Laser Hair Removal Doesn't Work On Blondes!

What the Laser Clinic Might Not Mention:

If you're fair-haired - Blonde, Red or Grey - Laser Hair Removal will most likely be a very ineffective treatment.

It's not a Blonde joke!

Some Laser Clinics will still treat these individuals but after the treatments they will be sorely disappointed as the unwanted hair grows back almost unaffected.

I only researched this after it happened to me!

Here in Australia, there are many small 'Chain Store' style Laser Hair Removal Clinics opening their doors in suburban areas. I am fair skinned with fair hair. I walked into one of these Clinics in my lunch break and was greeted by the only person in the Clinic, she was the Receptionist and as it turned out, also the Laser Specialist, and she looked about 17 years old. She signed me up for four convenient session times. I may as well have paid her for all four sessions there and then and walked away. She failed to mention that the treatment was unlikely to work on my fair hair!

Laser Hair Removal is the use of Laser Light to destroy and remove hair growth on the body. The light targets the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle and breaks down the follicle so new hair growth is stopped. Therefore if you don't have dark hair,the laser has no target, so it doesn't have much of an effect on lighter hairs.

Not everyone with dark hair is a good candidate for Laser either. Different Clinics use different kinds of Lasers and some Lasers can result in skin burning or loss of skin pigment (hypo-pigmentation) on darker skin. Because of this it's best to visit a reputable Clinic and ask them about your skin and the type specifically with the Laser they are using.

Overall, the best candidates for Laser Treatment are those with pale skin and dark hair.

While I may have been scammed into undertaking the treatment, I liked the idea of having Laser Hair Removal treatment, not just because it's meant to permanently remove hair, but because it treats a 'patch of hair' at the one time, so it's not tedious - actually each session is relatively quick and easy, but the light only affects hair that is in the 'growth phase' of the hair cycle, so because of this you need multiple treatments (At least four sessions).

Since my unsuccessful treatment, I've had Electrolysis for Hair Removal. To date Electrolysis is the ONLY proven permanent hair removal technique. For me though, these sessions are considerably more painful than Laser Hair Removal, and the sessions take a lot longer... But soon I hope to be hair-free.



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karpatimedispa 4 years ago

The Adena machine removes blond hair. It is a new patented machine from france - it targets blond, white, grey and red hair. We just got it in here at Karpati Medispa in Double Bay.

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 6 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for your comments!

lazer epilasyon 6 years ago

good articles.

Choke Frantic profile image

Choke Frantic 7 years ago from Newcastle, Australia

I'm really lucky that I have pale skin and dark hair. While I'd like to be hair-free, laser hair removal really isn't an affordable option. Good hub though!

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