Kiss Me Deadly Girdles and Suspenders

Lingerie isn't worth wearing if it doesn't imply some sort of dire physical threat, at least, that's how I've always felt. It wasn't until the advent of Kiss Me Deadly lingerie that I felt a lingerie designer truly understood the needs of the dark side of the lingerie wearer.

Fortunately, Kiss Me Deadly isn't some lame emo attempt at lingerie covered in skulls and crossbones, no, it is fine lingerie with distinctly retro / vintage styling. Once you've viewed these pieces, you'll never look at lingerie the same way again.

Vargas Long Line Shaping Girdle

A shaping girdle hardly sounds like the most attractive piece of lingerie on the planet, but when made by Kiss Me Deadly, it certainly comes in the running for some of the sexiest lingerie out there. This girdle is guaranteed to transform any body into a curved delight and to do so with the utmost style. Your stockings will not go unattended either, there are no fewer than six metal clasps waiting to grip your stocking tops and hold them in place with all the charm of a vice grip accompanied with a pretty bow.

Van Doren Suspender

It is as if the 1950's are here all over again and the feminine figure is being celebrated with wild passion. This gorgeous red suspender belt is so much more than just a suspender belt. It is a fashion statement, it is a personal statement, it is a darn fine looking piece of lingerie, that's what it is.

You won't have to worry about losing stockings or having your suspender slipping and sliding around your waist when you wear this garment, it is designed to hold everything firmly and unflinchingly in place.

Sirena Suspender Belt

Just when you thought it was safe to purchase any old suspender belt, Kiss Me Deadly came out with the Sirena Suspender belt, a suspender belt so gorgeous, so satiny, so super frilly feminine that other suspender belts just crumpled up and died when they came into its presence. Black satin and loads of tightly sewn black lace make this a truly deadly beautiful piece of lingerie.

Van Mimi Suspender Belt

One might have thought that Kiss Me Deadly would stop after the Sirena. Surely one could not improve on perfection! But then came the Van Mimi, a suspender belt with the control of a girdle, the restraint of a corset and the style of a Victorian noblewoman. This is perhaps one of the most gorgeous suspender belts I've ever laid my eyes on. The sheer variety of detail on this piece will entertain the lingerie lover for hours, days, most likely years.

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awsydney profile image

awsydney 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

My, these are hot hot hot! Not sure if I get even get one word in for my wife to consider!

Treacle 7 years ago

I love, love, love Kiss Me Deadly. They are one of my favorite retro lingerie brands. Not only are their pretties wonderfully sexy, they're incredibly well made as well.

profile image

Gunnau 7 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

What more can you say than



Ain't they Purtey.

I love this style of lingerie. It makes any woman a vamp and men very excited.

Manny aka indrag13 7 years ago

If you wear thigh highs then you also need the other piece to go with it, the garter belt, oh yes! They compliment each other. It's like having cake with frosting. Yum.

allen  7 years ago

oh my i own lots of lingerie but this retro stuff is just fantastic sexy and beautiful if its not to expensive i will own a lot of it soon

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