Jagua Art and Jagua Tattoos ink

Jagua Art

Jagua art is a form of temporary tattooing that began in Central and South America thousands of years ago. It is a form of body paint (more accurately a 'stain') that offers a better alternative than henna in color, aesthetics, and price.

For thousands of years Central and South Americans have harvested the unripened jagua fruit and extracted its black juices for body decoration. Usually very hard as an unripe fruit, the jagua juice extraction process is quite laborious.

Once extracted, the juice is then used to stain the skin with very elaborate designs. These designs can last for weeks and are preferred today by tattoo enthusiasts as a better alternative to henna. Henna often times has a brown shade to it making the design less authentic than conventional tattoo ink.

Jagua ink is fairly easy to obtain, if you know where to find it. Jagua art gel and supplies can be found in sites buried in the internet, or in specialty supply stores. Jagua art is highly sought after and skilled designers can really make a name for themselves. A skilled jagua artist will attract returning customers due to the temporary nature of the jagua tattoo.

Jagua art is still an expression--just as every other tattoo, without the buyers remorse. Obviously, a safer and more desirable alternative.

Jagua Tattoo and Jagua Art

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rockerren profile image

rockerren 7 years ago

Way cool.

elliot.dunn 7 years ago

that's pretty awesome wafflecheese. people should get a jagua tattoo before the real one - make sure they like it. i head someone say once that you should hang a picture of your tattoo above your bed for a month and if you still like then get it.

aidenofthetower profile image

aidenofthetower 7 years ago

I have recently started henna and jagua. I must say that thus far I like the henna more. It is easier to use, way less expensive (100 grams of henna makes a ton of paste and less paste is used to achieve the desired results than jagua gel and paint). At the same time...I am definitely interested in the black coloring as part of my business (once I get to that point). I will also be adding blue indego.

Thanks for some background info.

Art 4 Life profile image

Art 4 Life 6 years ago from in the middle of nowhere....

very informative hub! I love the jagua...

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