Invicta Watch Review

Many people have rated the Invicta Russian Diver Watch as one of the best men's Invicta watches.  The trademark oversized watchface and canteen style crown cover make this Invicta watch standout. 

Many people wonder what the best mens watch is or where they can find a cheap mens watch and while all of this is subjective, one thing is that invariably they end up looking at Invicta watches. Invicta watches are a swiss watch company that recently has undergone some management changes and reorganized and rebranded to become one of the leaders of affordable mens watches. Their signature big face and canteen style screw cap makes Invicta watches stand out and get you noticed. This Invicta watch review will cover some of the finer points of the Invicta family of watches and give you some tips on how you can find the best price on Invicta men's watches.

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  • They offer some of the lowest prices on already deeply discounted Invicta watches
  • They have free shipping on all Invicta watches
  • They offer 6 month no-interest financing for watches over $149

Just some things to think about. On with the review.

Invicta Pro Diver Watches

The Invicta Pro Diver watches are the most popular style of men's watch from Invicta.  The Pro Diver replicates some of the finer features of popular luxury watches such as Rolex and Omega.  The watches from the Pro Diver series offer a classy and sophisticated luxury watch look at a fraction of the price.  The Invicta Pro Diver has a highly polished stainless steel finish that has a similar luster as platinum and the size and heft of the watch gives it a true luxury watch feel.  With the automatic movement of the Pro Diver watches, you never have to wind the watch so long as you are wearing it.  All this combined makes the Pro Diver a terrific practice watch for someone looking to buy a Rolex or other luxury watch.

Invicta Russian Diver Watches

The Invicta Russian Diver watches offer a bold statement.  The watch case measures 52mm making it one of the biggest and boldest watches around.  The signature canteen-style crown cap gives the watch an additional flair that ads to the unique style that the Russian Divers promote.  The stainless steel on black contrast adds to the eye-catching ability of the watch and works well with jeans and a T-shirt.

Invicta Corduba Collection

For those looking for a departure from that stainless steel look and want something a little more refined, Invicta Corduba watches offer a stylish look.  Centered around the signature Invicta oversized watch face, the Corduba watches borrow from the old World War II military style watches with a leather watchband and large Arabic numbers.  The watch uses a precision Japanese quartz movement which has become the industry standard, and the luminous hands mean you'll never have a hard time telling time with this watch.  The Corduba series of watches are great for someone who wants some distinction from their watch weather at work, at the nightclub or just everyday happenings.

Invicta Speedway Collection

One of the best rated men's Invicta watches* is the Invicta Speedway Chronograph watch. The Speedway forgoes the huge watchface in favor of a more standard 43mm casing. The sleek stainless steel casing and band give it a clean look. The white hands on white face works suprisingly well with the thick black outlining and stark numerals and the Tritnite luminescent coatings make telling time easy day or nite. The three subdials provide enhanced timing capabilities and, if needed, the watch can endure up to 200 meters for shallow dives. The Speedway watches offer a great-for-all-occasions watch that works with just about every situation you encounter.

* - Ratings according to

History of Invicta

The company started in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland back in 1837 where Raphael Picard started a company that was would bring the quality of the Swiss timepiece tradition to the people at an affordable price.  The company continued to grow for more than a century making more and more affordable swiss watches that were of the highest quality; both manual and automatic winding timepieces were made.  And just like the other Swiss watch brands, Invicta watches suffered during the early 1970s while Japanese watches overcame the Swiss quality reputation. 

In 1991, descendants of the Invicta family decided to re-brand and modernize the watches image to appeal to a new generation of watch aficionados.  Today Invicta is known in the watch community as a quality yet inexpensive discount watch that has the style and recognition of the Swiss watch's reputation.

Invicta Mens Watch Review

Invicta has a large portfolio of watches that attempt to cover just about every major popular watch brand. The two primary series of Invicta's men's watch selection is the Pro Diver series and the Russian Diver series. The Pro Diver series centers around an elegant styled oversized watch face complete with stainless steel casing and matching bezel. This watch mimics both the elements of style and function of big name watches like the Rolex Mariner. Meanwhile, the Invicta Russian Diver series offers a big bold watch with a strong black band. The Russian Diver series has both stainless steel and black steel casing with a canteen style cover to add a little extra something to the watch's image.

