Juice Beauty CC Cream Review

An advertisement for Juice Beauty CC Cream.
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I love all-in-one makeup products, especially bb creams. So, when I got a sample of an all-natural cc cream in a monthly Birchbox, I was quite excited. I had tried a Juice Beauty cleanser in the past and really enjoyed it, so I figured that this would be a nice product to try out. I got the cc cream in "Natural Glow," which is for light skin tones.

Packaging of a sample tube.
Packaging of a sample tube.


The packaging for the sample is simple and effective. It just comes in a basic plastic tube. I simply had to give the tube a gentle squeeze to dispense the product. The full-size product comes in a similar tube with a slightly fancier applicator, but the mechanism for dispensing the product is the same - just a gentle squeeze!

Back of the tube.
Back of the tube.

The Cream

The cream is very thick and lightly colored. Unlike other American versions of bb creams, I found this one matched my skin tone a lot better. It wasn't too dark and was light enough that I could easily blend it into my skin. It is also quite thick, which I also like. It was not water thin like a lot of foundations, instead it was thick like a high-quality Korean bb cream.

Before Application

The product on my hand, next to a scar, before application.
The product on my hand, next to a scar, before application.

After Application

The product after application; blended into my skin. The scar is still very visible.
The product after application; blended into my skin. The scar is still very visible.

Application and Thoughts

Application is easy because the cream blends very well and absorbs quickly. The thing I noticed when rubbing it in, though, was that it has a very shimmery appearance, so if you are looking for a matte product, this definitely would not be the cream to try out.

Second, this product.... well, to be honest, stinks. It smells horrible. I honestly don't know how I'd ever wear this on my face because of the smell. The scent reminds me of a very strong and unpleasant smelling bathroom cleaner. A bathroom cleaner on the face? Not a good thing.

It doesn't provide very good coverage. I am sitting here with a good amount of cream blended on my hand, 15-20 minutes after I applied it, and my scar is fully visible. It didn't cover it up at all. In fact, the only thing I think it did was give my skin a bit of shimmer. I still see veins. I still see redness. I see everything I did before except it is now glowing - and those things glowing? Not beautiful.


I would not recommend this product to anyone! You can find much better natural makeup, if that is what you are looking for. If you are looking for just any bb/cc cream, you can do much better, namely something from Skin79 or Etude House. This product just feels like a cheap imtation that doesn't work well at all. It accomplishes absolutely nothing for my skin, except making me feel like a Twilight vampire - and to be honest, I never really liked those Twilight vampires.

My Rating

1 star for Juice Beauty CC Cream

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