Leather Cuffs: Wear a Leather Bracelet

Leather Eyelet Cuff

This brass eyelet cuff gives you the ability to outrun a dingo and catch a crocodile.
This brass eyelet cuff gives you the ability to outrun a dingo and catch a crocodile.

Why Wear a Leather Cuff?

You may have wondered why someone would want to wear a leather cuff, when you could easily wear a different kind of cuff, or no cuff at all. Here are the important reasons a person might want to wear a leather cuff:

  1. You are Crocodile Dundee
  2. You want to be a punk
  3. You are a punk
  4. You don't want a job
  5. You've been wearing them for 30 years and don't like change
  6. They're out of pleather cuffs
  7. You need to cover your awful tattoo, but you want to wear short sleeves
  8. Your arm gets cold, but just in one small section where you wear the leather cuff
  9. You are fantasizing that you are a tough guy/girl
  10. You are fantasizing that you are cool enough to pull of a leather cuff for real

Leather and Brass Rivet Cuff

Leather and brass rivets give you a skin and metal feeling when you wear a leather cuff like this. The leather bends and forms to your arm or wrist. The leather cuff hugs your arm and makes you feel a little stronger.

And if you don't feel stronger, you will look more punk rock. Other people will assume that you have a pretty tough swing. So none of the preppy girls will want to give you a hard time.

Spike Collar

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Leather Spike Cuff

If it's good enough for Spike, then it's good enough for you. Nothing says you have a tough bite like the spike collar or leather spike cuff. This goes beyond looking a little rock n' roll. Buy the spike cuff to keep people from getting too close to you.

Wear the leather spike cuff if you want to feel right at home around cacti. The leather and spikes go together like peanut butter and jelly.  If somebody tries to get fresh with you, your spikes might come in handy.

Leather Buckle Cuff

The buckle cuff takes longer to get on and off.
The buckle cuff takes longer to get on and off.

Leather Buckle Cuff = No Job

The leather buckle cuff is for people who either have the time time and help to get it on and off, or never take it off.  If you don't take it off, then you probably don't have a job.  If you don't have a job and you wear this leather buckle cuff, you might stay that way for a while.  It's a never ending cycle.  So the question is, which came first, the unemployment or the leather buckle cuff?

Alternative Accessories

Leather, cuffs, whips, boots, they all go together.
Leather, cuffs, whips, boots, they all go together.

Other Leather Accessories to go with Your Cuff

Now that you have your leather cuff, you will need some accessories to go with it. Some items are cool and others are just plain kinky. Leather is like that. Leather is extremely versatile and can go with anything or anyone.

Another type of cuff that isn't made of leather goes great with the leather cuffs.  Hand cuffs can show everyone just how bad you are.  Leather cuffs are still unable to bring the kind of respect that you get when you wear handcuffs.

Leather Cuffs

Leather cuffs are stylish leather bracelets that are worn on the wrists or arms. Leather makes a statement that other materials cannot. Leather is natural. It can be thick, thin, black, brown, tan, smooth, shiny, soft, ragged, or rough. Leather is versatile and can be accented with silver, stones, copper, glass, or other natural materials.

Since leather is skin from an animal, when you wear a leather cuff, you are conveying the message that you are at least a little on the wild side. Only cool people can pull off wearing a leather cuff bracelet, so make sure that you're the type who can. Leather cuffs can be in a variety of styles from punk to bohemian style.

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Yoda 5 years ago

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Eric 24 months ago

White contrast cuffs or calrols should be fine most places. I wouldn't wear them for your most formal business presentations, but I've seen bankers wearing white calrols on blue shirts with pretty conservative suits. A colored shirt with white French cuffs is a particularly classic look, and should be acceptable anywhere that a colored shirt of any kind is appropriate (in the most formal settings you'll always want to stick to plain white).Colored or patterned contrast cuffs, which are very popular in European brands right now, are a more casual design element and shouldn't be worn with business suits. I've never seen a patterned collar with a differently-patterned shirt outside of novelty costuming, but if you do ever see it I would assume it's meant to be very casual. +27Was this answer helpful?

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