Professional Lab Coat for Success and Ease

Lab Coat as Status Symbol

A lab coat presents a professional appearance as powerful as any other work uniform. The crisp white lab coat signifies long years of successful training, followed by valuable experience in health, medicine, and scientific research in human as well as plant and animal populations. Bioengineers wear a lab coat as often as do ceramic researchers working on space shuttle construction materials. Industrial professionals also wear lab coats, which indicate their own high levels of design, research, and tech achievements. Overall, medical and industrial lab coats are valuable daily wear for increasing numbers of well trained workers.

White lab coats have been the traditional lab coat of a single color, but a mantle of multiple responsibilities. A hallmark of professionalism in the clinic and the laboratory, it needs to be professionally crafted, sturdy, longwearing, and easy to clean. In some cases, it needs to be a disposable lab coat and biodegradable.

Lab Coats are Worn by More Professionals Than Before

While most lab coats are white, you can also get a black lab coat or even pastels
While most lab coats are white, you can also get a black lab coat or even pastels

Greater Selection of Lab Coats

High quality professional lab coats come in a number of styles and colors for the 21st Century. They are appropriate and long-wearing in medical and industrial settings and are available in white, pastels, and darker colors. Medical lab coats are often white or pastel, while industrial versions are usually pastels and darker. In addition, industrial coats are also offered in black. They also feature a variety of sleeve lengths, including full, ¾ and ½ sleeve lengths in jackets and knee length lab coats. Many are a polyester/cotton blend for long life and fabric breathability, with fewer tendencies to wrinkle than 100% cotton, and many are flame retardant. This fireproof element is extremely important in industry and lab settings as well as in hyperbaric oxygen treatment in the medical community. Other lab coats, particularly industrial models, are a blend of polyester and carbon-infused nylon. These coats and jackets in all materials are available in Unisex or men’s and women’s editions, with a number of pocket placements offered. Embroidery is offered as well, featuring a customized name, company/department, and even authorized logos pocket or chest area. Lab jacket and coat openings can be with button or zipper closure types and come in a range of sizes for women and men.

A Lab Coat is a Sign of a Professional

A crisp, white lab coat is typically associated with the medical and scientific communities
A crisp, white lab coat is typically associated with the medical and scientific communities

Disposable lab coats and jackets are particularly useful in hazmat situations and around medical contaminants. These outer garments are made of lightweight materials and only sometimes biodegradable, but markedly less expensive than non-disposable lab coats. They can include elastic cuffs at the sleeves for additional protection and are often available in sizes small through XXXXL to fit most people. The best products in this line are very breathable, but can still trap the smallest dangerous particles while being water and chemical resistant. These disposable lab coats and jackets are often made of polyethylene or polyolefin and come in white only.

Oftentimes, even when wearing a lab coat, a safety goggle to protect the eyes, as well as other protectants such as gloves are still needed.

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