Inlay Titanium Rings

Titanium rings make great wedding bands and have only recently begun to become really popular with men and women. Titanium by itself is not really a sexy type of metal like gold or silver. It ranges from a dark gray to a light silvery gray and can be highly polished or have a matte finish. Although titanium has a reputation of being really hard it is only about as hard as stainless steel.

This is because titanium has a reputation as a very light metal that is harder than anything else of its same density. For instance, aluminum is a light metal but it's nowhere near as hard as titanium. A Titanium ring  looks better when it's inlaid with different materials to give it contrast and character.

Titanium and Gold Ring

Precious Metal Inlay and Titanium Rings

The most common types of inlays seen in titanium wedding rings are the precious metals gold, silver and platinum. The precious metals at a little heft to the titanium ring and give it more of a fine jewelry character. Spectore is a company that does quite a bit of precious metal inlay in mens titanium rings. This manufacturer does a lot of work with gold and silver inlaid into titanium bands.

Yellow gold offers a nice warm contrast to cool titanium and looks good in both polished and brushed finishes. It also looks good with the gold in different colors like rose gold and green gold. The titanium finish and color can also be varied so that a good contrast can be achieved. Some people like a high contrast between the two so they will go with something like a black titanium finish inlaid with high polish 18kt rose gold. A low contrast option would be something like brushed titanium with 14 kt brushed white gold inlay in a titanium wedding ring.

Sterling silver has a warmer more off white tone to its color compared to white gold, palladium or platinum and so it makes a nice contrast against the much steelier looking polished or brushed finish gray colored titanium.

Carbon Fiber and Titanium Bands

Some of the most popular inlay style titanium rings are the wedding bands inlaid with carbon fiber. The most common color you see for inlaid carbon fiber is black and so a lot of the titanium rings that are inlaid with carbon fiber have a black to gray contrast. The carbon fiber has its own texture and his polished off along with the titanium for a nice smooth finish resulting in a good-looking ring.

Carbon fiber has a nice modern look to it and looks good combined with a precious metal inlay alongside it in yellow or rose gold like the ring to the above right. The carbon fiber adds the contemporary texture and the gold adds that bit of class and old world tradition.

Exotic Hardwood Inlays

Other types of inlay are the hardwood inlays which give your wedding band a totally different character. There is the hard and edgy character of the titanium coupled with the softness of wood which is actually quite a wonderful combination to wear as a wedding band.

Check out the wood inlay and rose gold ring above. Although the band seems a tad wide, this is a wonderful combination of pink precious metal and earth tone set alongside the coolness of titanium.

There are many types of hardwoods that are used as inlay and each type of hardwood has its own coloration and character and striations. You can use the dark black hardwoods from Africa to have almost a black inlay with the subtle graining giving the ring its character. Then the softer colors like Red Oak Burl and Bolivian Rosewood give a more earth tone to the titanium ring.

Titanium Wedding Bands with Stone Inlays

Titanium rings inlaid with stones add the dimension of a rainbow of hues and textures to the titanium that you cannot get with metal or wood inlays. Popular stone inlays include opal both black and white varieties, turquoise, assorted chalcedonys, jaspers and and other quartzes like tigers eye. There are so many minerals and stones that are used as inlays that don't belong to the quartz family of minerals.

The other popular type of inlays are the fossils. These include such exotics like dinosaur bone, petrified wood and many others. There are also organic materials that are not fossils like the colorful shimmering of abalone.

Check out the turquoise inlaid titanium ring above. the earthy greens and blues add a delightfully colorful touch to this titanium band. This kind of bright colored inlay would also look good in black titanium rings. There are some titanium retailers that are more than willing to do custom titanium rings choosing the particular types of inlays that you prefer in the combination that you want.

Titanium Band Extreme Test

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Mike Allin 6 years ago

I actually really like the carbon fiber titanium band. Such a cool use of materials with the carbon fiber/titanium mix. It must be ultra lightweight.

jewellery channel 6 years ago

the wedding bands with stone inlays are so cool...

Engagement Rings Dublin 6 years ago

Loved the video of extreme test. Titanium rings are really beautiful and growing in popularity among men in particular. The carbon fiber and titanium looks amazing together.

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