Kate and Pippa Middleton: Two plain janes ruling the beauty & fashion heap

Pippa Middleton: the new face of beauty?
Pippa Middleton: the new face of beauty?
Kate Middleton: plain jane besides her prince
Kate Middleton: plain jane besides her prince

     Are Pippa and Kate Middleton the new faces of "beauty"? The sisters now rule the limelight because the elder is marrying into royalty and the younger is the chief bridesmaid. So, since they're up there and they're constantly in the news it should follow that they now represent a new kind of beauty and the new leaders of fashion, right?

     Honestly, without a drop of envy from a plain woman's point of view? Kate is only mildly pretty and Pippa Middleton looks like a guy with hairy balls. There, the plain and honest opinion of a woman who doesn't really care about the matter but is totally fed up with all these royal wedding hysteria.

     Pippa and Kate Middleton are not ugly women. But neither are they beautiful in the true sense of the word. You want beauty? Nicole Kidman. Angelina Jolie. Halle Berry. Charlize Theron. No, dear. Jennifer Aniston is only attractive and Emma Watson pixie-like. Julia Roberts is only magical and Meryl Streep is a classic. It doesn't matter. Both Pippa and Kate may be rich and well-connected, but there's no arguing the fact that they're also plain-looking women, period. And there's nothing wrong with that. A mildly attractive woman who can hold the attention of a charming prince long enough for him to want to marry her is tops on my list anytime.

     What is totally objectionable about all this fawning and oh-ahing is the seeming attempt by fashion critics to render the entire world blind as bats when they look at Pippa and Kate. Is it really important that Kate Middleton reach the legendary status of Diana? Because honestly as the next fashion leader, she looks too common (referring to the way she looks and not to her breeding) to even be the leader of anything. The same goes for Pippa Middleton, who's really not that photogenic either. She may be charming and pretty in person but as a subject of photography? She sucks big time.

     The true measure of Kate's beauty is this: Do our eyes follow her and only her when we see pictures of her with Prince William? Does the prince fade in the background when Kate is beside him? Look at old pictures of Diana and Charles. Just about any toad can stand beside Diana and we won't even notice. Prince Philip could even exchange places with Charles during the marriage vows and we wouldn't care. Does anyone even remember what Charles looked like the day he and Diana got married? What was he wearing? What was he doing? He and Diana exchanged a kiss on the terrace but did it really matter even if it was Andrew doing the kissing as long as the woman was Diana? No wonder Charles went gaga and went and hid inside Camilla's unwashed doodah.

     Prince William does not fade beside Kate. He stands tall and commanding beside her and is obviously confident in his own skin. He may have thinning hair like his dad but he looks so much like his mom that it doesn't matter. He is a superstar, no doubt about it. Unlike Charles, he will not be marrying a supernova who will eventually eclipse and dim his star. Kate's plainness, in fact, seems to show his beauty off to better light. In the looks department, it's the royal guy this time who leads and not his plain Jane bride, which makes this the fairytale for the new age.

     As for Pippa, four words: guy with hairy balls . 'Nough said.


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Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

I thought the sister was oldest and although Kate can be attractive she will never be a Diana, but Diana had some bad shots yet we loved her regardless. I suppose I am just happy it seems to be a true relationship and no Camillers in the background, talk about UGLY. A face job didn't help that old marriage wrecking hag.

Sarine profile image

Sarine 6 years ago from Ohio Author

i agree. kate looks ordinary in her pictures, which is good for william i guess. i remember diana's engagement, she didn't dress that well either but she just oozed charm, you know. she just draws the eyes. i don't feel the same vibe with kate. but i think everybody just wants her to become the new diana to sell magazines, books, movies, etc.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

Probably so but I love the look Kate and William have like, we have a secret! Its adorable. Love.

Sarine profile image

Sarine 6 years ago from Ohio Author

yup, it's love alright. hope it lasts and he'll not be tempted to go to camilla's daughter laura, or his friends' wives, for a little sexercise. i don't trust these shands or parker bowles women. they're breed to be royal mistresses. it's in their DNA and kate should know that. paranoid but nothing wrong with being careful.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

Yea, I imagine William will see Kate as old lady in about ten years when he starts looking more like his dad than Diana which is more all the time, but it's entertainment for us. lol I wonder if she will give birth within a year as Diana did and then again? Of course if she is 27 did you say?...then I guess she can't waste too much time.

Sarine profile image

Sarine 6 years ago from Ohio Author

kate is 29. pippa is 27. she'll probably have a child soon after they're married. imagine, charles will be a grandfather soon and still no throne in sight. that's what i call karma. hehehe.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

That Queen is not about to step down until she is put down I can tell you!

Ely 5 years ago

Wow, i'm kinda curious what would u say about me lol

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Thoughtful hub that is very interesting.

Ladela 5 years ago

I completely disagree. I haven't seen very much of Pippa, but I think Kate always looks very classy and beautiful. She always radiates confidence but humbleness, too. There is not only one way to be beautiful. She and William make a very attractive couple, both with very strong, classic good looks.

Clarissa 5 years ago

Kate is quite attractive, though certainly not a stunning beauty. Pippa - oh dear! definitely plain and most certainly looks much older than Kate. But looks aren't everything and I'm sure Pippa will get a suitable husband some time soon. As for Charles and Diana, yes, Diana had charm but she wasn't strictly speaking beautiful; her nose was much too big, for a start. I can't say I liked her much, and at least Charles and Camilla seem happy together. Diana was manipulative and I agree about karma, which is why I think she died when she did.

Sarine profile image

Sarine 5 years ago from Ohio Author

i doubt if charles and camilla are happy. they can't be anything else anymore because they're old. charles, more than anything, wants to be king. he lacks respect. people look at him and they wonder: "what, he's still a prince???" and they look at his wife and sneer. and they look at pictures of diana and remember the good times. i think diana was brave, braver than most women in her position. she had everything but she wanted more, a husband who respected and loved her. being married myself, i understand. it would be hell for me living with a husband who sleeps around. you wouldn't have any peace. and it would start to wear you down, your self-respect, your strength, etc. if she had been happy, she wouldn't have rebelled against her position and fooled around. she seemed to have been the type of woman who wanted a faithful husband and kids. she didn't get that and as a woman, i understand. camilla though is aa complete whore. she connived with charles to fool this young girl to go along with their shenanigans. would you want that? you marry a guy in good faith and you realize that he wants you to just play along while he sleeps with another man's wife? and when charles dies? honestly, i will right an article of celebration. i already have a title: "prince of wails croaks, finally". honestly, people will just have no reaction except relief when he goes. the same with the camilla, the whore of wales. good riddance to garbage, people will say.

