Johnny Depp's tattoos

I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of Johnny Depp, but tatoos and their meaning always intrigued me.

Most of his tatoos are sentimental reminders of people and places in his life.

We all have events in our lives when we want to remember: a special person, place, or moment in time. Those things we do not want to forget, therefore tatoos are a popular medium for those tributes, visual reminders of memories that we seek to permanently preserve.

Three small rectangles

Three small rectangles - right index finger

Native American head & Winona Forever

Native American head & Winona Forever' on his right bicep

Heart with Betty Sue

Heart with 'Betty Sue in it - on Depp's left bicep


'Lily-Rose' - over heart

Number 3

Number '3' - between thumb & index finger on his lefthand

'Jack' and bird in flight

'Jack' and bird in flight - right forearm

Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle - left bicep, above Heart with Betty Sue seen above

'The Brave' symbol

'The Brave' symbol - right inside forearm. You can also see 'Jack' and bird in flight

Other Tatoos

I can't find pictures for the following tatoos:

Skull & crossbones with lettering 'death is certain' - outside lower right leg

Small unknown symbol - inside right ankle

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Veronica profile image

Veronica 9 years ago from NY

He had part of the Winona Forever tattoo removed. He says when he went to have it done, it was more painful than he had anticipated. He started at the end of her name and ended the removal process after only 2 letters were removed. So, now it reads:


which, I think is adorable.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

Cool pictures. I had no idea he had that many tattoos. 'Wino Forever'- now that's funny.

Bridget 8 years ago


Johnny love your tattos awesome i

will loved to see any new ones

lay 8 years ago

he s very nice

hb 7 years ago

J.D. i love u touched my heart i love u u are too gud just too gud keep it up

Kika 7 years ago

OMG! I love J.D.,he has soo nice tattos!He is my favourite actorr

carrie 7 years ago

I love Johnny .... his wife is so lucky to have him in her life.

And I am sure his daughter loves her daddy


romper20 profile image

romper20 6 years ago from California

Interesting, great hub, random but interesting!



janessa 6 years ago

i love johnny depp and i wish i could marry him. his wife is so lucky to have him

Katie 5 years ago

He had all the tattoo done to Winona forever and changed it to wino forever when he broke up with her,he's amazing.

emilyjune 5 years ago

AHHHH!! i just love you J.D! im soo jealos of ur wife! :D

mkm 5 years ago

johnny dont know if you will see this or not i know about your glory hours. i know we walkrd to post office. i know our paths has crossed about 7 times. i also we have tried to find eachother fo a long tome. hope this finds you. pick me up. how many new tattoos do you have?

CHRISTINA 4 years ago

I cannot understand why aren't you a fan of johnny??!!The man is amazing!!!And his tattoos are awesome!!!

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