When researching for this Invicta watch review I discovered that the most notable and controversial thing about Invicta men's watches is the automatic movement feature of the watch. The original Invicta watches were completely Swiss made and the hand crafted quality was a given. After the company rebranded they started to outsource some of the watch craftsmanship and as such less and less of the watch was made in Switzerland. The original watches proudly displayed a "SWISS MADE" logo across the bottom of the watch face. Now, the new watches reflect the change in construction and say "SWISS MOVT" indicating that only the automatic movement is still of Swiss made quality.

Where to Buy Cheap Invicta Watches Online

There are several websites out there that have Invicta watches for sale and many of them will have some sweet deals. However, because of the wide selection of Invicta watches, unless you know which watch you want, it's hard to do comparison shopping. You could check out some of the advertised deals across the internet to see where you can find the lowest price on Invicta watches or I would suggest checking out the selection they have on Amazon. Invicta has set up a special store on Amazon that has an incredible selection and Amazon typically will have the lowest prices. The best part is the shipping is free on nearly every watch.

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demitrich reddick 6 years ago

i received a invicta watch for gift witch i picked out myself from the st.louis mills mall in hazelwood,mo. an didn't purches the insurience witch was a mistake on my part by no getting the insurience.. i have had one problem after another wut can i do to get it fixed..

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your watch. I know that Invicta offers a comprehensive 1 year warranty on all their watches. You can give them a call at 1-866-INVICTA or check out their service page at:

I hope that helps!

Matt 6 years ago

STAY AWAY FROM THESE WATCHES, and this company! Yes, their watches are cheap, but that is because they are shoddy! Invicta makes poor-quality watches, and their customer service is absolutely atrocious! My (Pro Diver) watch, that is supposedly water resistant, stopped working in normal humid weather. I never wore it swimming or in water. The customer service department is very difficult to deal with, and mystery charges appear for things that should be covered by the warranty ($28 flat-rate shipping, except internationally, which is $75, etc). I was asked to give private credit card information over a normal email, which is unprofessional and unsafe. Please, don't make the same mistake I did, and think twice before buying one of their products.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Hey Matt. Thanks for the comment. It's good to have as much information as you can get before you purchase anything substantial like a watch.

I'm curious, where did you purchase your watch from? most people buy men's Invicta watches online, from places like Amazon, that have ratings systems so that you can get good info on the product they're wanting to buy. So something like this could be avoided.

I am sorry to hear about your watch though. I hope that your next watch buying experience is better.

Mike 6 years ago

I have a Pro Diver automatic that I bought a couple of years ago. This watch seems to be every bit as accurate and has the feel of my Rolex.

Time will tell, but so far this watch has been one of the best watch values I that have experienced.

Kevin 6 years ago

The Invicta watch brand seems to be very controversial but I have been collecting Invicta watches for over 10 years. I own over 100 watches and overall I have had very few problems. I have only sent in one watch in for warranty repair without any problems. I do understand that there is a small fee for repairs but if you call them as I did they waved the fee. I own Invicta watches from the $50.00 $3,000.00 price point and have been happy with all. I have seen complaints about the origins of movements not being correct and this is a concern. I believe this problem has more to do with the requirements of what legally constitutes a "Swiss Watch". Overall I believe Invicta represents a great selection and value.

David 6 years ago

Invicta watches are HANDS DOWN a great VALUE for what you get. It's not a's not even a SEIKO but they are right up there with the generic retail brands. When you sell 5 zillion watches you will always have unhappy customers on the sheer volume. I am an avid watch collector and I can tell you first hand that you can NOT beat the prices for the quality and style.

Great review.

Russ 6 years ago

Dropped the watch on the dresser, the number twelve, number 7, invicta wing symbol came loose from face and are loose inside watch. Also jammed the mechanism stop watch second hand dislocated. I wll never buy another, and will discourage anybody from purchasing Invicta watches. This watch I got for christmas 2 years ago, Lupah 2094

Bill/Sarasota 6 years ago

I purchaced one of the diver models from

The watch looks great however the band clasp broke.

I have several other watches so there was not an issue

with abuse.I think I only wore it about 4 times.No swiss

craftmanship there.I think for overall quality I prefur

a SEIKO....

Not at all happy

Fred Darr Jr 6 years ago

I received a pro diver model#0424.The fit and finish are first rate,I own other watchs

from 200$ to around 3000$ dollars.THe any amount of money I belive invictas can't be beat.T get the materials ans features, you would have to spend a great deal more.

I am totally pleased and look forward to continuing my INVICTA collection. Now I also belive tht because of the volume of Invictas sold there will be a problem here and there.

