I Have Perfect Eyesight - But I Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

An experiment with changing the colour of my eyes:

The only glasses I've ever worn are Sunglasses. I have perfect eyesight, yet I bought Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses for beauty purposes - to experiment with changing the colour of my eyes!

My natural eye colour is a dull blue/green shade, sometimes I'd wished it was more of one or the other, so that the colour was bright and stood out against my pale skintone. So after seeing advertisements for Coloured Contacts in my favourite girly Magazines, I decided to visit my local Optometrist and enquire about whether I could wear them, just for cosmetic purposes.

My eyesight was tested, and with no problems found I was told by the Optometrist that a prescription-free lense would be fine for me to wear- now all I had to do was choose the colour! They weren't expensive, so I took a set in almost every shade! I was told how to care for them and that they would last around three months each once opened.

A few days later I had a party to go to, and because I had chosen a bright blue dress to wear, I decided to wear the bright blue coloured Contacts to match! It took a few attempts to put them on and blink them into place, but I couldn't believe how gorgeous they looked! I thought I could almost wear these alone - without any makeup on my face - And I would look like an improved version of myself!

It was after sunset and getting quite dark when I drove to the party, and I soon realised, even though my new Contacts didn't have any kind of Prescription Lense inside them, something about them made the street lights appear a little blurry, so I had to be caucious on the road, other than this, I felt excited was ready to show off my new look!

Arriving at the party, I felt so happy and confident about the way I looked, I was enjoying receiving compliments too, without giving my secret away! But later when the music came on, and the lights went down, again I found some problems with my night vision. Firstly I went to sit on a bar-stool, and almost missed it and fell on the floor, then I walked head-first into a wall on the way to the bathroom...In full view of everyone! Although not significantly injured, once safely inside the ladies room, I took my pretty Contact Lenses out, and packed them safely away in my handbag, so that I could enjoy the rest of the evening without fear of further injury or embarrassment!

Will I wear Coloured Contacts again in the name of Vanity? Yes absolutely! They just look so beautiful, and I still have a green set to try - but never again in the night time!

Hints And Tips For Wearing Contacts:

  • Even if your eyesight is perfect, always purchase your contact lenses from an Optometrist, who can advise you on the right style for your eyes. There are massive differences between brands.
  • Always follow the care instructions for contact lenses as directed on the packaging and as advised by your Optometrist. You cannot wash contact lenses in tap water. You will need to purchase contact lense solution, and a special container to keep your lenses in.
  • Test your contacts for short periods of time before wearing them to a special event. If your contacts iritate your eyes they can cause the whites of your eyes to go pink/red, not a great look for your special event.
  • It will take some practice to learn to put your contacts on and off, but you'll soon learn it isn't too complicated!

Best wishes


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stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 4 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks! Wearing colored contacts can really enhance your eyes.

articleposter profile image

articleposter 7 years ago

Have nothing to comment about the article, but have to say its a beautiful eye picture you have there in the article.

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