Sarine profile image

Sarine 5 years ago from Ohio Author

charles also thinks he's so intelligent so he writes this book and advises sick people not to get treatment but to heal "naturally", whatever that means. the book came out at the same time as this documentary that was to have been shown in theaters last november. but then the unthinkable again happened: diana's son, william, took a cue from his mom and announced his wedding plans. he just telephoned his dad and his granny two hours before the announcement and that was it. the poor boy completely ruined his dad's attempt at a makeover and personal rehabilitation and he didn't even realize it. i laughed when i read about that. charles is MEDIOCRE. he married a woman destined to be famous and a leader. and he grew angry and bitter with it. diana can't help her fame more than he can help his mediocrity. diana is now a legend. charles? he'll be lucky to be interned in westminster abbey as a king.

Sarine profile image

Sarine 5 years ago from Ohio Author

and camilla? she wants to be queen to spite diana. she's been living with diana's memory too long. people look at her and they see a manipulative woman. she's legally a princess but she had to bow down to sentiments because she can't just usurp diana's place. plus, she has no moral authority. she spoke once against beyonce and people just ripped at her like she was jack the ripper. but if you think about it, camilla is living on borrowed time. her children will not inherit the throne but diana's. it will be diana's son that will become king and not tom parker bowles. when camilla dies, her family's easy access to the throne will be broken. diana wins. camilla won a prince. but diana's son will become king while camilla's son can only look on with bitterness and envy at his missed opportunity. i mean, come on. if you were tom parker bowles, wouldn't it cross your mind from time to time that but for charles' cowardice and camilla's sexual promiscuosity (the very reason people didn't like her was because of her "sexual history", which could be two or a hundred men) you could have been heir to a throne? i would. and that's what's interesting about it. but for the questionable purity of one woman's vagina, a boy is deprived of a great destiny. my god! it's almost shakesperian in its combined pathos and comedy!

maria 5 years ago

Excuse me madame have you seen your face your flat ugly face you look like those little dogs with the squashed nose. Kate and Pippa are far more beautiful than you hun. Plain Jane you are no where close to plane jane your fuck ugly with a square head and your envious and disgustingly rude. You have some cheek comparing tacky hollywood stars with their botox and air brushing and constant orange tans. You've been brainwashed to believe the hollywood standard of beauty haven't you heard of the work English Rose or classic quirky beauty and fashion. You would not know because it has not caught on in the US don't you know fashion and trend begins in London and Paris and reaches America 4 years behind that's why you do not understand the up to date current fashion Kate and her sister are wearing.You wouldn't know because you watch too much fox tv, as for Diana she was stunning but she is an upper class lady whose family have been marrying into the aristocracy her feautures were to harsh and she was groomed how to be a princess her whole life that is not a normal childhood. Kate Middleton has not had much inbreding in her family hence why she looks normal to you shes still stunning and its a fresh of breath air to have some normal blood in the royal family without the stuffyness and snoberry.

sib 5 years ago

This sort of superficial nonsense coming from someone who looks like a pug. Ha!

grace 5 years ago

I agree with you Maria.

sarah 5 years ago

Maria, I'd like to see what you look like.

Kate Middleton is no classic beauty; she is simply well groomed and gets better groomed over time. Look at her photos. She has a pug nose too, before you make comments on Sarine's appearance. May be Kate and Pippa (also a 'squash nose' are even half cousins of Sarine, seeing their similarities).

To add to that, the worst problem is that Kate has a cruel, twisted smile.

Kate has only one thing on her side: her height. Thank God for that.

Vicky 5 years ago

Sarine you're obviously of Filipino descent and even by Filipino standards you're fug. Butt ugly.

profile image

sherryandwine 5 years ago

Have to agree Kate is no lady Di, she's a girl next door who is slim and that's it, shes very much of a plain Jane despite the media comments...and her dress well it was just plain boring! perhaps the media could really learn what it really means to be impartial and post an honest comment eh?

Sophie 5 years ago

I agree, I've never thought of the Middleton girls as stunning beauties, because, honestly, they aren't. Kate is quite pretty, Pippa is plain. They are tall and have good figures though. And I really do not understand where Maria and the others are coming from, Sarine didn't describe herself as a beauty anywhere in her post, did she? By the way Maria, being beautiful doesn't mean having to conform to Hollywood standards. There are (and were) plenty of naturally beautiful women, yes, of the "English Rose" look too. Vivien Leigh anyone? I don't think she compares with the Middleton sisters. And really, orange tan as an example? Pippa uses it a lot, doesn't she?

PS. 1)No, I am not a beautiful woman myself, but that doesn't mean that I can't recognise beauty when I see it.

2) No, there's absolutely nothing wrong with not resembling Vivien Leigh, with being plain, or even ugly. But it's another thing when people describe an obviously plain girl and a pretty one at the most as great beauties.

cheyeska 5 years ago

Your blog is ridiculous. Kate is lovely! I cannot believe anyone would call her plain. She has a role to step into, and has prepared for it for a long time. There has been a lot of changes along the way. Just as we all grow in life. She looked simply stunning on her wedding day, and is nothing short of beautiful. Does it make you feel better about your UGLY self to put others down? What a joke!! Go get a life, or better yet, plastic surgery, before you go judging the appearance of others!

SUMMER 5 years ago

Sarine I'm not sure why such an unattractive person as yourself should be making public deragotory and superficial comments about others. You should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and accept that you will never be as attractive as either of the Middleton girls. You are just jealous! Get over it and be happy for them!

Rachel 5 years ago

Oh leave Sarine alone. She has her own opinion and if you don't like it, ignore it. But Sarine does raise a point. Kate isn't a stunning beauty but she is quite lovely and has a charming smile. You can't compare Kate to Diana, just like how you can't compare Pippa to a man, even if it's true.

