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At this time of year, when we start to celebrate the birth of a poor baby in a manger by throwing vast amounts of money at retailers, we like to focus on joy, mostly because joy is nature's antidote to widespread hypocrisy and a blatant refusal to engage in any kind of meaningful self examination.

Lingerie brings joy to the world not just because it is functional (which it is,) but because it adds pretty ornamentation to the mundane and the everyday, just like Christmas gives people a reason to spend money they can't afford on rubbish they don't need. Unlike the millions of tonnes of Hannah Montana plastic packaging which will be making their way to from the West to Chinese landfills this January, lingerie, is at its heart, pure art. And it's not just art that looks good, it is art that moves with and works with the human body. Wearable art, one might say.

But what lingerie should the man of taste wear? Well I say a brassiere.

A brassiere is perhaps the most functional of all lingerie. Most women who buy bras do so because they don't wish to look like they should be starring in a bonus edition of National Geographic. Of course, it's a losing battle, no matter how long you spend propping up your bosom, it will one day droop around your knees, assuming you're lucky enough to live that long. Bras are also quite useful for relieving back pain and chest pain caused by having a larger bosom flopping untidily about the place.

A bra need not be brought purely out of need however, a bra can be brought for the fun of it. Whether you're male or female, a nice bra can create a fun and deceptive cleavage guaranteed to delight and astound those around you. If you're male and want to wear a bra this Christmas time, I say go for it! Compared to the entirety of Western civilization celebrating the birth of a baby to a virgin, a man wearing a bra is a relative non event.

If you are looking for a bra for a man, your band size is the same size as the measurement under your man bosom. I repeat. Your band size is the same size as the measurement under your man bosom. You need not add five inches unless you are also planning to wear large silicone forms.

So have at it men! May the joy of the season be upon you and wrapped around your chest!

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Manny aka indrag13 7 years ago

Hope, you are a woman after my heart. I always enjoy the words of encouragement that you bestow upon us. You are wonderful and i appreciate your outlook. You're the best!

lge 7 years ago

Hope, I'm in the same camp as Manny - absolutely!

And don't forget. Christmas is the time of year when men CAN buy lingerie.

David H profile image

David H 7 years ago from England

Men can buy lingerie at any time of the year, not just for christmas.

What is the point of a man wearing a bra when he does not need one? Women wear one for support, but men...?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Are you truly so foreign to the concept of doing things because they feel good that you can't understand why some men want to wear bras? Do you live a life in which you only do what is necessary? No. Of course not. Don't be deliberately dense.

Scotty 7 years ago

Ah, David, because it feels like a hug from a beautiful woman.

And the lace and colors are intolerably tantalizing.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Scotty wins for best non-pissy answer! :D

David H profile image

David H 7 years ago from England

My question was raised as I was hoping to read various answers from different men.

One could compare an analogy with why so many men play/watch football - there is no need at all, but it brings enjoyment.

Oh btw, I quite often wear a bra myself. I do not understand why I do. Just searching for answers which is one of the reasons why I read your posts.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Oh, I see, sorry about that :)

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