Five Handy and Healthy Cures for Acne Problems


Acne is a condition that many teenagers and adults suffer from. Acne can range from occasional acne breakouts to a severe skin condition that can cause the acne sufferer much emotional turmoil and damage. If you suffer from acne, you do not just have to live with it. There are several easy ways to help and even cure acne.

One great way to control your acne is to watch your diet. Many people with acne have actual food allergies that they have never been officially diagnosed with. One common allergy is an allergy to dairy products. It has been shown in may studies that cutting down on dairy products can help reduce acne and sometimes even cure it. Another common food allergy that can lead to acne breakouts is an allergy to gluten. The easiest and most reliable way to test yourself for one of these food allergies is to eliminate the food group for a couple of weeks and see how your skin reacts.

Another great way to help cure your acne is by using the correct cleansing product for your face. Many face washes have oils added to them to help to moisturize the skin. Most acne sufferers faces produce plenty of oil, often in excess, and the last thing that they need is additional oil in their face products. Make sure that you choose facial products that are labeled "oil-free."

A great new development in the world of acne removal is the acne light treatment. A great acne light treatment available is by Tända Acne Solutions. Acne light treatmentworks by using blue LED light to kill the P.acnes bacteria. The blue light has a photo-toxic effect on the bacteria causing it to self destruct. When used daily, Tända Clear can actually prevent breakouts from occurring.

Another way to help control acne is to avoid touching your face. It may be tempting to touch and pick at acne blemishes, but this is a sure-fire way to keep the acne coming back. Your hands harbor bacteria and have natural oils on them. Constantly touching your face spread this bacteria and these oils to your face causing even more acne.

Your cell phone or house phone can also harbor germs and bacteria. Make sure to clean the mouth piece of any phone you use on a regular basis with an alcohol swab daily. This will kill the germs and keep them from spreading to your face.

Use these handy tips for acne treatment and prevention and with a little luck on your side you will stay blemish free and smiling for the bulk of your formative years.

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Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Good ideas for fighting acne. I agree that one of the best things you can do is to avoid touching your face, especially if your skin is very oily.

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