Important Things To Know About False Nails

More people opt for having false nails overlaid on top of their natural nails now than ever before.  People choose to use false nails for an array of reasons.  To help strengthen weak or brittle nails someone might get a silk wrap.  To prevent nail biting some people choose to get acrylic or gel nails put on.  The most common reason is to make hands look more glamorous for special occasions such as prom or a wedding.

False nails are usually a layer of acrylic glued on top of your natural nail after the surface has been filed down to promote adhesion. There are new compounds being developed and used every day in the manufacture of false nails. You can buy a full nail and just glue it on quick and easy, or you can use a liquid product to sculpt the nail on top of your own natural nail. The possibilities are endless with the different types of liquids, powders and nail lacquers that can be used.

It is important to know that applying false nails however can cause more problems than it will cure in the long run. False nails over natural nails will cause the natural nails to start to thin, and become brittle if left on for an extended period of time. It is recommended that you take the nails off for at least a day about once a week and not more than once every two weeks in order to keep your natural nails in prime condition.

You should never try to peel or pick off your false nails.  They are put on in such a way that pick at them to get them off will cause severe damage to your natural nail and nail bed.  By picking the nail off you can actually loosen your natural nail from the nail bed and doing this often can cause you to loose the natural nail!  The best way to remove false nails is to soak them off using an acrylic nail removing solution and a nail scrub brush.  Soak the nail for a little bit, then scrub off as much as you can and repeat until you get all of the acrylic or gel off.

The fumes that come from the acrylic powder can be very harmful and it is why many people have a headache after their nail appointment.  It is recommended that you wear a medical mask during your nail appointment to prevent you from breathing in the acrylic dust that is flying everywhere and to help filter out some of the toxic fumes.  A nail salon is no place for children.  If you can, you should leave your children with a trusted babysitter instead of bringing them with you.  This will prevent them from breathing in the toxins and it will allow you to relax while you get your nails done.

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