Jewelry Boxes for Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is arguably the most precious jewelry one can buy for oneself or as a gift. It is also the jewelry that most people turn to when they want to celebrate a special moment with their loved one like an anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, you get the picture. Diamonds are also a girls best friend so diamond jewelry should rightly be encased in or presented in a jewelry box worthy of showcasing its scintillating brilliance. Diamonds are a type of gem where it's not really the size of the gem or the piece of jewelry that defines it's preciousness. The lowly diamond stud whose box requirements are barely ever going to be over 2 inches by 2 inches can easily exceed $50,000 for the pair.

As they say, good things come in small packages and this is how it is with diamond studs. Small earring jewelry boxes are what is required for diamond studs. Naturally very small diamonds merit smaller boxes because they would look odd in larger jewelry boxes. Quarter carat total weight and under stud sizes cam make do with fairly small 1 inch by 1 inch boxes. Studs totaling 1 carat or more should go in a 2 inch by 2 inch box to showcase each diamond without crowding.

Diamond Jewelry Box Colors & Textures

If your diamond studs are white diamonds then there are color options and material options for the gift giver to keep in mind. The favorite all purpose color for the interior of the box would be the default black. This color shows white diamonds at their best and allows the diamonds to take center stage in the presentation. Any dark color that you think would be preferable for the giftee would be welcome as well. A dark blue, burgundy, green,brown, or grey would work just fine although the grey should be extra dark otherwise its has the tendency of looking dowdy and will not showcase the diamonds properly.

As important as the color of the background on which the studs lay is the texture of the background. For diamond studs many people default to the tried and true black velvet. Black jewelry boxes come in a variety of finishes that would be suitable. Leather jewelry boxes are great because they have a certain old time charm and the smell of the leather is charming to say the least. The texture of black leather is as good as it gets for diamond jewelry gift boxes. The matte background has a clean earthy look that's a perfect backdrop for really nice diamonds. I used to like suede but that look is now dated and both suede and velvet tend to attract and get speckled with dust that takes away from the diamonds.

Musical Jewelry Boxes For Studs

Musical jewelry boxes are now in vogue because of the way that music devices have been made so small that they are putting them in greeting cards now so as soon as you open them they play. You can even record your own sentimental message for playback when she opens the box. Some people think this is tacky but many men suffer from botched communication during sentimental moments and this way they don't have to say anything in the pressure ridden moment but can say it when they are more relaxed.

You can also pair the musical side of the box with antique jewelry boxes and deliver old time sentiment and a message with her studs. When you think of musical boxes you think of kids jewelry boxes that girls adore as much as they do their barbies but adults are getting into them big time and crooning away their sentiments to be played on delivery of the precious gift. Many antique boxes are actually silver jewelry boxes with all kinds of ornate work to reflect the Victorian or Edwardian era. A pure silver box adds that bit more of preciousness to the gift of studs.

Musical Large Hardwood Boxes
Musical Large Hardwood Boxes

Exotic Hardwood Diamond Stud Boxes

Wooden jewelry boxes inlaid with a black leatherette are simple well crafted jewelry boxes that may not have the ornateness but certainly has the warmth. Many fine jewelry boxes made from exotic woods are used to gift diamond studs because they have a bit of weight to them and feel substantial when they are wrapped up. You have exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry, Canary Wood, Bubinga, Goncalo Alves, Lyptus Wood and Mahogany. Because the amount of wood used for crafting a diamond stud box is so minute, they are not particularly expensive and most  men would indulge to have the perfect box for the occasion.

Exotic Hardwood Earring Boxes
Exotic Hardwood Earring Boxes

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Hillary S. Pike profile image

Hillary S. Pike 7 years ago

Great tips for taking care of diamonds which are very precious. They're my favorite stone an no doubt others as well.

Jewelry Boxes for Women 5 years ago

Thanks for the great tip about diamond stud and its box. The handcrafted wood jewelry boxes are very expensive due to it rare wood, "exotic". But it is worth the money when you get one.

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