But I have have only heard of some one have service problems on rare ocations

john  6 years ago

I recently purchased Invicta 8926, I haven't owned a automatic watch before and find that when I am wearing it, if I lift my wrist up and down it makes a sort of tinkling or rattling sound. Is this normal or should I send it back.


1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Hey John,

Most automatic watches use a weighted "arm" that swings freely. The swinging of the arm is what charges the watch, so I'm not surprised at all that you hear something "tinkling or rattling". If it's too loud or annoying you should probably send it back, but my guess is that you'll get used to it.

Rick 6 years ago

I received a Sub Aqua Noma IV for Christmas, and while I love the watch and it's look, feel, function...the BAND is nothing short of PATHETIC. It has fallen apart at least 12 times in the three weeks since Christmas. I'd never buy one of these watches on my own after this experience.


1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Hey Rick,

While it sucks that you can't get a decent band with a new watch, have you thought about buying a new Invicta watch band? I know that Amazon has a bunch and you might be able to get something that fits you better.

Just a thought. I hope it works out for you.

John patrick 6 years ago

Hello again every body. I appreciate the help on the Invicta 8926 thanks.

I have just ordered an Inicta 8936 gold plated one and notice that the bezel moves from side to side a little bit ha ha Invicta what are you doing to me tee hee, anywyay folks and friends does anyone have one, is this usual? The people I bought it from sent a reply to this question "I dont know sorry", and that was it so here I am again calling on you guys n girls to help me out :) Much appreciated it is as well. I really appreciate this site so much. Thanks to all. :) John.

john patrick 6 years ago

should have said "just received" in my last posted comment sorry.


1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Hey John,

Sounds like you really love men's Invicta watches (you've already got two). In regards to the bezel, perhaps you can explain a little bit more about the problem. I know that the Invicta Pro Diver watches have a rotating bezel that's meant to keep track of your dive time. If this is your problem then you can rest assured it is supposed to do that. But when you say "side to side" makes me think that the bezel is loose in which case there is something wrong and you should contact customer service (see above).

I hope that answers your question. Best of luck and enjoy your watches!

john 6 years ago

Thanks for your advice about my invicta 8936. The bezel does rotate, in fact a lot easier than the 8926 pro diver which is nice, its just that if I hold hold it with my thumb and forefinger and instead of turning it, I move from left to right and back again there is just a tiny bit of movement. I wont contact Invicta, I have tried to ring them, even sent two emails but I think they must do business from the moon or jupiter or some place because it's just like they don't exist. I love there watches, as you can tell eh and although I dont need another watch, if I ever do I wont buy an Invicta watch again, only because of the service is really awful. No offence meant Invicta but you really need to give attention to your customer service department, if you have one, because you must be losing business, although I am sure you must be doing well anyway.

Any ways, again I must say, thanks for this site and for your help. Much appreciated. :)

John :)

Mel 6 years ago

I bought a model 6693 in October. It stopped shortly after and then started again. Yesterday, the second hand fell off, and stopped the minute hand. It is not worth paying $28 and postage for the warranty service. Apparently low quality watch.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Man, it seems like there are a number of problems with Invicta watches. When I looked over at Amazon, there were two people who had similar problems as well as many people strongly defending them. It sucks that you can't depend on getting a good watch but I guess you roll the dice when you save this much money. Good luck on future purchases (of any watch)!

Mike S. 6 years ago

Well, I just purchased - through Amazon - an Invicta Reserve model 6244. Beautiful, and I love it. Now only had it a day so naturally it looks and works great. BTW, referencing an earlier statement in this website, mine still says "Swiss Made" down at the number 6 on the bezel. I dont know if that remains true, but thats what it says.

I will post back again in a few weeks or so, or sooner if I have any problems.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Hey Mike. Good choice on the 6244, I really like it as an Invicta men's gold watch. I do notice that it maintains the "Swiss Made" label which some of the more expensive models still are. I hope that it lasts you for many years. Just remember that you've got a month to return it with out any hassle. And you do have a 1 year warranty (although there's shipping and handling charges).

ian bermy infected by invicta 6 years ago

i purchased my first invicta 8 years ago and have had trouble finding one since,until i found them on amazon.i now have 17 and have not been disapointed with any of birthday is coming up soon and i will be ordering the wooden face chronograph and teak links now that should be intresting.keep on watching

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Man, 17 Invicta watches and counting. You know there are other watches out there right? But hey, go with what makes you happiest. Best of luck with the wooden watch!