John 5 years ago

What a bullshit article. Both Middleton sisters are very beautiful and hot. Get help for your inferiority complex

Janie 5 years ago

I completely agree. I always thought that Kate looked very plain, but was considered an attractive English girl? There are many attractive English celebrities, but perhaps she stands out against other non-celebrities? After she got all done up with her hair and makeup, she looked better, but by no means stunning, and I thought she was in her mid-thirties. Following that, I thought Pippa was 40. I was confused when they called her the younger sister and found out she was 27! She managed to look pretty at the wedding, but other photos of her show her to be quite unattractive. I think she'll be stepping up her game now that she's in the limelight. As for Kate, she strikes me as conniving -- she has a face that I don't trust, always ready for the paparrazzi with a fake smile, and I can't imagine her being pleased that all of the attention is on her younger sister. I wonder how they're reacting to the media hubbub!

Janie 5 years ago

I'd like to add to the insane people posting slander against the author of this blog: people are allowed to have opinions, and she has one on two public figures and is simply critiquing the media storm that has struck up since the wedding. People who retaliate by insulting her appearance and being rude are only showing their inability to engage in a mature argument, and show their own childishness. I actually agree with most of the author's statements, with the exception of Angelina Jolie, whom I met and was terrifying-looking!

As for being fashion plates, Kate and Pippa had pretty atrocious taste in clothing up until the engagement. COINCIDENCE? I think not. :)

Sophie 5 years ago

@Janie: Yes, that's what I thought as well, maybe she's considered beautiful by British standards? She's not ugly by any means, I would describe her as pretty, but come on, not stunning.

lauren 5 years ago

Don't know why your all so bothered about the way they look to be honest!! Does it really matter?... They are happy together so leave them be!!

I think its really shallow to judge someone on face value!! Real beauty isn't about that!

Sophie 5 years ago

@Lauren: No, I've already written here that beauty isn't important, that the way one looks doesn't matter in the least. The point Sarine raised has more to to with the way the media present the girls and some of us happen to think that what she said is valid (OK, she could have put it a less rude way, I'll give you that). That's all. I also wish the couple happiness, by the way, I have nothing against them.

Sophie 5 years ago

"in" a less rude way, I meant...

pattieb 5 years ago

Why don’t you all get lives and stop living in other people's? The king’s new clothes analogy springs to mind here. Just because the media say some one is beautiful doesn't make them so. They look good because their clothes are ridiculously expensive and well cut, not because they are any more beautiful than you are. They are both skinny with scrawny bony chests and skinny legs. Pippa hangs around after the hunting set and Cathrine eats foi gras and wears fur. That is disgusting. They are facile, shallow and selfish people. Watch the PETA video online and see what happens on fur farms. No sentient, beautiful person would wear fur or condone hunting. It's time we had a republic, we are now paying for two more hangers-on. Don’t you ever feel that you are just as good and just as worthy as these shallow people. For god’s sake stop fawning after the over-privileged, we have enough sycophants in society as it is.

sharon 5 years ago

Clearly you americans think your standards of 'beautiful' are higher than the british. Lies, there are hords of beautiful women in the UK. Kate middleton is beautiful, and those of you who are slating her are obviously envious that you don't have what she's got: class, a prince and beauty. Stop slating kate middleton and her (also beautiful) sister, and get on and live your lives. Final note: her dress was a timeless classic and will never outdate. Its is beautiful and the those of you who are slating it are more than likely to be trashy americans stealing the UK's 90 looks still. End of.

Ava 5 years ago

Unfortunately, Kate Middleton is NOT a stunner but she dresses very well and obviously lives for that. Her sister Pippa is quite sad looking and looks at least 5 years older constantly (in some pictures she looks 10 years older). Kate can also look a little bit older, but i guess it must be their genes.

However, as far as LOOKS go, I think the royal pair of William and Kate are quite appropriate as neither is particularly ravishing. In some interview clips I saw, I even thought William might be a dash gay, or just too plain geeky. Poor Kate; had her social escalating mother not pushed her up the ladder, perhaps she could have found a more interesting match. But at least this one will be able to pay for her good taste.

Summer 5 years ago

Kate is not beautiful. Attractive, sure, but certainly not beautiful. She does have a very girl next door look about her. I'm not insulting her; it is what it is. I've heard she's decently smart and I'm sure she and William get along well, thus are a good match. I do agree with a previous poster that just because the media says a person is beautiful doesn't make it so. Of course they're going to say she's beautiful because she's his pick for a wife. Doesn't mean it's true. Also doesn't mean those of us that think she's a touch on the plain side are jealous.

As an American, I could personally care less who he marries. I wish them both the best and future happiness. Still doesn't change the fact that she's a plain jane in good clothes. We have our own, albeit trashier, versions here - the Hilton and Kardashian sisters, Britney Spears, etc.

Onemind 5 years ago

You think Kate is average looking or even just mildly pretty? You're obviously insane. She is truly beautiful. Tall, great body, amazing hair, a pretty and very symmetrical face and a sophisticated voice. I know attractiveness is subjective, but you're definitely hating if you think shes just okay. I agree about Pipa though. she really is unhot and overly hyped.

Onemind 5 years ago

And honestly said. William looks like a hobo beside her. You're the only person I've met since now who claims otherwise. I mean he's lost a lot of his youthful good-looks already, and the partial baldness only makes things worse.

I can see you're not quite a stunner yourself Sarine, so it does take guts to comment on others like that. It's all good but in this case wtf. You be trollin' wumman.

Sophie 5 years ago

@Sharon: I'm not American, I'm European. And when I mentioned "British standards", I simply had in mind that they could be different, not lower or higher. I don't see why this is so difficult to understand. A feature that is, for example, considered beautiful in one country/continent/culture might be considered an unattractive or a not-so-special one in another part of the world. The perception of beauty in your country could be different from the one in mine. I think it's an interesting question and I simply wondered about that.

Observer 5 years ago

Thank you Sarine, finally, a voice of reason among the madness!

It just goes to show what sheep people are, if they ignore their eyes and believe the hype. With Pippa especially, I don't understand the fuss at all.


real 5 years ago

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I would say these girls are very ordinary looking, but exceptionally skinny. Ultra skinny seems to be equivalent to beauty these days. In my college days, these girls would be considered very plain... but it's good that the face of beauty is changing. I guess?

