Keratin Treatment At Home: DIY

Although you may have heard it mentioned at the salon, in fashion magazines and on television. You may be wondering what the Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout is?

Basically it's a product that contains keratin, this keratin penetrates the hair shaft through application of heat and temporarily changes the structure of the hair strand.

Sure it would be great to have an extra set of hands, but no professional's magic touch is needed to perform this treatment. If your hair is curly, frizzy or damaged it can restore manageability, make the hair shiny and smooth.

Unlike conventional forms of straightening that strip away the health of the hair, this process loads the hair with keratin. Making it stronger and more beautiful through continual use.

When buying keratin remember to check the label for Formaldehyde, Formalin, Aldehyde, Aldehyde. Some brands of keratin will include these cancer causing ingredients because they prolong the results of your treatment.

The Tools

Application brushes for the hair- A kit with a bowl, comb and application brush for dying the hair is perfect.

Baby Shampoo or anti-residue shampoo- you can use the shampoo sold for use before the keratin treatment. I didn't, I did use baby shampoo and had great results.

Blow Dryer

A flat iron that reaches 450º- This high temperature will make all the difference in the end result of you hair. 

Recommended Products

A lot of brands would have you buy their whole suite of after care products for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. What is really needed to keep the results of you treatment looking good?

All professionals recommend using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on your treated hair, as not to strip away the keratin with the use of harsh salt containing products.

Using a keratin masque is also recommended quite often, to "recharge" the hair. The prices of these products will vary greatly, but the best of them contain a healthy dose of keratin to give your hair that manageability.

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Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 3 years ago from Minnesota

Thanks for the tips and advice!!

Lovely  C profile image

Lovely C 18 months ago from Philippines

very informative article.. wish you could have showcased it with photos too of how to do it..but overall this is a helpful hub..

good job!

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