Tierscore 6 years ago

Great site!! I had a question about a Invicta Model 6297 watch I just received as a gift. There is a 3rd hand on the face (1 on the hour, 1 on the time and a third skinny hand that just sits on the 11hr. Is it supposed to do this? Also, right above the time setter knob there is a place to push in, kind of like a stop watch. However when I press it nothing happens. Any ideas?

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Hey Thomas, I took a look at your model and it would appear that you have an Invicta GMT watch. The GMT watches are designed for travelers so that when they are in another timezone they can have their home time as well as the current timezones time. I'm guessing the third skinny hand is the GMT hour indicator. Now I've never owned a GMT watch, so I would have to play around with it a little, but my guess is that you have to set it and once engaged it will track time with the other hands.

With regards to the button. That is for the 60 second subdial and you are absolutely right, it is a pseudo-stopwatch. As for why it's not working, I couldn't really tell you. You may have to activate that as well, but it seems unnecessary.

Other than that, how do you like the watch?

fairplay 6 years ago

I bought a 6607 on the Internet. When I tried to set it, the stem pulled out. Looking at the warranty, they wanted $25 to repair it UNDER WARRANTY. Based on my experience Invicta watches are of poor construction and over-priced. In addition, the warranty is not a warranty. Just a repair bill.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear about the watch stem. It would appear that someone else on Amazon had the same issue with it falling out (unless that was you). Then there were 24 people who absolutely loved the watch with no problems.

I'm curious to know what you paid. The one thing that I noticed was that the average price paid was 40 bucks. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't expect too much from a 40 dollar watch. I love the cheap Invicta watches, but I would probably not go that low. Now if it was a hundred bucks, that's another story...

I wish you luck in your next watch, no matter what brand you buy.

Private Eye 6 years ago

Are you a full time or part time employee with invicta? How much do they pay you? Will they offer me the same job pay if I start my own unbiased website and review up their watches?

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 6 years ago Author

Ha! Nope, not an Invicta employee. Just a dude who likes watches. And I like all types of watches from Audemars Piguet and JLC to Bulova and Seiko to Invicta and Diesel watches. And while I'm not able to afford all of these watches, the ones I can I call it like I see it.

I really believe that there is a watch out there for everyone, but in order to find it, you have got to get the info. So that's what I do here, provide info.

And I think the comments here have been helpful in providing people an idea of whether Invicta watches are right for them. With any purchase you are taking a risk, and it's up to you if it's worth it; so wouldn't you rather know what that risk is?

I hope that if you are looking for a watch, that you find one that you love; no matter which brand it is.

Private Eye 6 years ago

I was so sure you were gonna crack under the pressure. Well dodged. I shall try one for myself and see what's all this is about.

Ilan 5 years ago

Purchased an Invicta 8928 35 days ago and the glass back cracked (pin hole).

I expected it to last at least 36 days...

Although I love the design, I can't see myself buying another..

jefflee 5 years ago

I had been curious about Invicta for quite a while now and finally bought one. I purchased the F0065 Leviathon with the mother of pearl face. It is a huge watch, and so far so good. I love the size, fit, and feel of the watch. It seems to be holding up just fine. I have only had it for a couple of months but I have been very impressed so far. Maybe the Invicta issues are due to the lower end of their brand. I don't know, just a thought.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Hey Jefflee,

Glad to hear it's working out for you. That's a damn fine watch. After all of the research and all of the great discussion here, I'm starting to wonder the same myself. It's unfortunate to think that a company would have two classes of watches (which correspondingly are good and bad) but it does happen.

Let us know how you like it a few months from now.

BB 5 years ago

One reason that Invicta watches are less expensive is because the cases are so ginormous. The more expensive watches are quite thin and much lighter in weight. I am female and just ordered the mid-size subaqua strap/gold's a gorgeous looking watch but geez the case depth is too much for any woman to wear and has to be uncomfortable for anyone..

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

I'm not sure if the case size has anything to do with it; big watches are one of Invicta's things, but you could be right. I know that the slimmer movements are a bit more expensive so a large watch can use a larger, less-expensive movement.

I really do love the Invicta Subaqua Noma for men and the women's version, but I could see how it would be too big.

mr w 5 years ago

I enjoyed reading all of the comments. May I suggest buying your Invicta watches at I have purchased several Invictas from them and haven't had any troubles with quality or customer service. They also have a value pay system which lets you pay for your watch over time....interest free

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Hey Mr. W,

I'm glad that you have enjoyed your Invicta watches. I'm not sure that the location you buy them from would matter; I would think that an Invicta Pro Diver is an Invicta Pro Diver, but you never know. From my experience though, tends to be about 10-25% more expensive than Amazon. In fact, I was looking at the Invicta watch repair kit they had and saw the exact same thing (unbranded) for 50 bucks less.