Lillo 5 years ago

Thank God! I was about to lose respect for the Brits! I think Kate is lucky and good luck to her. I got nothing against her and wish her the best but she is not at all stunning! Pretty maybe but not more. Diana walked down the aisle a virgin in a white dress. Kate did not...and that's why for my Diana wil always be THE FAIRY PRINCESS. Shame her prince was and remained a toad.

KP 5 years ago

I think pipa is hot..kates not too bad either ;-0

Ikat 5 years ago

Maria...learn to behave yourself and not to insult other people...

mike 5 years ago

I'm American and I think both sisters look good.

Lelei 5 years ago

In all honesty? I feel Kate is pretty, but I think Pippa is average. And I think it's comical how A. There is a "Pippa Middleton Fine A** Society" on fb and B. The thing that people talk about most on her is how "fine" of a place she has that she shoots excrement from. Wow, I would seriously be proud of that!

waikushfire 5 years ago

the middletons not auditioning to be on beauty magazines. Beauty lies in the beauty of the beholder and surely there is what Will see's in Kate. she has a cute smile and nice dimples and looks genuinely like a nice girl. so, for those of you who are so quick to judge peoples looks based on your definition of beauty,i think you should think twice before you say anything. you are acting like main stream media--analyzing every bit of Kate and Pipa. That is what the media people do for a living and they have to do that to get peoples attention. people like you who cannot think on their own, you just follow the popular thinking of what beauty is. i bet you don't even know what is true beauty. so, i suggest you act like you're on main street and stop insunuating that you're in hollywood. sorry all you haters!!!

Ann 5 years ago

Have to agree Kate is a girl next door.

Beatrice 5 years ago

I agree the Middleton girls r not classic beauties . They r attractive . Kate is athletic , healthy and intelligent . Compared to the average Brit , who is fat , pasty looking and ugly , she is a great ambassador for her country . Give her a break !

Sarah 5 years ago

Kate and her sister are the most ugly girls I've ever seen in my life! Diana was the most charming & beautiful like an angel!

John 5 years ago

Both sisters are very ugly, but Peepa looks like tranvestit, extremely ugly and what a shame they have money but money doesn't help them to become a beautiful...very pitty indeed. William has very strange taste for sure or maybe he hasn't got any choice?

Pippa-and-all-royals-suck 5 years ago

you guys are sick and bored, get a life and focus on more important subjects... what a waste of time... jeez...

Countessa 5 years ago


Perhaps two of the comments on here were written with even remotely proper grammar.

THAT is, to me, a lot sadder than whether or not some 'Plain Jane' deserves to be in the spotlight.

Also, LEARN TO EFFING SPELL - especially the 'aspiring writers'.

The fact that there is even a standard of beauty at all, and so closed-minded as all of this, is disgusting.

Jasmine 5 years ago

@Countessa... I suggest you check your grammar! It's appauling!

Summer 5 years ago

Jasmine - it's "appalling"...

Being a grammar nazi over egregious spelling errors is one thing, but misspelling a simple word while critiquing others is quite funny.

I honestly didn't see much wrong with what Contessa wrote.

daria 5 years ago

Hi thank you so much for this post, finally someone is willing to tell the truth and not let all the BS cooked up by media to force them second guess their honest feelings. i could not agree with you more, both girls are really plain (objectively speaking, 100% not a put down, HONESTLY), they are definitely NOT ugly either. in kate case, i find her quite average, but at same time, i can see why people might think she is slightly pretty. as for pippa, well, she does look a bit mannish in the photo you used, but otherwise, she is average, i guess, though one thing i am bit appalled by is how bad her skin is, i mean she only 27, but her skin is so rough and wrinkly for her age, it unbeleivable, i mean, seriouly, does this girl not use any kind of skincare, esp given the fact she definiely can definitely afford the best that the rest of us cant! anyway,like you said, i am sure those girls has a great personality that more than make up their plainess. thanks again for your HONEST post, it so refreshing, esp after all the BS i have seen in media that just about to make me puke, why can those people never be honest is anyone guess, personally i think they would actually sell more papers by being honest ( just my 2 cents worth). PS i wish someone would post something similar about gisele bundchen, i mean that girl definitely has the best body in the business, but the face, sorry, kind of mannish and horse like to me, definitely not like claudia schiffe, josie maran etc.

lachlan 5 years ago

Do any of you people have a life?

As a male I have to say I would rather sleep with either Middleton sister than the author of this blog?

Enough said......get over it! You all have nothing better to do with your lives than be awful miserable bitches....no wonder no man would find any of you attractive and that is the sole reason you have to be so critical of other more attractive women.

Sally 5 years ago

Some of these comments are so nasty! I think Kate is a very pretty girl, Pippa not so much. The fake tan really makes her look rough. But, she's probably a lot prettier in person, and just not that photogenic. We've all had dodgy photos at some stage.

I like them both, they seem like they have a good sisterly bond. I think that's very cool.

Miki 5 years ago

I've looked at many photos of the girls to figure out what the hype is. Kate Middleton is a very pretty girl. She has a brilliant smile and a nice body. She has a very intelligent look about her albeit I sense some frost. lol. Pippa Middleton, ah well I do not find her attractive per se. She has balanced features. She's a 'handsome' woman. As in a pleasing 'general' appearance. Her body is also very defined (this coming from someone who likes more plump, curvy women).

I do get a giggle at the overly exaggerating media. It's not really helping the girls b/ca it will only cause people to analyze their flaws more carefully. People will be quick to try to bring these two women down. Which is sad but when you're exposed like this you must take your vitriol...

me 5 years ago

both ugly as hell...specially pippa

James 5 years ago

All you women that comment on this bullshit are extremely shallow! No real man would want to be with any of you for this reason alone.

.... 5 years ago

Oh men, get over it, we're neutral observers of female beauty, and need to vent, because we can tell a beautiful woman when we see one, and can't see one here. We are perplexed by the mismatch between the observed beauty vs the hyped beauty. Sorry our views don't fit in with your (literally)blind adoration.

Hanifa  5 years ago

I'm cracking at some of the comments here, especially 'handsome woman', that's a new phrase in my vocabulary. Anyway, let me get to my opinion. I think Kate is a very beautiful woman and I understand all the hype about her. But Pippa on the other hand...I seriously just don't get it! If she looks like that at just 27, how will she look when she turns 35! Somebody get the girl some anti-aging cream! Its an emergency!

