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If you are looking for a truely admired fragrance, that smells both sexy, unique and suttle - Then Lacoste is probably the one for you.Lacoste gift sets are available for great prices when compared to other big named aftershave producers. There are lots of different Lacoste, which all have their own personalized smell and uniqueness about them.

There are Lacoste perfumes and EDT sprays for females, and there are also aftertershaves and EDT sprays for men. Prices range from around $40 - $80 depending on what size gift set you are looking for and what extra gifts come ready with it.

The most popular male EDT from LACOSTE is currently the LACOSTE essential for Men. This comes with EDT Spray and an aftershave balm and shower gel. All three smell absolutely fantastic and most women would be very happy if their men walked around smelling as good as this all the time!

The most popular female LACOSTE perfume is currently Touch of pink for women. This gift set has a classy and subtle beautiful smell, which includes EDT Spray, Body lotion and shower gel.

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