I HATED it and had exactly the same problem that you did with other girls having lovely straight hair. So I started to straighten it but one day when I washed it, it just stayed straight! I was over the moon but now I have to straighten it every time I wash it. It knocked my confidence abit when people would say I looked way better with straight hair so I wanted it to stay straight forever. But straightening is killing my hair so I've stopped now and I'm just waiting for the curls to grow back. I really regret ever straightening it in the first place and can't wait to try out your ideas work when I finally get my natural hair back. Thanks! (:

holly 5 years ago

i have really curly frizzy thick hair. every time i try to wear it down it just looks a state. going through school all my friends had lovely hair that they could do anything with. my hair looks nice when i straighten it but it takes ages to do! The last time i wore my hair down curly was when i was about 8 years old. so thanks very much for the tips i will try them out and try to have the hair I've always wanted!

By Georgia Mcallister 5 years ago

HELP!:) my hair is really curly and i am embarassed to wear it down for school so i have to wear it in loop kind of bun but i really need your help because i am scared incase people skit at me


Georgia Mcallister 5 years ago

Also even though my hair is really curly i hav always wanted my hir to be straight evn when i get the straightners out and i go over my hair with them about 150 times it still doesn't work! Obviosly it works when i go to the hair dressers but i get ratty with my hir and it gets me in a mood i really hate my hair and i am jealous of other peoples hair in my school because everyone has straight hair or a nice clam curly hair my hair looks like a bomb has hit it. I HATE MY HAIR HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kairi 5 years ago

I can't straighten my hair. Or use product on it(like gel)Im not allowed to blow dry it, either. My hair is SO curly! It bugs me. All my friends straighten their hair. They can play with it. While mine is always pulled back into a ponytail. Which always has bumps in it. Middle school does suck. Life sucks.

Tori 5 years ago

I have bushy, blond hair that my mother says is only pretty if it's bushy. I want to get it chemically straightened but my mom thinks it's too old for me. I wear my hair every day in a ponytail with gel. My mom straightenes her hair every day, and it looks completely natural, she also has gorgeous ringlets when she doesn't. My hair is to the middle of my back and the curly turns to wavy. I can't talk to boys because im known as the bush, and im afraid ill play with my hair and draw attention to it. All the pretty popular gis in my grade have the stick straight hair and complain that they can oly crimp it. I get so mad when that happens because they act like they are going through hell for it. I'm in the seventh grade and I HATE my hair. Adults say its pretty and the girls don't look twice at it. Whenever I straighten my hair it looks thick, damaged, dull, and has a slight wave to it. HELP!

totallytangled 5 years ago

My eight year old daughter has very curly thick hair...I don't know if this makes sense but her strands themselves are fine; she just has A LOT of them. It is an ABSOLUTE nightmare to brush her hair every night. Truthfully, she and I both dread it. It's about a half hour process and causes her so much duress. I mean crying and headaches just from making herself so upset before we even brush it. I've tried brushing in the shower with conditioner and wide toothed comb. The thing is it HAS to be brushed before she gets in the shower because when we shampoo it makes it even more tangled before we get the conditioner in. If anyone has ANY tips at all on how to make it easier on her poor little head and mine ;) I would so much appreciate it...BTW...this website is amazing!

Lucy 5 years ago

curly hair got me my boyfriend.

Lexi 5 years ago

Hi! I'd just like to say, super thank you for posting this because if I didn't find it, I wouldn't get a better look for my curly hair. I don't have enough money for products so I just made use of a wide tooth comb and combed it while showering and barely used a towel to dry my hair and I was able to go to school with it down. :) People even complimented me.