Mark 5 years ago

None of you women can tell a beautiful woman when you see one! That is for men to decide! That is why we find bitchy, menial, horrible and competitive shallow women such a turn off no matter how attractive they might be. We miight use your body for one night or however long we can BUT we will NEVER love you......nor find you beautiful. Stop bitching and start working on your inner beauty....it will pay off in the long run....maybe!

.... 5 years ago

'None of you women can tell a beautiful woman when you see one! That is for men to decide!' - mark

False. Women can objectively assess beauty.

Mark 5 years ago

@..... Clearly you cannot! You have nothing better to do than appraise or slander other women's beauty That makes you a very ugly and unattractive person on the inside and therefore a waste of any mans time! Good-luck finding one and most importantly keeping them for a life long commitment. I think you will be stunned when the man you are with finds any other woman more attractive and his eyes wander when he considers what a shallow piece of work you are! Trust me on this! No man can stand the redundant bitchiness all you women are spewing out!

.... 5 years ago

There's a difference between slandering women's beauty, and saying that they're not matching the hype. If Pippa etc were beautiful people on the inside, I wouldn't be here. But that's the thing, people have put her on a pedestal without any reason whatsoever. Neither internal nor external.

Mark 5 years ago

@....and you have just proven my above points by showing your exact nature! Now you are claiming she is not beautiful on the inside! Surely you don't know her so what gives you the right to judge her values or what kind of woman she is. I'm afraid you have just shown that Pippa is far more beautiful than you as I am fairly certain she wouldn't be making derogatory comments about someones looks, personality or innate nature on a public forum about someone she doesn't even know!!!

.... 5 years ago

You really don't get it do you?

I'm saying they have no reason to claim she's beautiful. They have never met her and they're putting up on a pedestal.

And you're claiming she's beautiful never having met her. And with the same breath you're claiming beauty should be internally judged. Hypocrite much?

Observer 5 years ago

Nah Pippa doesn't judge by beauty or personality, evidence shows she'll date em as long as they earn over a certain amount ;)

Mark 5 years ago

@.... the only thing I am saying with absolute clarity is total bitchiness is ugly! And that is something you should contend with when you look at yourself as objectively as you say you do when looking at Pippa......if you think you are beautiful it's more likely you are insane!

Goodluck with your search to becoming a decent person worthy of knowing for whatever reasons.....internal or external beauty! From where I stand you need it!

Mark 5 years ago

@.... and funny how you can't even use a real name........just a bunch of full stops! That tells me alot! FULL STOP! Clearly you are ashamed of yourself so you don't use a name or identity! That's a good place to start when you need to change. Suggest you focus on finding your identity! LOL

Mark 5 years ago

@.... Fullstops are the equivalent of periods in the USA if you needed any further clarification. Perhaps that's why you are so bitchy......period, period, period!

.... 5 years ago

If you've found my isolated posts bitchy, then perhaps it's because you're misunderstanding me.

Imo, being confused at the fact that the male population has put someone on a pedestal without even knowing them, isn't a bitchy thing to say. When I say females are good objective judges of beauty, I was referring to when comparing with male-dominated public opinion.

Also I HAVE said that I'm not sure what the hype is all about. I have never said she's ugly, but certainly that the frenzy is somewhat absurd. I also said that the public have no internal indications of beauty either, given that they don't know her personally, so the whole thing is ridiculous. That doesn't mean you should jump to the conclusion that I'm saying she isn't beautiful on the inside. I'm saying PEOPLE DON'T KNOW whether she is or isn't and therefore have no indication.

I have made no personal attacks at Pippa, but I have made attacks on public opinion about her, definitely.

If you want to be so angry and abusive towards me without reading and comprehending, then, whatever. Smh.

Mark 5 years ago

@..... I have grown very tired of listening to your justifications. You either need to know exactly what you are saying in the first place and articulate it correctly or just admit that you are a bitch! I'm sure you are not remotely capable of doing either so move on and find some other menial thing to occupy your miniscule brain. Justifying your blatent statements just doesn't cut it-princess want to be!

Mark 5 years ago

@.... oh by the way I am quite capable of reading and comprehending what you are saying......I am a lawyer so comprehension is not an issue for me!

.... 5 years ago

Well obviously comprehension is an issue, as you clearly did not understand what I was saying. Either that or you deliberately tried to misconstrue my points.

.... 5 years ago

P.S. - It's spelt 'blatant'. Language ability, hmm yeah.

Mark 5 years ago

@.... If a typo is the only thing you can throw at me I'm not concerned! I have a really good career as a lawyer and a loving wife who is not a shallow, stupid slag like you. You have serious issues! Get a life you loser of a woman!

Audrey 5 years ago

@ Mark : you do have a problem. Because we women appear to be more interested in fashion, we are able to make the difference between a common figure dressed in a well-fitting dress and a simply good figure. Pippa catches the eye because she is well-dressed in haute couture by Sarah Burton and many women can't get this look because they can't afford it. You, man, are a bit foolish because once in bed, you risk to be deceived... As for her face, it's the same. Her fake tan is too noticeable (she looks like a carrot) and she is very wrinkled. Just compare her face to her look-alike French politician Segolene Royal. The latter is over 50 and her face looks healthier. Between the two of them, I would take the politician. Just a thought.

Mark 5 years ago

@ Audrey.....I suggest you re-read all of the comments I directed at .... Ms No Name, as they clearly apply to you as well. And on another note I am not quite sure exactly what you were trying to say about the bed thing and me being foolish! Get a life! Time for me to spend some quality time loving my beautiful kind hearted wife.

Guest 5 years ago

What's the point of this article??? Enough with the Diana and Kate comparsions it's getting old and silly... Kate is the new "superstar" of the royal family... Pippa is pretty but Kate is PRETTIER... It helps that Kate has charisma and is photogenic...

fashion 5 years ago

Very interesting and informative hub.Really you have a keen observation.Both ladies do not have extraordinary beauty.Well done.