Plus, Amazon has 6 month interest free financing for over $149. All stuff to think about.

Thanks for stopping by!

Darrin 5 years ago

I wouldn't buy an invicta. Seiko makes just about the best watch for the money. Shop NBC in full on con artists.

Tom 5 years ago

I have a decent sized watch collection (currently at 22) that runs the pricing gamut, but only one Invicta, a Pro Diver 8928OB. I've had it for a few months, but it is my most frequently worn watch mostly because it goes with anything and I don't have to be terribly careful with it. So far, it's proven to be very reliable and durable. It picks up about 10 seconds a day, which is fine for a Miyota movement. I'm not a big fan of Invicta's modern designs, mostly because they are comically large for anyone who isn't over 6'4" and 275lbs, but this particular watch is quite nice, especially for the money.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

I was just looking at an older Invicta Pro Diver today and was thinking much along the same lines. I'm glad to hear that it serves it's purpose well. There are some mixed opinions on the Invicta quality, so it's nice to know they aren't all cheap.

It seems like all of the SWI watches try to compete for the largest wrist-clock. I suppose that's fine for some, but I prefer a watch that doesn't look like I'm trying to compensate for something.

Fred 5 years ago

I have recently received my 1st Invicta Watch Corduba Collection 6915. I love the design.

Something do not impress is the the luminous indicator. It does not really glow in the dark. The watch look expensive but the quality of this is poor.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Hey Fred, Just checked out the Invicta Corduba 6915 watch and love that "infinity" design of the sub-dials. Sorry to here about the lume of the watch. It is a great looking watch and I would want it to glow in the dark well too.

The only question I have is did you give it a chance to charge? Casual exposure may not be enough for just a few days. I'd be interested to know how that turns out: if it's a dud, or if the lume picks up after awhile.

Fred 5 years ago

Yes, it does glow if you charge it. But it does not last very long. If it's superluminova, it will be perfect :)

Rizal 5 years ago

I'm interested in purchasing a Invicta Chrono Russian Diver watch but my wrists are kinda small. The price is about USD$150-$200. Is it worth it or should I give it a pass? Appreciate any comments. Tks...

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Hey Rizal,

I could take or leave some of the Russian Divers, but I do like most of the Chrono's - so good choice there. I also think you chose a good price point as the more expensive men's invicta watches tend not to have any issues.

As far as whether it's appropriate for your wrist: that's a tough call. Many of the Invicta Russian Diver watches are huge (50mm+) and the stainless bracelet is pretty weighty. I've seen some that wear well on smaller wrists while others look ridiculous. My suggestion would be that if you think you want it, go for it and make sure to purchase it through Amazon (see above) as they give you 30 days to return no questions asked and full refund.

Good look and let me know how it works out.

Avatar 19867 5 years ago


Iam thinking to order 6505BYB Subaqua Noma III, any experinces ? Is it worth to buy ?

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Hey Avatar,

I love the Subaqua series and think that the 6505BYB is a solid watch. It's going to be big, but not as ridiculous as some watches get and it will be great for diving or just as an everyday watch. I have a theory that there are two types of Invicta men's watches: the cheap ones that are mass produced in Asia and the nice Swiss Made watches (which have the final assembly in Switzerland). This watch falls into the latter category.

Checking the places I normally buy watches from, the best price I found was on Amazon (see above in main article for Amazon's deals).

I would say that if you love it, go for it. And if you buy through Amazon and you have issues (which you shouldn't) you can always return it (within 30 days) without a problem.

Wilson 5 years ago

I purchased an Invicta Russian Divers Watch as a birthday gift for myself about a year ago and have nothing but good things to say about it. As a college student, I obviously can not yet afford a "higher end" watch, and I chose Invicta because it was affordable yet stylish. I haven't had any problems with it so far. My only complaint is I'm not a huge fan of the band that came with it, but there's nothing wrong or defective with it. I highly recommend Invicta to anyone wishing to start a watch collection or in need of an affordable, handsome fashion accessory. Thanks for the great review 1000Ways!

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Thanks Wilson, I appreciate the compliments. I agree entirely about Invicta being a high end watch alternative. They have a lot of men's watches in so many different styles. I just want to caution people that there is a reason that Invicta has such a mixed reputation and that's because there are some duds in the mix.

