Is Child Modeling Acceptable for Young Children?

The Contriversy

 Well, this is the subject i just couldn't wait to talk about.  Young girls and their parents, mostly their mothers, have decided to apply their children to beauty pagents, and cometitions.  I see no problem with a young girl feeling great about herself, and entering a competition to be judged, if the child is willing, and only if the child is willing to participate. 

Some mothers don't fully listen to their daughters, and the child enters the pagent without wanting to dress up in redyculous looking costumes and try to look sexy in front of judges.  These girls in the picture above are no older then 10 years old.  You may say, well there is nothing skimpy about those dresses, the girls are covered just fine.  Well not all of them are.

How About Now?

Too Young!

 In my opinion, this is pathetic, young girls all dressed up in skimpy clothing, in front of a lot of people on stage being judged on how beautiful they look.  They're simply too young, in plain English, just way too young.

Spoiled Much?

 And now for the biggest problem of all.  Ever watch the show Toddlers and Tiaras?  Well your helping to fuel the fire.  Every girl that I've seen on that show is spoiled out of their mind.  They constantly practice dance routines, costume rehersing, beautifying themselves till no end with all kinds of fancy finger and toe nail paint.  These girls are brainwashed by their parents into being the best, and beating the best, and nothing will ever stop them.

How much do you want to bet that by the time they make it to middle school in the 6th grade, they will fail their classes.  I'd bet a lot of money on that myself!  I was just watching the show earlier today, and i was discousted by the fact that one of the girls was trying out to be a 'movie star', and commercial tryouts.  These girls will never star in a movie, they'd rather practice routines for walking around on stage to flaunt their beauty, then focus on an education.  These are the spoiled brats of their generation, without a doubt in my mind.

What do you think?

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