Although I don't think I can stop it from frizzing, (considering that our topic in Physics is on electric charges) this was a great help. :)

SOME ONE 5 years ago


Mara 5 years ago

Wow! Thanks a lot for the advice! My hair is curly too and I used to straighten too it just to fit in! But then I realized that curly hair is a blessing and i'm really thankful to have a hair like this! I'm almost 13 and I still hate my hair, though it is actually curly, but thanks to this video I realized that it's so easy to style. I never knew that hair diffusers existed, so I used to dry my hair with a normal blow dryer, but as I dried it, my hair started looking like an afro, so now i'm really going to considerate using a hair diffuser! Umm, but I have a question.. Sometimes when I use all my curly hair products my hair looks wonderful,and my friends love it, and are jealous of it, but other days.. it looks horrible as if my hair isn't curly and I hate it because my friends always do comments like: "Wasn't your hair curly?" or "Is your hair really curly?, because I can't see any curls" So becauselive what should I do to keep my curls the same everyday?

Nikki 5 years ago

Really nice. I like it.

Nikki 5 years ago

Really nice. I like it.

Rachael 5 years ago

Are there any recommendations for the gel, i live in england and i can't find the i swear gel anywhere!

miranda 5 years ago

hey i need help with my hair.

my hair is so damn dry and frizzy that i can never leave my hair loose.

if i leave my hair open, it gets all puffy....

what should i do and what all hair products should i use?????

please advise 'm helpless 'bout my hair

miranda 5 years ago

hey i need help with my hair.

my hair is so damn dry and frizzy that i can never leave my hair loose.

if i leave my hair open, it gets all puffy....

what should i do and what all hair products should i use?????

please advise 'm helpless 'bout my hair

and i live in india

plz suggest some hair products which i can get here...

becauseilive profile image

becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J. Author

@Miranda - Have you considered getting your hair professionally straightened (relaxed). Brazilian keratin straightening processes are popular here in the US, unfortunately I'm not familiar with what's available in India. A basic flat iron (like a Chi straightener, which you can order online) could also help tremendously.

On the other hand, if you want your hair to stay curly, just not frizzy, you'll need to find a firm hold hair gel to use on your hair when it's wet, then blow dry with a diffuser (like the girl in the video does in this article--see above). Hope this helps!

Taniqua 5 years ago

I live in Jamaica and my hair is natural,black,puffy and my school starts on January 2, 2012 in the morning.What should I do because I have been teased about my hair?

curlycurl 5 years ago

am 13 and i hve this very curly and dry schhool,my mom never alowed me to wear my hair exept in braid.i hve been teased at school so i started wearing a scarf.a few montth ago i just straightend my hair at the parlour and its startin to grow up and it sucks...i will try this new tip...hope it works :)

emily 5 years ago

i've got curly/wavy hair and they are actually very soft but the only thing that irritates me a lot is that they don't grow at all whatever i try they are just not ready to grow and that's why i hate them and even if they seemed to grow my edge would become rough and unmanagable i can't even tie them in a ponytail straight hair don't look bad on my face at all but i like curls and my friends say ''you look better in your curls''

can you advice me what to do????

i hate my hair. 5 years ago

i have super curly long frizzy hair. it goes down to a little higher then my elbow. when i try to use gel it looks disgusting. when i straighten it its super dry and frizzy and looks bad. when i try to bring down the frizz when i leave it curly ill take a shower 10 minutes before i leave for school so its wet but then within and hour it just poofs up again. helpppppppp :/

Sophia 5 years ago

My hair used to be curly when i was younger, but now it just frizzes out, like a foot from my head. If i leave it down i covers my whole face. everyday i pull it back into a big fluffy pony tail, but sometimes, the ponytail holder snaps, not being able to hold all of my hair. That is how much i have. Plus i am not even five feet tall so my hair looks rediculas on me. I try to straiten it, but it just frizzes even more. sometimes i just take a shower so it stays down, but by the end of first period, it poofs up again. :( What should i do???

yasmine 5 years ago

I've tryed every prodoct but nothing but i agree with

becauseilive and elisa

frusteratedwithmyhair 5 years ago

my hair is so dry, thick, and curly, but some of my hair wont curl like the rest. my hair is so heavy it lays flat but i want to keep it long. my hair looks llike its a triangle some time.

cat :) 5 years ago

my hair is strange because there are diferent types long waves, curls and really tight curls and this helps me a lot thanks! cat :)

wann 5 years ago

Thanks so much for these awesome tips they were so good and when i take my shower I will definetly use these tips on my curly jungly hair. It is just so hard and frustratring to wake up nice and early and do your hair and it comes out horrible and then you wind up putting it up in a sloppy bun especially at school.

