Leather Bags - How to Spot Fake Leather

These days designer bags can be found just about anywhere, from the street vendors to ritzy up-market stores. Most designer authentic leather bags are priced upwards of $1500 and are out of the reach of the average man. This has popularized the fake designer look alike and unfortunately, some fakes are even priced as high as the original ones to lure the customers. To save yourself from being victimized, learn to spot fake leather through fee simple tips. .

Spot Fake Leather

See the edging of the cut leather (inside the bag). Real leather has rough look and feel at the edges while fake leather will look or feel like foam or plastic to the touch.

Move your hand over the leather bag, authentic leather depending on the quality will be coarse to silky smooth and the feel is not consistent all over. Fake leather will be artificially smooth and have a consistent feel all over. Also examine the pores of the leather, natural skin will have irregular pores while fake leather’s pores seem patterned.

Smell the product, authentic leather will have a distinct smell that reminds you of a leather / chemical factory while fake ones will either have no smell or would be perfumed.

The most obvious way of spotting fake leather bags is the stitching. Check the bag’s underside or inside pockets, sloppy construction and inconsistent stitching in these places are easy giveaways. Authentic designer bags have carefully crafted construction and detailing at every stage. Their complexity in design and detail makes them expensive. Simplistic construction is the first signs of fake leather bags.

Fake bags are no more PVC made. In fact they are made from reasonably good leather such as lambskin. These too, however are no match to the materials used by labels like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Fake leather bags are stiffer and the leather is discolored to a certain extent (easily visible to the keen eye). Check the leather surface for a consistent uneven look; this is a sure sign of fake leather.

A common misconception amongst the public is that authentic leather bags have linings. The fact is real bags are not lined, but replicas are.

Retailers of luxury leather bags take great care while packaging their products. Originality in terms of printed shopping bags, wrapping paper and tissues that has their trademark logo or name printed is used. Dust bags would be made of soft thick cotton or flannel cloth. Fake ones may not go into such detailing.

Online Leather Purchase

When buying online, check for the small details. While the ad may say the bag is made of leather, in the small print it would be mentioned as “leather like”. Also check for the logo and name authentication. Fake ones would have the logo or name changed or misspelled. Since there is no physical way of confirming if the leather is authentic, you will need to be extra careful while purchasing online.

See if the label indicates authenticity. Real leather product manufactures will proudly display this at every possible opening. If the label reads something like “Man made materials”, you may as well avoid them.

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Gift Experts 6 years ago

GOod tips. Not fun buying something and finding out it's fake :( THanks for the heads up!

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