Mina 5 years ago

@ Mark - By your own standards you have proven you're ugly. How can anyone reflect on your first post positively after reading the others? One now questions the claims you've made regarding your life based on your erratic reactions. Furthermore, an ellipsis (...) in English grammar is used to omit part of a sentence or thought. A period (.) ends a sentence that makes a statement.

Youth, regardless of fashion or features, is beautiful! The very existence of life is beautiful, therefore, the Duchess of Cambridge, her sister or the author of this article needn't worry. That being said, like ..., I worry the media is only putting these girls on a pedistal for the sheer pleasure and profit of knocking them off. I agree with Mark on one point, though he had a heck of a time articulating it, feeding the gossip machine enables the negative backlash both by the media and others. Easier said than done as I linked here from a royality forum where I read about other peoples lives. :/

Mina 5 years ago

I apologize, I now realize Mark's first post referenced using womens bodies and therefore is void of any positive elements.

Mark 5 years ago

@ Mina I suggest you go back and re-read all of the posts to follow the actual grammar! .... is a person posting! You are a moron!

Matthew 5 years ago

Sorry Mark but who's the moron? Aren't these your posts?

"@.... and funny how you can't even use a real name........just a bunch of full stops! That tells me alot! FULL STOP!"


"@.... Fullstops are the equivalent of periods in the USA if you needed any further clarification. Perhaps that's why you are so bitchy......period, period, period!"

Looks like you're the period, period, period.

Mark 5 years ago

@Matthew.... are you serious? What exactly are you stating? Or are you really .... in disguise?

Matthew 5 years ago

No Mark, are you serious? Can you read? Because you certainly can't spell. Now act like a "man" and stop deflecting. Here I'll lead by example. What am I stating? You're the moron and a bitch. Am I ... in disguise? No. I can understand how someone like you finds it difficult to believe that men stand up for women and don't harass or verbally abuse them.

bb 5 years ago

I'd like to see what you look like....probably 5' 1" at 160 pounds! Kate Middleton has a natural beauty and grace and could have been a fashion model....close to perfect in the eyes of most guys. I'd say that most of you are jealous about these "less than ordinary" women who achieved academic success as well.

Mark 5 years ago

@ bb Well said!

Diane 5 years ago

I think the only reason William married her is so she won't outstand him.. Next to her, he feels important. Like Charles with Camilla. He's following his dads footsteps.

Okayyy 5 years ago

I also think they both look rather plain. Kate knows this, that's why she tries to be unnaturally slim, since there isn't much to redeem her. She and her sister also look a bit mannish, especially when they smile (I think their teeth are too big for their face, that's more of a man-like quality). I also don't understand what's the big fuss over Pippa... She just happened to be at the right place at the right time. But good for them though, it just goes to show you don't have to be drop-dead gorgeous to marry royalty and be world-famous (though it certainly helped Grace Kelly a lot). You need money and connections!

Summer 5 years ago

Mark...you are a jerk and idiot. I doubt that you are an attorney. If you are, please never say where you went to school as you are an embarrassment to that institution. You know nothing of true beauty and are extremely disrespectful to women. If you are indeed married, I feel nothing but sympathy for your poor wife.

Okayyyy - I completely agree! Neither girl is beautiful. Average-bordering-on-pretty, perhaps. But really they are just super-thin women in nice clothes. At some point, people began to equate that notion with being beautiful, which it is not.

Mark 5 years ago

@Summer.....get a life! I am not at all disrespectful to women.....only to bitchy shallow individuals who are disrepectful to other women! That is the whole point! I'm sure you are not perfect either....but you feel that it is ok to critique other women. Take a look at yourself in the mirror....I'm sure you have realistic insecurities about all of the things that are not quite right with you. Why don't you focus on those and leave the famous (easy targets) alone!

Matthew 5 years ago

Summer- Don't worry about responding to Mark. He clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is a complete misogynist. He is incapable of understanding how asinine he and his statements are. Like a little kid who covers his eyes during hide and seek and believes no one can see him. Best to leave him deluded so as to insure guys like him don't get far in life.

Luis 5 years ago

I agree with what you've said here Sarine, but not with the way you've chosen to express it.

IMO, Mommy Middleton beats both sisters in the looks department.

Sandy 5 years ago

I ditto Luis' comment in that I, too, agree with much of Sarine's sentiments, but not with the very cruel way she expressed it. And I find it quite ironic that when Sarine was given a taste of her own medicine, meaning others used the same cruel words to describe her appearance that she used to describe the Middleton sisters, Sarine went totally quiet and never posted another comment. Cruel words hurt, don't they?

And finally, I'd be willing to bet the family farm that Mark isn't an attorney. I know several, and not one of them would take time to devote to such meaningless dribble.

Sandy 5 years ago

..and before someone corrects me, I know it's drivel, but I like dribble! :)

Cini 5 years ago

LOL. Do I sense some jealousy here? One must be blind or highly prejudiced in order to come to the conclusion that Kate is 'plain'. I am not sure if, by your examples of several Hollywood actresses, you judge beauty by clothing and glamour. I agree, Kate does not dress or make herself up as flashily as these women. However, she has her own classic, elegant style which stands out far more.

Pippa is certainly not as pretty as Kate, but she holds her own. She exudes class, which my dear, you seem to be lacking.

Hoopermazing 5 years ago

Thank you for finally saying it. I was beginning to think that you white folks were under some sort of mass delusion regarding those typically unprepossessing British women. FYI, I'm a man, and I'm just calling them like I see them

Lulu 5 years ago

Kate has a great figure, lustrious hair and a good wardrobe. A beauty she aint, she is more of a girl next door.

badonkadonkdonk 5 years ago

OMG I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! Kate is just average looking. I bet if I go to any Wal-Mart right now, I would see at least 5 chicks who look just like her. If Kate wasn't married to that William dude, then no one would even give her a second glance. She's just an ordinary plain Jane. And her lips (or LACK OF) are definitely not attractive. Ewwwww gross.

el 5 years ago

Pippa is ugly as sin. Kate is not even average compared to the girls where I live.

jane 5 years ago

i think kate is average,but pippa is horrible.these women are living to wear expensive clothes and marry rich guys.i cannot understand y people are going crazy for them.they are fortunate,bcoz they are born in rich family,and they are only and only working for their self grooming,and media attention.

get_yo_freak_on 5 years ago

The Middleton chicks are fugly as sin. Pippa especially. Even guys with hairy balls look better than that pitiful dog-faced Pippa. Pippa looks like a man in drag. An ugly one too.