CURLYfreak 5 years ago

yeah I just want to say thanks so much this is really nice and I like the tips you gave. You have very pretty hair LOVE IT... muahh curly sister

Ricki Lange 5 years ago

I have a haircut with feathered layers, so when the ends looks frizzy, it's a disaster. What works for me, is prior to heat styling to use the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant Spray, which truly works to blow-dry the ends smooth instead of puffy/frizzy. I've tried dozens of "heat-tamer" products, and none of them works anywhere near as well as this Shielo product.

hannah 4 years ago

i totally relate to this. i have medium length curly hair which has tight dark brown curls, and im not mixed race, which would then suit my skin, but am pale skinned. every day to school i have my hair up in a messy bun, hiding it. i want to grow it, but am aware it takes very very very very long for curly hair.. but i want to try and where it loose more often, because it does look nice i guess. thanks!

amy 4 years ago

The best products for curly hair are ouidad - they are amazing

linber 4 years ago

My hair is naturally curly plus having a dark color, i mean the color of most asians 'black'. I used to hate my hair because many people teased me specially when im in elementary and some people don't know my name called me as what my hair look like. It was so embarrassing that moment, i can say that i'm pretty on my own way but my hair lessen my self confidence that's why my Mom let me to undergo rebonding treatment. At first the effect was so amazing, my real beauty comes and many people notice me a lot but the moment is not forever and worst my hair has been damage and grow and came back again. Whenever it happen, i usually repeat the same treatment but you know i'm tired, tired of pretending for having a straight hair and i just want to be me. Myself, 100% me! I don't care what other people might say. I just want to be happy with who i am and for that i'm accepting myself for being me."I'll just wear my hair with a style and confident." because i know that God gave me this because this is the beautiful me and the one that fits me perfectly. Now, i just want my hair to be long and color it with something brown and fab!

So, my fellow curly gal we just learn to love who we are so other will treat us what we deserve to be treated.

Fight! :D

Monique Brown profile image

Monique Brown 4 years ago

luv it, thanks for the tips, very useful, I use my hair dryer , the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer which works pretty good which my wavy hair, it works to add shine, softness and faster drying, seals the cuticle, repels humidity and locks in hair color. :D :P

Eva 4 years ago

My hair is so weird. I style it the same way every day, and someday's it looks great, and someday's it looks really frizzy. But I guess that's because the change in the humidity.

sophie 4 years ago

This was really helpful, thank you! I also have some suggestions tho- Helbal essences tousle me softly intensive mask works a treat. And for people with really thick curly hair- Have it thinned! Really really helps with controlling curls. Thanks again! :) Sophie

redhairandcurls 4 years ago

Ive always had curly hair, but as soon as i got to middle school (im going to 8th in august) i noticed how frizzy and triangular it was and i cant stand it. most of the time i put in in a bun, but i don't like my puffy cheeks, so i leave to stands down on each side and obsessivly put mousee or gel in the front pieces to make the frizz go down. i just recently got my hair cut. in layers and short, a little above my shoulder. but two days later its back to a frizzy triangular mess. i wrote down a list of all the different products i wish to try, but i want something simple not 10000 different steps, i have curly ringlet but somedays they look more like choppy sticky-uppedy waves with weird fly aways. i cant even explain it. plus i have red hair and that's always been something im insecure of. people(mainly family adults & old people) say ohhh i love your hair color and the curls don't ever change it. it was cute when i was 5 but its not working now, i want to keep my color and curls, but loose the frizz and thickness, and eventualy i plan to grow my hair out, to maybe mid back.. ideas? please please please help me, i love you forever. i live in the US so only stores i can find here please (: thank you -Gracie

Nora411 profile image

Nora411 4 years ago from Chicago, IL

Good advice. I have thick, curly hair and am always afraid of leaving it down in its naturally curly state. I will take what you said and try out some of these products :)

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