L'Oreal INOA - Top 10 Reasons to Hate This Haircolor

World's Worst Hair Color: L'Oreal INOA

Why L'Oreal INOA Sucks

1.  After the second application of INOA, the client's hair becomes incredibly brittle, hard, and dry causing breakage.

2.  Colors fade completely off tone within a week to 10 days.

3.  INOA takes far too long to mix because of the inefficient packaging.

4.  The product is incredibly expensive especially when you consider that you need 3 - 4 tubes to cover one head of hair.

5.  The results of the color are completely unpredictable and cary greatly without any rhyme or reason.

6.  The packaging causes a tremendous amount of waste causing unnecessary trash in our environment.

7.  L'Oreal's technical support for this product is deplorable. When you speak to your rep about the problems you are having, all they do is insist that "you must be doing something wrong" because the product is perfect.

8.  L'Oreal will not refund your money once you find out how terrible the INOA product is. If this happens to you, Organic Salon Systems will buy back Inoa color for new customers. You'll love their ammonia-free color.

9.  INOA contains ammonia despite the fact that the name INOA Innovative No Ammonia. Just check the ingredients list on the shampoos and look for Ammonia Hydroxide which is another way fo saying "Ammonia and Water".

10.  L'Oreal has a horrible history of testing on animals and is considered to be among the top most abusive companies to animals according to many.


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