Moi 5 years ago

Pippa has a midget face. Kate is pretty.

Charlysse 5 years ago

Never saw any beauty in both Kate and Pippa. Both superskinny and with plain faces. not to mention the old style Kate's hairdo. Blah !

Cat 5 years ago

WHY ARE WE TRASHING OUR SISTERS ON THEIR BEAUTY? women , stick together and retract your claws. Beauty is an abstract concept relying on educated perception. As for Kate her inner beauty shines through . Why are we women filled with hate against each other and so critical ? Shame on you all .

Jennifer 5 years ago

I definitely agree that Pippa Middleton is a plain jane. I thought she was older than Kate! Pippa looked very different on Kate's wedding day though, perhaps she got her eyebrows waxed. If so, she needs to have her eyebrows waxed regularly.

margarita 5 years ago

that was a smart move from the royals since obviously diana always outshined her husband but that won't happen with will and kate .

jo blo 4 years ago

Hi has anyone noticed that all middleton - carole, kate,pippa and james -have the same facial mole. Search photos on the internet and u'll find they all have a mole above the upper lip, pretty much on the same spot.

profile image

Katherineodeh 4 years ago

I never accepted the media hype on this Pippa character. I mean get real! As for Kate, she will always be compared to Diana, because we miss her. In the end, Diana told the world how she would die and why, and it all came to pass. It did not surprise me that after her death, when she could not continue defend herself, she was attacked and discredited in every way. To me, Kate seems as superficial as the queen.

shane 4 years ago

my english gf is much more attractive than both of them.they don't represent the english beauty.they are average atleast by my standards.but not ugly.

David 4 years ago

I think most of the critics here don't get the point. Pippa maybe "lovely", etc, but beautiful - No way (and I'm a bloke). She suffers from "man jaw". Give her short hair, lose the makeup, and she looks like a bloke!

Max 4 years ago

I don't think they are the new beauty ....With the money for make up and clothing they look more stunning than beautiful.

kliz1117@yahoo.com 4 years ago

Kate is gorgeous, no two ways about it. Pippa is ordinary, average. Diana was attractive, but had a big nose, however, nice eyes. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Amanda 4 years ago

First of all, Sarine, it doesn't matter why you wrote this blog. Be it jealousy or just an observation, it seems really petty and shallow. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but you don't have to be so nasty about it, especially when you're not so pretty yourself.

I'm American, by the way, and I think Kate is beautiful. She may not look like a Hollywood starlet, but she's quite lovely! Pippa may not be as pretty as Kate to some, but she's still attractive. To say she looks like a man with hairy balls is just absurd, even if you don't think she's all that. And for all of you talking about Brittish and American standards of beauty, that is also ridiculous! Every individual person has their own idea of physical beauty, no matter where they are from. And please don't compare anyone to movie stars. They have plastic surgeons and awesome makeup artists at their disposal. Anyone can look gorgeous with the right makeup! And if that's your idea of true beauty, then the whole world is full of women who look like men with hairy balls. And we're all in trouble!

RL 4 years ago

Really a lot of very horrible people on here. Kate may not be the most stunning woman in the world, but than neither is 99.999% of the female population by those standards. She is however a pretty woman and seems to be happy and make Wiliam happy, which is all that really matters.

Michael 4 years ago

All u women posting very negative comments on here are a fucking joke and are showing ur true colours.

They r nice girls but the reason they are (kate and pippa) r in the press is because shallow women like urselves buy that tabloid fodder and love looking/critiquing other people's lives rather than working on ur own life.

Aaron 4 years ago

What happened to old fashioned love? where someone could just love someone for who they are. Sarine spoke true, and I blame the media and not limited to, including yourselves. We all watch enjoy watching this crap. We're just in denial. The least out of all this is that we can only hope that love is real... can't we all just appreciate it for that? I'm no big fan of the royal family, or any sort of materialism but be happy for what they have. For a prince to fall in love with an average girl, I call it a win for love. Its better than that disney crap where everything is perfect. So, kudos to Sarine for being REAL. You're the first commenter on the royal family that I actually agree with most points. For the negative comments directed at the Middletons, Give it a break.I don't even know/like the prince, but I would give him my deepest respect. He doesn't appear to be a cocky arrogant rich spoiled brat that most people would be in that position.

This one is just for you Mark, I work around the laws in my government, I've never seen a good lawyer talk as much rubbish as you. Over-compensate for your lack of skills and experience somewhere else. You sound like a child and make other idiots look good.

And for the people who are only concerned about their outer beauty, you'll always be ugly. If you understood true beauty, You could find it in the darkest places. It took me 3-4 years before I found the one for me. I'm average guy who's work would take days out of the week.. yet she would still be there. She could have a dozen guys doing doing CK ads taking her.But she chose me and ever-since then, shes the only angel I see.. even when she's wearing track pants and sweating outta her arm pits n stinks like me after a work out. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone always has an opinion. I don't care, what others say about my relationship, nor do I think the Prince would care either. =]

It is refreshing to hear real harsh opinions, better than fake fairy tale ones. Here's my two bucks. Enjoy.

Elaine 4 years ago

Horrible nasty jealous folk! Kate is a lovely looking girl and seems very happy with William. Why all the nastiness is beyond me!

Dream 4 years ago

I think kate is beautiful, classic and elegant. That's my ides of beauty. I don't like the botoxed hollywood look that some women adopt. But everyone is different. Kate will always have that classic look that is understated but will never go out of fashion.

tracy 4 years ago

I don't think people are jealous of the Middletons, they are just telling the truth. Both women are plain janes, Kate is cute at best and the girl next door. There is nothing wrong with commenting on that. If you all who prefer inner beauty have a problem, that is your preference. Everyone has a right to an opinion. I have found men who go for inner beauty have been quite ugly on the inside themselves, so they know to look for someone opposite. Maye William inherited his father's preference for ordinary looking women ie. Camilla Parker Bowles.

Barbra 4 years ago

Excellent post.I hate it when Media represent these two as the most beautiful so that they can sell their products and Royals want Kate to be the queen of hearts so that people forget what happened in the past.STOP INFLICTING KATE ON EVERY ONE.I AM ALREADY FED UP OF HER FACE EVERY WHERE.

