Sexy Leather Corsets

Leather lingerie will add as much spice as you need to any evening. Every woman should treat herself at least once in her life to the pleasurable look and feel of the erotic allure of wearing leather lingerie.

Leather corsets are the perfect item for making a long lasting impression. Whether you wear them as underwear or as outwear the sensual quality of this material will make you feel sexy and will add sex appeal to your curves. In fact the more curvaceous you are, the better you will look in a proper corset. I personally love to wear leather corsets as it gives a tough but sexy appearance if accessorized with feminine items, my friends tell me it gives me a dangerous vibe, and those who meet me for the first time know straight away that I am not someone to be toyed with.

While not the type of clothing that you would wear to your workplace –unless you work in an English dungeon and fancy yourself as the main character in a gothic novel- leather corsets are not reserved any more to S/M clubs. Now you can find leather corsets that will look great for a night out in the city worn with jeans or a skirt. A leather corset is one of the finest, elegant and extravagant pieces of clothing anyone can own nowadays.

Why Wear A Corset?

  • A proper corset automatically alters your body shape; it can take in dramatic curves at the pull of a string. The corset pulls in the waist and flattens the stomach, creating a striking, elegant figure as it minimizes the waist, enhancing the bust. Wearing a corset and achieving a perfect figure can give you a sense of power over your body. A proper corset not only dramatically changes your body but it also affects your state of mind giving you authority over your body and at the same time making you feel incredibly sexy.
  • A corset can help with back problems as it provides proper and constant back support. I started wearing corsets following a back injury. I was prescribed an orthopaedic back support which was awful looking. Thankfully I discovered that made to custom corsets were just as good to relieve my back problem and they were incredibly sexy and more comfortable to wear.
  • A corset can also help in losing weight -combined with a healthy eating and exercise plan- because when wearing a corset it becomes harder for the wearer to consume large quantities of food.

Please bear in mind that corsets shouldn’t hurt the wearer. If a corset hurts you it is not good for you.

Types Of Corsets

There are 3 main corset styles:

  1. The underbust corset which sits below the breasts. They are effective at creating a dramatic hourglass shape

  2. The half-bust corset which barely reaches the nipples emphasizing the breast. It is usually worn as underwear.

  3. The overbust corsets which completely covers the breasts.

Sexy Underbust Leather Corsets

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Black Leather Victorian Vintage Shaper Corset Steel Boned Back Lace Up, Black Steel Boned Sexy Fetish Gothic Underbust Leather Corset Cupless Hourglass
Black Leather Victorian Vintage Shaper Corset Steel Boned Back Lace Up,
Black Leather Victorian Vintage Shaper Corset Steel Boned Back Lace Up,
Black Steel Boned Sexy Fetish Gothic Underbust Leather Corset Cupless Hourglass
Black Steel Boned Sexy Fetish Gothic Underbust Leather Corset Cupless Hourglass

How To Buy A Leather Corset

  • As a rule of thumb, a corset should be 4 to 6 inches under your natural waist measurements.
  • If you are planning to regularly use your corset, choose a good quality one as it will last for ages. Go for cotton lining and 100% lambskin leather –you will appreciate its softness against your skin-

How to wear a leather corset

  • Before wearing your leather corset spray it with a good quality fabric protector so that stains can be easily removed.

  • Wear a thin camisole or top underneath the corset to prevent perspiration stains and odours.

  • Ensure the back lacing is completely loose before you put your corset on. Do not put pressure on it. Dressing in a corset is a sensual ritual, it is not something that you do in a hurry. You will only damage the boning in your corset if you don’t put it on correctly.

  • When removing the corset always unlace and loosen the corset before undoing the busk.

  • After wearing, wipe the inside of the corset with a damp cloth and let it air.

  • Store your leather corset flat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not wash any type of corset. If this is required, hand dry-clean only.

Red leather corsets

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Have fun wearing your leather corset and transform your self in the “predatrix” that populated your wildest fantasies!

Do you love leather?

If like me you love the luxurious feeling of leather against your skin, come and visit my Amazon shop "Anath loves leather" where I have personally chosen the most alluring leather fashion for you.

This classic corset gets a touch of sweetness with pink ribbon detailing. The boning and lace-up back emphasize curves, and the zipper front is so very seductiv

Allure Leather 11-165 Ribbon Corset Tops. Boning. Lace up back. Detachable garters. G-Sting Included From
Allure Leather 11-165 Ribbon Corset Tops. Boning. Lace up back. Detachable garters. G-Sting Included From

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bloodnlatex 7 years ago

I am never disappointed by your writing. You manage to teach me something every time I stop by. Being a guy, and never being with anyone that wore corsets, I really knew nothing about them except that they look really good on the right people. I can tell that you have been around the corset block a time or two and your writing brings out your passion for them. Great Job!

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

You know how to Flatter a Lady bloodnlatex. I feel humble at the thought of you learning something from me. You are right, I DO love corsets both as underwear and outwear, they are one of my many passions.

bloodnlatex 7 years ago

Don't feel humbled that you taught me something. My mind is a huge sponge that constantly hungers for new things to learn about. The only problem is that if you don't catch my attention in like five seconds there is no chance of getting it back. The amazing thing is that you always seem to know how to catch my attention and keep it long enough for me to learn something. That is a true feat!

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

Now I feel honoured, I knew I could catch a man's attention whenever I enter a room, but catching your attention only with words uhmm... now that is a discovery. Now I can say that I am not just boobs and leather LOL

bloodnlatex 7 years ago

Well you need to be more than that on here, and you can definitely hold your own. Your words make you brillent, even without your boobs and leather...

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

Thank you bloodnlatex


thanglynn07 profile image

thanglynn07 7 years ago from Long Beach, CA

Definitely needa get me one of those!!! Especially the 1st one! I'm trying to go as a sexy vampire this year lol.

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

they are a luxury thanglynn07, once you try one you will not want to go around without it!

IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 7 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Love it!

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago Author

I am a fan :)

Teeseybabe 7 years ago

Hi Anath

Congrats on this fab leather hub!!. I am a very big leather lover and have various pieces of leatherwear that i wear as much as i can, but im looking to get a very good leather corset and this hub has helped me immensely thanks again and keep up the good work!!

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

I am so happy to hear that I helped Teeseybabe. I love wearing leather corsets, they are so sexy... their look, their scent, their touch... everything about them is top notch!

I Love Corsets 6 years ago

I love your advice to wear a custom corset instead of a back support. Fashion and Function all in one.

Great Hub!

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago Author

I prefer wearing a custom made corset -you can find them starting at around 100€- than wearing a back support I love corsets. For me they have the same effect plus the added bonus that a corset looks million ways better!

Older Women 6 years ago

I love women in corsets! It takes me back to 1900 France kind of Moulin Rouge style.

Sexy lingerie 6 years ago

If you are a married woman, if your life is monotonous, if you want to be looked sexy in your husband's eyes again,you need something to dress up,don't be shy,and you can buy some Sexy lingerie , I think this can play an unexpected effect.

Punk69 6 years ago

Corsets have been in use since long time but they have been in fashion quite recently. - Nice posting.

Corsets UK

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