I feel like the safest way to buy Invicta watches is to go through Amazon because of their "No questions asked" return policy. But I'd love to hear other people's suggestions.

joan 5 years ago

thanks for all the comments and suggestions on invicta watches. just ordered one from amazon to wear as an alternative to my breitling. i ordered the Invicta Women's F0030 Subaqua Collection Noma III GMT Watch. although already ordered...any comments would be appreciated.

profile image

Jamesvillan 5 years ago

I am a watch lover,who has to choose wisely due to luxury funds as 3 boys playing every sport doesn't leave much left to add to my collection that often.

Currently I own 11 watches.7 kinectic Seikos,1 Perpetual kinetic Seiko,2 Citizen Eco-Drives & 1 automatic Bulova.I am a BIG fan of self winding/solar powered battery watches.I love Seiko,never having a problem with any of their watches.Only having 2 Citizens & the 1 Bulova,I have never had a problem with those 3.I have had my eye on the Invicta Auto Pro Diver. Unfortunately sometimes I rely to heavily on user reviews.When you make millions of anything you are going to have some of those that have problems.But I have never read as many complaints with any of the 3 companies as you see with the Invicta.Every site I've been it's like 1 in 5 sometimes less and it's not minor stuff.Sometimes you do have to just jump in & try it yourself but $150-$200 is risky with that bad of a mechanical problem ratio.Unfortunately I'm slowly being convinced to stay away.Even the customer service stories are disheartening.

Well I'll keep reading,your page has had some of the more Knowledgable watch collector's so I'll stick around. Sorry for being so long winded.I guess I could go ahead & start saving up for that Tag I want to add so desperately to my Seiko collection.

James 5 years ago

I have 13 Invicta products and am pleased with all with exception of one. Corduba Ibiza Gold Mother of Pearl. I have received as second after returning the first one and both had same issue: Chrono sweep hand would not reset to 12:00 position. I would not purchase any other Invicta product unless the are Swiss Made. Note: I am returning the sencond Corduba ASAP.

Relkins 5 years ago

These posts are amazing, I have 8 Invictas and they have served me extremely well and my son has over 60 Invictas and they are good looking and work very well. Don't understand all of these negative posts. Oh well.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

I think that it is crazy to hear about how many people love Invicta watches. To the point that they one several dozen (really...over 60?!?). I think that speaks to their style variety and accessibility (in terms of $$). It's never fun to hear about the horror stories but at least it gives you a fair warning.

To respond to Jamesvillan: I think that every company has issues and it's how the company handles the issues that gives them a good or bad reputation. It sounds like due to Invicta's volume you hear about more issues (and you are more likely to hear about problems than satisfied customers) but I also think that Invicta doesn't adequately address those problems and provides poor customer service.

That's why it so important to get a good return policy or additional warranty. It's unfortunate that the standard warranty isn't very good but places like Amazon have a 30-day return policy. Granted that won't do you any good on day 31, but it's better than nothing.

I love to hear the input: both good and bad. It's nice to get a full spectrum of experiences. Thanks to everyone who has commented!

Spikerdoodles 5 years ago

After a stetch of humid weather, my Invicta watch has a lot of condensation under the glass. It is beginning to affect the preformance. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, what can be done about it?

profile image

solardiver 5 years ago

Some of Invicta "divers" watches are rated at 100 meters water resistance. Here is much more accurate guide to watch water resistance.

30m/99ft – 50m/165ft Allows for contact with water such as washing hands and rain

50m/165ft - 100m/330ft Allows for light poolside swimming

100m/330ft - 200m/660ft Allows for swimming, snorkeling and showering (do not expose to hot water)

200m/660ft - 500m/1650ft Allows for impact water sports such as board diving and scuba diving

500m/1650ft + Appropriate for serious deep water diving

Spikerdoodles 5 years ago

Thanks solardiver for the info but, unfortunately, it doesn't help with my problem. My Invicta says Water Resistance 200m so I'm kind of disappointed that is couldn't withstand a weeks worth of high humidity. Still hoping someone out there knows how to solve my problem. I tried a hairdryer, doesn't work, and putting it in a bag of rice, also, doesn't work. Please help.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Hey Spikerdoodles,

I had the same thing happen to a Seiko watch of mine. I was washing the dishes and it fogged up about 1/3 of the watch face. I tried the hairdryer thing to no avail. Believe it or not, I just left it alone for a few months and it went away. If you are looking for a quick fix you could try to take the back off. To do that I would recommend picking up a tool kit. I bought a pretty good one from Amazon for like 30 pays for itself after just a few battery changes.

