Kevlar Lined Hoodie

Kevlar Lined Hoodie Test!

Kevlar lined hoodie. A sign of the times?

As you can see the fabric tears but the kevlar doesn't. "Remember to wear during all violent activity"
As you can see the fabric tears but the kevlar doesn't. "Remember to wear during all violent activity"

Kevlar Lined Hoodie

So you're looking for that slick Kevlar lined hoodie because you think it's going to be able to stop a bullet? Don't count on it, although, just the sound of it would make one think you could just roll down a war zone without having to worry about taking a bullet to the neck. I must admit the first time I heard about the Kevlar lined hoodie I laughed, thinking it had something to do with drive by shootings and such, fair assessment since the Kevlar lined hoodie targets the "urban youth" whatever that means nowadays. Now the claim is that the entire hoodie is lined with Kevlar and that the Kevlar is present for durability alone and not to block bullets. In the event of a stabbing attempt you would be better off wearing a Kevlar lined hoodie, as the claim, it prevents slashes and stabs. While the Kevlar lined hoodie is very durable you are not going to want to put it to the test by stabbing it, lighting it on fire, or shooting yourself. Why exactly do you need aKevlar lined hoodie? I bet my mom would have bought me one back in the day so I would have at least one item of clothing that didn't have a hole in it. To be honest everything should be made out of Kevlar, that way nothing would ever wear out and you would only need four outfits to get you through each week. Maybe not it might look like you never wash your clothes, especially if this fad never catches fire. Besides, Kevlar is too expensive and we need to save it for things like bullet proof vests, even though the Kevlar lined hoodie can't stop a bullet. The reason for this is obvious; Kevlar is made bullet proof by the number of layers in the vest. If you have ever had a bulletproof vest on you would know that they are pretty heavy. That is why the Kevlar lined hoodie is made to prevent wear and tear from its target market, "urban youth". Their motto should be "Because you never know when you're gonna get shanked?

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Duy 4 years ago

Also, kevlar degrades in UV so it'll still wear and tear if exposed to light.

Duy 4 years ago

Kevlar isn't magic. Their fabric is only rated for cut resistance. For baslistic armor, it has to be a lot thicker for level IIA protection and that'll just stop pistol rounds. It needs to be even thicker to stop rifle ammo. By that point, it's no longer easily concealed. I think the point of the hoodie is to make the kevlar lining thin enough to concealable inside normal clothing and comfortable enough to wear regularly by someone not expecting a fight. The key words are Trade Off.

Anon 5 years ago

Tom  7 years ago

Kevlar Hoodies are good for riding scooters and bikes especially if worn with armour underneath. Im mot saying there as good as leathers but it might actually be something the ped boys might wear and save them a lot of skin

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