Leather Jackets for Women

A jacket is an important staple for any wardrobe.  There are many types of jackets.  Denim,, button up, zip up, wool, cotton.  But there is one type of jacket that has been popular for decades and maintains it's popularity today and that is the leather jacket.  Leather jackets no doubt retain their popularity because they are so versatile and due to the many styles available, everyone looks good in a leather jacket!

Leather jackets for women have always been popular too but only in recent years have they become as popular as leather jackets for men. Leather jackets generally come in brown, gray or black but leather jackets for women come in those colors and many more.  Red, purple, blue, green.  Name a color and you can get a leather jacket in that color!

There are two main types of leather jackets with various styles under each type.  Those two main types are:

1) leather jackets for fashion
2) leather jackets for protection.

Jackets for fashion are normally lighter because they are made to be worn for everyday activities.  There are several different types of leather jackets that are worn for fashion and some of them are geared towards certain social groups in society.  Here are some of those types of jackets and types of people who wear them:

  1. Part of a Rock stars image is the leather jacket.  The jackets are synonymous with the world of rock and roll ever since the first electric guitar was played!
  2. The punk rock scene and the people who followed it is another music genre that is synonymous with the leather jacket but the style was generally shorter, tighter more colorful jackets.
  3. Goths generally wear longer and more flowing leather jackets that tend to be black or dark in color.
  4. Metalheads tend to wear over-sized leather jackets in dark colors as well.

Leather jackets worn for protection are heavier and are more durable in order to protect the person wearing them from injury. These types of jackets are made for women as well. Here are some of the types of people who should wear leather jackets:

  1. Bikers.  Driving a motorcycle is exciting but also very dangerous.  In case of a fall, a leather jacket made for riding would help break your fall and reduce the risk of serious injury.
  2. Police also wear leather jackets for various reasons.  Some believe leather jackets give people in authority a look of intimidation but I believe that is not the case.
  3. Military aviators where a type of leather jacket we know as the Bomber Jacket.

There are many places to buy leather jackets for women.  Department stores, specialty leather stores and some clothing stores.  Of course, if you want one that will be used for protection purposes, you may have to buy it in a specialty store.  The prices of leather jackets vary depending on the brand and whether you want to buy one that is used for fashion or protection.  No matter how much you pay, your leather jacket will last for years to come and will always be in style.  The investment will be worth it!


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