It's Natural For Men To Love Womens Clothing

When men were real men, and their clothing was not a homage to blandness.
When men were real men, and their clothing was not a homage to blandness.

A man's attraction to feminine garments can stem from many places. In some instances, it is simply a yearning for a softer side. In others, it has very little to do with a desire for femininity and everything to do with a desire to be flamboyant and glamorous as the women of the world. We often make the mistake of assuming that a man who wants to wear dresses and skirts and bright pretty things wants to be feminine. Sometimes he does, but quite often, he is simply seeking a form of expression denied to him in the realms of the fashion assigned to his gender.

Spend half an hour in any male clothing store and you'll be bored out of your mind. Men's clothing stores are monuments to conformity. You can get anything, as long as it is shaped like a rectangle and comes in a primary color.

What a great pity this is! In many species, the male is the brightly colored half of the species, in humans however, male attire has denuded over the centuries into a mere shadow of what it once was. Even as late as the 19th century, men were still wearing finery that puts male attire these days to shame. If one goes back further in time, one finds male clothing awash with lace and frills and bright colors and outrageous outfits that defined the period. Nowadays, a man is expected to wear dull colors, straight cuts and to accept his lot in life as being one of dull, staid respectability.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, but they all come with fairly negative associations. Rappers are perhaps, the most finely bedecked males of the modern world, but their finery tends towards the metallic, and their philosophy towards misogyny and violence, so it is difficult for many men to find a connection with that kind of expression.

Rock stars are allowed greater leeway than your average joe, although few rock gods in 2010 have even a skerrick of the style that could be found in the 60's 70's and 80's when glam rock swept about the place and finally washed up in a sea of David Bowie.

If one looks at historical clothing and if one spares a moment for thoughts of male finery, is it any wonder that many men find themselves drawn to the womens section of the department store? Is it any wonder that men want to share in the dash, and grace and colorfulness that typifies women's fashion?

I think not. If women were required to dress in anywhere as narrow a clothing range as men, there would be outright rebellion on the streets, complete with claims of oppression. Why? Because we allow modern women the right to self expression through clothing to the extreme, but it is not a freedom we have allowed the male gender. Why? Well, perhaps that is something worth exploring.

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Gunnau 7 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

Never before has the plight of my gender's clothing been better stated. It is a dull dark drab ill fitting array of cottons and rayon's we are forced to wear. It's no wonder so many of us prefer the soft sexy feel and colour's of woman's clothing.

I hope all of the women who are your followers take this information and try to make this world a brighter softer place to live. With the occasional tap, tap, tap of some nice shoes to match.

nicothoe profile image

nicothoe 7 years ago

The first skirts I bought were black - not that there isn't anything wrong with black - it's just very conservative. Black goes with anything!

Then I started experimenting: red, blue, orange, green, brown, pink. I have skirts with geometric patterns, flower prints and decorated with leaves and bells. I do love to jingle when I walk!

This is probably what I love most about skirts. I find trousers so bland and boring! I want my skirts to flap in the breeze. I want to occasionally reveal a little bit of leg! Clothing has never been as fun as it is for me now.

Wendygrrl 6 years ago

Humm... well said...

Nolyn profile image

Nolyn 6 years ago from South Dakota, U.S.A.

Hope, I lovethe living history picture. My wife and I both pursue living history as a hobby. I wish clothing was as grand today as it once was in times past. Can clothing designers some how blend elegance with practicallity? One thing I enjoyed immensely about the recent Star Wars movies were the elegant costuming (bring back the cape!). We went to the theater for the showing of Episode 3 in Jedi robes - it was a lot of fun.

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