Kids Need Lab Coats Too

Kids lab coat? Adults are not the only ones to wear white coats. Children can use them as an alternative to the art smock and traditional white lab coats sold in kids’ sizes are used for a number of education and fun purposes. There are even disposable lab coats available.

Kids as young as Pre-K enjoy school Science Days, dressing in scrubs and lab coats in tribute to their favorite health care and science heroes. Some pint size medical lab coats are emblazoned with familiar cartoon characters portraying doctors and physicists, grabbing kids’ attention with something they already like. If SpongeBob or Dora the Explorer like science, then so will the kids. With national education standards requiring specific science knowledge as early as Kindergarten, it's best to get an early start in questioning the world and learning Scientific Method, but without losing a sense of wonder and fun.

What's the probability of children that wear labs coats becoming adults that wear lab coats; medical lab coats perhaps?
What's the probability of children that wear labs coats becoming adults that wear lab coats; medical lab coats perhaps?

STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) programs in schools, backed by agencies like NASA and the National Science Foundation, are reaching down into the lower grades, but they can be brighten up with brilliant white lab coats or colorful alternatives in pastels, primary colors, and Tie Dye. While the educational programs teach logic and critical thinking, the lab coats and color choice keep it creative and fun. Intelligence is not boring.

Many online suppliers provide free, fun science projects for youngsters along with traditional white and contemporary rainbow-color lab coats for sale. Mr. Wizard was replaced by Bill Nye the Science Guy on TV and Alton Brown in the kitchen, but elementary school teachers updated in science education through professional development are becoming our kids' newest heroes. Teachers and students can wear lab coats together in science class, because distributors carry adult and kids’ sizes for sale. Besides colors and white, these medical coats come in disposable poly-plastics and cotton-polyester blends for breathability, easy cleanup, wrinkle resistance, and long wear. Matching scrubs are carried by many distributors and custom embroidery like that provided for the professional doctors and scientists is available from select merchants.

A colorful stethoscope can be a great accessory for children's lab coats at this year's Halloween party!
A colorful stethoscope can be a great accessory for children's lab coats at this year's Halloween party!

After school, kids wear lab coats to costume parties and Halloween dress up. Adults take kids with them to white coat theme parties based on medical and crime shows and the kids join in matching medical lab coats. Some tiny forensic scientists may one day create new methods for solving crimes.

Kids lab coats are for sale in all children’s sizes to fit the 3- or 4-year-old to about the third grade. A lab coat with sleeves that are too long can serve an extra year of duty by rolling up the cuffs and rolling them down as the child grows taller. Prices for a child lab coat begin at about $10 and disposable white lab coats are very inexpensive, sold by the boxful, and often purchased by the school administration. For a small expense, these lab coats can protect a child’s clothing from art media such as paint, glue, and clay, and science experiments to save clothing expenses for the school year.

My Little Lab of Links (Caution: I insist that you wear your coat.)

Now then, welcome to My Little Lab of Links.

Before you begin your very own reading experiment, you must put on your white or black lab coat. Put on a purple one with pink polka-dots if you'd like, as long as you have one. I'm kidding. You don't actually need a lab coat for this.

The experiment is simple. Read, read, read!!! On each of the links below you'll find an article. How many articles can you read within the next hour? The next two hours? Have fun!

Experiment note: (Stick this note in one of your lab coat pockets, if you'd like...) Each of the pages listed above has links to other pages. Keep reading!!!

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prettylaura profile image

prettylaura 6 years ago

Nice hub. Never thought that lab coats is for us medical practitioners only. But I think there is no online buying sites for lab coats for kids. :-)

Kids Lab Coats 6 years ago

I enjoyed your hub. iParty in the northeast carries kids lab coats.

Dane Alexia 6 years ago

Actually there is a site that sells kids' lab coats..visit and you'll see choices to consider..

emily 5 years ago

you are stupid

afzal nra 5 years ago

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c hall 5 years ago

do you know where i can get free or discounted lab coats for children? i found a site that sells them for 1.65, but after shipping it is just too expensive for me to purchase 12. any suggestions would be helpful!!

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