I Am Loving My Natural Hair: Part II

This is when I first went natural. My hair is much longer now.
This is when I first went natural. My hair is much longer now.

When I Became Liberated

When I use to see that new growth coming, I would run to the store to get a relaxer or run to the salon to get a touch up. It was fine for a while. Then my hair started thinning and breaking off. I got tired of not being able to spend time at the pool with my children or go outside in the rain. I said enough is enough. I took that leap of faith and went natural.

At first, I thought it looked awful because parts of my hair were curly and the other parts were straight. That was because I still had the relaxer on the ends of my hair. I went to the salon and I let them cut the relaxer out of my hair. I was very self conscious about my new found look. I had problems finding the product that worked for me. Either the product was too heavy, too greasy or did not moisturize my hair enough. It took a lot of trial and error to find the right product to use on my hair. Luckily, I found an inexpensive hair product to use.

Don't Worry About The Opinions of Others

When I decided to become natural, I got a lot of negative responses. I was asked why do I want my hair to look like I just washed it and was waiting for it to dry. I was told that I look too ethnic. They called me mop head and fluffy head. It was ridiculous how people treated me. However, it does not have anything to do with them. It is your choice. Besides, you can laugh at them when they are running in from the rain because their hair is ruined. It is a liberating experience once you get use to it.

I find it intriguing when someone comes up to me and ask me if that is my hair. A lot of people think that I have a weave or a wig on because I have ringlets. I get an overwhelming amount of questions on how I care for my hair and how they would love to go natural but are scared. I am here to tell you that you have so many styling options with your natural hair, no matter what the texture is. It is so much healthier.

Have a Natural Hair Party

If you don't know where to begin go to your beautician. There are also a lot of websites that explains how to do this. Once you have made that choice you can have a Natural Hair Party. How this works is all of you bring the hair products that you have already tried but didn't work and exchange them with each other. Discuss all of your success and failures with going natural. It is important to be around other people who supports you in your decision.

Tips On Caring For Your Natural Hair

Once you have made the choice to go natural. Maintaining it is very important. Here are some of things that has helped me along the way:

  • Make sure that you wash and condition your hair at least once or twice a week. The conditioner does not have to be expensive just make sure that it is a detangler and provides moisture. I comb the conditioner through my hair and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you hold sections of your hair while you comb the ends. Also, make sure you use a large tooth comb. Please don't just comb through while it's tangled because it will break your hair off. After you are done, rinse in cold water and towel dry your hair. Part your damp hair in 4 sections and apply your product to each section and let it air dry.
  • For daily care, I am a big fan of Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-1. It is inexpensive and because of my hair texture it works well for me, I wet my hair and spray the moisturizer in my hair. Then I scrunch it. I don't comb my hair because it will make it frizzy. I pick through it with my fingers. Please note that this may not work for you, I am only referring to what works for me.
  • Keep your ends trimmed. I go to get my ends trimmed at least every 6 weeks.
  • Sleep with a silk scarf on your head because your hair can break off. It also keeps the moisture. If your hair is long enough put it in a loose ball on the top of your head by using one of those bands without the metal on it.
  • Most of all...enjoy being free. It does not take much to maintain natural hair.

I have been natural for over 6 years and I am loving it. I do not miss my straight hair. I have found so many ways to style my hair. I am a big fan of scarves and the flowers that can be pinned on the side of your hair. The styling possibilities are endless.

That is why I am loving my natural hair! God bless you and good luck.

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Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Good for you!

catydid52 profile image

catydid52 5 years ago from Windsor

Thanks will do!

sassyk73 profile image

sassyk73 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI Author

Aww thank you. I am so excited for you. Keep me posted and let me know how your journey is going :)

catydid52 profile image

catydid52 5 years ago from Windsor

Thank you sassyk73 I hope so, I'm going to make a real effort to take care of my shoulder length hair now. I have done a lot of reading on caring for black hair, as well as watched videos for black women's hair. Thank you for opening up my eyes to take better care of my hair.

sassyk73 profile image

sassyk73 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI Author

Thank you Catydid. It took me a long time to get where I'm at now. It's been a loooong journey :) I wish you luck. Maybe next time it will work for you. God bless you.

catydid52 profile image

catydid52 5 years ago from Windsor

I enjoyed reading your article. I went natural for 2 years, I admit I got tired of handling it natural the longer it got. One day no doubt, I will probably go natural again. I'm just waiting till the day it is past my shoulders and it only needs a moisturizer. I commend you for going natural, it gives one a great accomplishment. Thanks for writing this article. The people who made fun of you, sounds like they were jealous, pay them no mind.

sassyk73 profile image

sassyk73 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI Author

Thank you Ladyt11. You are so correct. I want to be me and not conform to what people think I should be. I love my hair and will not try to cover it up for the world. My hair is my personality. Thank you for reading my hub.

ladyt11 profile image

ladyt11 5 years ago

This is a nice hub. The people that were teasing you seem to think that if your hair is not relaxed that you're not beautiful and they seemed to be ashamed of their hair. Saying you look too ethnic also seems like they are ashamed of who they are. I think natural hair is beautiful as long as it is healthy. From a well trimmed afro to long curly natural hair, even braids, I think it is unique and a style of its own. I wear my hair natural. My hair is natural curly and I wear it cut in a short hairstyle. I love it and it is so easy to manage. All I have to do is wash it and wrap it using moose to hold it in place, let it dry and I'm out the door. You're right, it is liberating, lol! Good hub.

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