Soft and Shiny Hair With Organic Jojoba Oil

I found my first bottle of organic jojoba oil just gathering dust on a desk back in my parents' home, and when I asked my mother what she was planning to do with it, she just shrugged and said, "You you want it? Go ahead." So I took it.

I didn't have a clue about jojoba oil at the time; I just took it because I don't like seeing things going to waste.

At the time, the weather was really really humid, and my wavy hair was adjusting to a new haircut, which meant that I constantly looked like I'd had an unpleasant run-in with an electrical outlet.

In coming to the conclusion to use jojoba oil on my hair, my thought process went a little like this: My hair's frizzy. This means it's dry. This means that I need to moisturize my hair. This means that I'll have to buy leave-in hair conditioner. This means I'll have to spend money. Darnit! Oh, oil moisturizes! This means I can use oil to moisturize my hair. I have some jojoba oil. I can use jojoba oil for my hair!

Luckily, that little gamble worked out. See, I have eczema, and the areas of my skin that are unaffected by this condition also tend to be very sensitive. I'm one of those sorts of people who's allergic to just about everything on earth. That being said, I really should have done more research at the time. I might not have been so lucky if, for example, I'd ended up with a bottle of tea tree oil; which, while great for a lot of other uses, isn't very good as a hair moisturizer. That, and I'm allergic to tea tree oil.

Happily, my skin and hair just drank it up, and I didn't get any hives, rashes, or eczema flare-ups at all. Later, I found out online that jojoba oil has a chemical structure that's as close to sebum (that's human skin oil) as current biology can produce. Additionally, because it's so similar to the oil that we humans produce naturally and is absorbed so quickly by our bodies, jojoba oil is non-comedogenic. This means that it doesn't block up pores and cause pimples, like some skin products tend to do.

The oil I got was organic jojoba oil, and it didn't have anything else mixed in with it. Originally, I'd thought that jojoba was an aromatherapy oil, so I was a bit disappointed when I got a whiff of it, and realized that it didn't really smell like anything.

I'm still a fan though. In fact, I got a bit overexcited after my first few skin-patch tests: I poured a quarter-sized amount of the oil onto my palms and massaged it through my damp hair and scalp. But because I'd used so much of my improvised jojoba oil hair moisturizer, I ended up looking like I took a dive in a bucket of butter popcorn. My hair definitely wasn't frizzy anymore. My unruly waves contracted into thin, greasy ringlets that hung limply down my shoulders and back, and I had to take another shower to wash out the excess oil.

To give you a brief picture of what I was working with; my hair is almost waist-length, and like most east- and southeast Asians, it is slightly coarse. Unlike most east- and southeast Asians though, my hair is very wavy, and on good days, I get big, soft curls that --according to one of my aunts- make me look like a nineteenth century sculpture of a saint. Because of my hair's (relatively) unusual texture though, it's frequently dry and brittle, and I have a lot of split ends. My hair tends to get wild and frizzy because of that. I used to have a lot of trouble controlling my hair, which was why I tend to get rather overzealous when it comes to trying new hair moisturizing, detangling, or texturizing products.

As it turns out though, if you're using jojoba oil as moisturizer, a little bit goes a really long way. I was a little more circumspect the second time around: I didn't just pour the stuff onto my hand. I placed my palm over the mouth of the bottle and turned it over a few times, so that it left penny-sized, translucent yellow coins on my hand. After I had around five little "coins," I rubbed my palms together, and finger-combed the oil into my hair. Afterwards, I let my hair air-dry again.

That worked a lot better. I tamed my frizz, my curls were well-defined, and my hair was so soft, that I found myself idly running my fingers through my hair while I was at work.

 My hair has never been more consistently soft, shiny, and manageable than it has been since I first started using jojoba. I've been using jojoba oil as hair moisturizer for almost a month now, and aside from the fact that I have to be careful to use only a little at a time, I have absolutely no complaints

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OldenbuzzDotCom profile image

OldenbuzzDotCom 6 years ago

Great hub! I've also been using jojoba oil, and I'm happy with the shine and control I get. I also use virgin coconut oil and almond oil occasionally.

saisun profile image

saisun 6 years ago from Philippines Author

@OldenbuzzDotCom Thanks! I'm actually tossing around the idea of using virgin coconut oil once my jojoba oil stash runs out.

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