Payal 4 years ago

Kate Middleton's mouth is big like a crocodile.Her sister looks Indian like her mother.In India we have more beautiful women than these two classless women.Oh and the royal family has no class because anyone can get into that royal family.

sonni 4 years ago

only black woman or mixed is beautiful. kate is white woman with womanly face not pretty. pretty woman is like rihanna or gabriella union. even michelle obama is more pretty than kate middleton. all the men want black woman but black woman only date gorgeous man so average man only date white woman even but black woman is more pretty always.

jorieborie 4 years ago

They are hideous. Kate looks like she's 45 with laugh lines already. Geesh...hideous.

spacebunny 4 years ago

Take heart then, dear author. I've read hundreds of posts from men gushing over Pippa and Kate. That means the rest of us have a shot at hot. It's all good, baby.

Donna 4 years ago

Those girls are extrodianrly beautifull.....and the fact she was able to hold the interest of a prince also says she is no dummy...and has an intriginy nature.......furthure more....I tend to wonder what the person who is riting this looks like...???.....The whole article was a bashing of these girls looks......and actually the writer appears to be very invious and jellous.........My husband said I am beautifull...the most beautifull woman he has ever seen.....and my face is plain.....my husband said I have much natural beauty and need no cosmetics.......

harli 4 years ago

did you make these people that you call ugly they are quite lovely in their own way so stop focusing on such a bitter topic.

Starbelly 4 years ago

Diana was very plain as well. It was her innocence that made her so wonderful, not her looks. That and the incredulity that Prince Charles got to sleep with her every night.

Ellaine 4 years ago

Pippa is but ugly!!

reddyreed 4 years ago

I think Diana had a shy sort of charm that people really responded to. She did have a bit of a nose but what really worked for her was those lovely eyes and that shy smile. Who knows what star quality consists of but she had it. Kate, is elegant and lovely. I wouldn't call her plain. But she does not draw as much attention as Diana did. Which, if one thinks about it, would be another disaster in the making. They are a team and that is obvious. Not the same could ever be said of Charles and Diana.

4 years ago

Sorry, I find this pretty funny from a guy's perspective.

You're right about Pippa (ugly) and Kate (mildly attractive). However, then you go and do with Prince William what others are doing with Kate and Pippa - pretending he's much better looking than he is.

William is fugly. Kate is mildly attractive (as you say). You're being hypocritical in rightly bringing up how overrated Kate and Pippa are but then overrating William in the same respect.

I can say without a drop of envy (your words) that William is ugly. You want male beauty? Iker Casillas, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth etc.

Jenny 4 years ago

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L.A. 4 years ago

I, too, agree with Sarine. I find it rather amusing how the media states that either one of these women are beautiful and weak minds go right along with it. Kate Middleton is damn lucky William, unfortunately, decided to marry her after her many years of "hanging" on to him. She IS just a plain, disgustingly scrawny, woman who wears nice, expensive garments. And, I find it appalling that William would give his mother's ring to her. What was he thinking? I do hope that William is happy with her and he was not pressured into marrying her.

Lily 3 years ago

I don't find either attractive and blame the American media for the notion that they are beuatiful. Years of partying have taken its toll and both look older than their age. Diana was in a class by herself and there are far more attractive Royals today.

Jennifer King 3 years ago

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MyleneB 3 years ago

I just laughed when I saw your list of "who is beautiful". Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks. It changes with the decades, with the year and the seasons and is not the same in every country. It is like saying: that wine is not good. HERE is a list of good wines you should like. You're stupid.

John 2 years ago

Kate Middleton is average looking except that she gets to wear nice clothes and gets plenty of publicity. As for her sister, she is as plain as a loaf of bread.

Jennifer Gilbert 2 years ago

My book, titled: The Ugly Face of Beauty has got nothing to do with the present princess. Totally different subject. Kate Middleton is pretty, slim, lovely hair and has a great smile. And it appears she has a good sense of humor.

Jennifer Gilbert 2 years ago

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Lora 2 years ago

As someone who lives in England, the media is constantly shoving anything to do with the 'Royal' family down our throat, ignoring the fact that most of us couldn't give a shit. A frog could marry one of them and they would be herelded as beautiful (the fact that Harry is not Charles' son goes unmentioned, too). Personally, I think Kate is very plain, and it would be nice if we didn't her about her so much. How can we say we have a society based on social equality when they're held up above everyone else?

Mathew 2 years ago

in a simple word MANLY!(Pippa)

Simply PLAIN! (Kate)

ttyy 2 years ago


savannahlady 22 months ago

with Diana you noticed her with Kate you notice the great cloths. having said that ,it is not fair or right to tear her apart on social media or call her or her sister ugly.these two young woman have shown class in the spotlight .of course Kate is no Diana ,she will never be an icon but that does not matter ,she seems like a lovely young woman and I wish her the best

christy 16 months ago

I completely agree. Kate is Pretty but her damn expensive dresses, done hair and above all her title is what attracts public. And sorry to say kate-lovers none of these things make beauty. Beauty is something natural clothes, accessories, hair extensions.............titles can make one look attractive but not BEAUTIFUL. And it's a fact that Kate is nothing as compared to EXCEPTIONAL AND PHENOMENAL DIANA ,they have nothing in common except height. Moreover Kate is very lazy (and seems dumb,srry for dat) which is never covered by media. She has no done anything yet for which she could be praised. She places her Middletons above everything and does not give a damn about Wills family which is mean!! well back to point.....talking about beauty...her pics before she was a royal shows how "BEAUTIFUL"

she actually was and her taste of fashion was......OMG HORRIBLE. she got a nose job which improved her appearance a bit. And cmon we all know how influential media is......if media would start saying that Angelina is ugly and keep emphasising on dat a millions minds would change to believing dat she is ugly....trust me or not it's true bcoz we have a tendency to see and believe wat we r made to see and believe.

And talking about how sesible she is... well google kate wardrobe malfunctioning. Till date im wondering wat william saw in her?? but watever his life his choice his wife and i wish them happiness.

the thing is just dat royals are well covered by media and are exaggerated all the time. And public of UK is blinded by their royalty... dat's all.

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