Kitten Tattoos

A kitten tattoo would be a tattoo you don't see everyday. Some people just love the cute factor that a kitten in general has, thus making it a perfect tattoo for cat lovers. Most people would rather get a small kitten tattoo verses a larger one. A tattoo artist can really add a lot of detail to your kitten. You can add a wide variety of colors, eye shape, and fur type.

You can a variety of backgrounds as well to a kitten tattoo that can really add to the dynamic of your tattoo. Some popular ideas include a yarn ball that is coming undone, a kitten hidden underneath something peaking out, or a kitten in mid-air after pouncing. Another thing you can do with your kitten tattoo is make it 3D. This will make it look extremely real, and this is a huge trend in the tattoo world

Cute Kitten Tattoo

Pretty Kitten Tattoo

Unique Kitten Tattoo

Different Kitten Tattoo

Sleeping Kitten Tattoo


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