Hope your problem gets solved. How old is your watch? Mine is a hand-down from the eighties so I could see how a seal would be bad, but I would think a new Invicta watch should still be good.

Spikerdoodles 5 years ago

Thanks 1000ways for your input. Maybe it will go away on its own, I hope. My Invicta is only 2 months old, so this is why I'm kinda baffled as to why this happened.

JasonOi 5 years ago

I work at Dakota Watch Company, and have seen plenty of Invictas as well as other brands(we change batteries and service watches as well as sell them). I have never heard so much as one complaint about the quality of Invicta watches...their customer service seems to be lacking a bit though. Anyways many of the problems that I've seen here sound to me like a lack of care. I'd like to suggest to everyone that they DON'T do their own battery changes, there are lots of small parts in a watch and if you don't know what you are doing then you can seriously damage your watch. If you have a water resistant watch then definitely DO NOT change they battery yourself, you will likely not be able to properly seal the watch and pressure test it for water resistance. All of these things we at Dakota do.

Now on to my Invicta. I purchased my first Invicta about a month ago. I went with the 3049 Grand Diver 2 tone with blue mother of pearl dial. I have to say that I LOVE this watch. Looking at it, I noticed that it has a Japanese Automatic movement. I'm not concerned about that in the least bit. According to the Invicta price catalog

JasonOi 5 years ago

The MSRP for the 3049 is $595.00 I only paid $137 including shipping from ebay, the cheapest I saw out for on amazon was $175. Do there are less expensive alternatives to amazon.

MDorbert 5 years ago

I just purchased a Invicta Lupah Revolution Ladie's 6800. While I would love to have purchased a high-end collecter's watch, I found that for the money, this watch was a GREAT alternative. In reading all the comments that I've found on-line. It does appear that if you purchase the higher priced (Swiss-Made) watches, you get a better product and that Invicta's cutomer service is terrible.

On that note... I have a new watch, I really like it, and hope that it treats me well. Incidientally, this watch is replacing my Citizen Eco-Drive that decided to quit after 1-1/2 years.

keith 5 years ago

I got a invicta watch a couple months ago. Last week I accidentally ran over it with my semi and now the watch doesn't work. I will never buy another one.!

Not really, I was reading the review before I bought one.:)

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Sorry for the delay in comments, been out of town for a bit....

Jason Oi: I'm glad to hear a professional's opinion. I've done my own watch battery changes, but I would agree that you have to both know what you are doing as well as know the risks of screwing up. That being said, if you are patient and have decent eyesight, I don't think that changing a battery is that hard.

I agree that the MSRPs are always inflated and I feel like anyone who shops around for a watch comes to this conclusion. When it comes to watches, definitely shop around. There's been times that I swore Amazon was the cheapest and I saw it on World of Watched Deal of the Day and it was practically half the price. However, many places will fluctuate their prices often, so if you see a deal you like, grab it!

In regards to Ebay, I think I would pay the extra $12 (your watch was 148.99 on Amazon today) for the return policy, especially when there is so much controversy over the quality of these watches.

MDorbert: I'm glad you love your Invicta ladies watch. It sucks that Invicta skimps on customer service, but their styles and prices are tough to pass up. Keep us updated on how it looks and performs!

Keith: Everybody's got jokes. Just go buy a damn watch!

Hoping to buy Invicta Meteorite 5 years ago

Would an Invicta meteorite dial watch be a viable option to buy? Anywhere from 330-670, any response would be great. thanks!

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

There is a whole plethora of Invicta watches with the Meteorite dial finish. Most of them are the Pro Diver series and range in price from $320 to almost $2000.

I'm not really sure if I answered your question. Let me know if you are still confused.

Joe 5 years ago

I started collecting Invicta watched about two years ago. I have 22 of them to date. Mostly purchased through ShopNBC. I enjoy each and every one of them. The collection began with the two Corbudas, then Subaquas and Reserves, etc... I did get two Russian divers but will give them away for gifts, they are a bit clumsy, for me anyway, but they have worked flawlessly. My newest additions are three Reserves and I tell you they are my favorites for now. I really enjoy the Invicta Brand.

