John Galliano's Pigtails Free Men's Hairstyles

Galliano, being Galliano, for Galliano.
Galliano, being Galliano, for Galliano.

Many men feel hemmed in by modern fashion, as if their choices are exceptionally limited, as if all they're allowed to wear are boxy pieces of cotton clothing and as if the only permissible hairstyle is one no longer than the collar (and even that's pushing it.)

But fashion visionary and designer John Galliano does not pay attention to the rules that seem to haunt the average man. If he wants pigtails then by jove, pigtails he shall have. Indeed, he wore his stylish 'tails during a recent interview about remodelling stores and generally being an excellent fashion icon with so much money that social morays and societal pressures no longer effect him. (He also wore a plait, possibly in pigtail form to meet Nicholas Sarcozy.)

Whilst one may not wish to follow too directly in Galliano's footsteps (pigtails can be so hard to pull off come performance review time) there is something liberating in his approach to fashion, which is fanciful and fun and free. Contrary to popular sentiment amidst the male gender, it clearly isn't mandatory for a man to dress like an automaton.

If Galliano can meet the President of France wearing pigtails and a smile, well, then what's stopping the rest of the male gender from expressing themselves as they please? Galliano has not applied for any special permits to dress the way he does, he has not petitioned the UN to grant him immunity from mockery, he has struck out boldly any which way he desires and in doing so, has created himself an empire.

Now of course, you might say, 'But John Galliano does not need to seek the approval of women, for he prefers the companionship of men, but I, I poor man that loves women that I am, I must conform to the desires of the female gender that they will look upon me favorably and choose to spend their precious hours with me above all others!'

And I say unto you that women always respond to courage and boldness and flair. I can only imagine the scores of tearful women Galliano has had to turn down in his lifetime. If you are searching for a common woman, a common woman who wishes for nothing more than a common man, then perhaps you are searching for the wrong sort of woman. Seek instead a woman who embraces your inner and outer pigtails, who will help you apply your eyeliner before glittering events.

If Galliano can do it, so can you.

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