james 5 years ago

having read the reviews of yours about invicta watches, i must say they are wonderfully useful to help one decide on the right invicta watch for them. as for the few i've seen complaining about invicta quality i can only say this....i've seen a few where they were faulty out of the box, claiming they won't ever buy one again; to put it into perspective i have a friend who bought a rolex recently and right out of the box it had defective issues, sure he could say he wouldn't buy another rolex, but instead sent it back because when you turn out thousands of watches a few defective ones will always slip through. it's just how things are. as to others i've seen i suspect it has been abuse of the watch. i have an invicta automatic watch (pro diver with small seconds) i have been wearing over a year, and other peoples lives depend on that watch. i say this because i am a reserve deputy and volunteer firefighter, i am the only certified e.m.t. out here where i live. i have responded to calls where i need a functional watch with a sweep second hand to take pulses and begin treatment accordingly. over the course of having this watch, it has been with me at work, chasing criminals on foot, fighting fires, and responding to medical calls. it has NEVER had any problems at all (except the band broke once while struggling with a suspect [not invicta's fault for that though] so i had to replace the band not a big deal though). so for those unhappy experiences, try to remember a company who sells thousands of watches a year is going to have the occasional issue, but on the whole they have always been good quality and i count on it to work every day.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Right on James. You pretty much said it. The big thing that I take issue with is that Invicta's customer service is lacking. Making a manufacturing mistake is understandable, making a mistake handling customer service is not; you know, reputation is a lot.

Keep on doing what you do and great to hear about your satisfaction with your Invicta watch.

Rick 5 years ago

Just bought a subaqua Noma IV on a whim. I have a rolex and have had citizens for ever just bought a citizen and saw the subaqua and bought it to. But decided to look into the brand have read so many bad reviews.

Amazing they can stay around

making terrible quality watches. I

love dive watches as do

thousands of people. My

question is has anyone had bad

experiences with this watch. I am

leaving the country for work and

will be out awhile and only have

a couple of days to keep it or

return it. I've spent the last

couple days reading a ton of bad reviews, my gut feeling is return it and not worry if it'll break or not. This watch will be a work watch. Please let me know would love to keep it, but I'm sort of scared to know. Might get one of the other higher end brands. Money not an issue just liked the looks of this watch. Hoped it would be a good watch. Only paid 280 still a cheap watch.

1000Ways profile image

1000Ways 5 years ago Author

Rick, I completely understand your concerns and it sucks to have buyer's remorse. I hope that others can weigh in and help you with your decision, but here is my two cents:

It's been my experience and those of people who have purchased men's Invicta watches that there are two categories of Invicta watches. The cheap Invicta watches that are mass produced in Asia and (sometimes) finished off in Switzerland, then there are the quality Invicta watches that don't end up having these problems. If you go with one of the cheap Invicta watches (say 100 bucks or less) you are rolling the dice; some work great and others tank. Meanwhile, the more expensive Invicta watches seem to be of higher quality and don't experience any of these problems. Your watch sounds like it falls into the latter category.

Why this disparity exists, I can't tell you. It's a shame that the QA and their Customer Service isn't better. I can't tell you what to do, but I know that I'm always happier following my gut feeling (right or wrong). Good luck and enjoy all your watches!

Jason Oi 5 years ago

MDorbert: Regarding your eco-drive, this may sound silly but when was the last time you wore it? You may or may not know that eco-drive watches are solar powered. I would suggest that you set it face up on the dashboard of your car or a window sill.

watchguy 5 years ago

I received an Invicta 6620 recently. On first inspection everything looked fine. The watch sold for about $50 on an internet website, but the price tag on the watch read $ 495. The bezel was not applied correctly as it did not align with the numbers/minutes nor was it a rotating bezel. I went to set it and I noticed that one of the chronograph hands had fallen off. I never wore the watch once.It was a Swiss MOVT. I could not send it back to the seller and it makes no sense to send it in for warranty repair due to the fact the shipping to and from would cost more than the watch is worth despite the $495 price tag

Forwhatit'sworth 5 years ago

I am an avaid watch collector - including Rolex, Tag, Breitling Luminox and Movados. One of my all time favorites is the Invicta Sub Aqua Nova III. Can't say enough good about it - and it gets a lot of compliments.

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matey1 5 years ago

I bought a Invicta watch in may and it kept great time until recently it started losing acouple of minutes a day.I took it to the a jewerly store to get a new batttery but they told me there was nothing wrong with the battery.So I guess if you buy something this cheap you get what you pay for.

Taranwanderer profile image

Taranwanderer 17 months ago

I also find the history of the Invicta Watch company interesting; it gives you a better understanding of why their watches are the way they are - it's all about promoting to a certain niche of watch-buyers.

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