Leg Hair Removal - Tips, Alternatives and Information

Smooth, Soft Legs - Removing Leg Hair

To be quite frank hairy legs on a woman is not the most attractive sight. Hair on our legs is always a problem but the good news is that there are quite a few alternatives. For this there are several methods that we can fall back on. What ever method you choose it should always be focused on finding the best one that suits your skin.

You will find a large variety of depilatory creams and waxes that you can use for a fast and efficient hair removal exercise. Another thing is that removing hair should also look to provide a finish that includes a soft and smooth skin. One of the things you can do is to apply a moisturizing cream after you have eliminated the offending hair. If time is of essence and a specialized salon is not the answer here's a list of some of the methods you can use at home.

Leg Hair Removal Methods

Shaving Your Legs
The fastest way is to remove unwanted hair on from your legs, is to shave. Its greatest advantage is time. In around 10 minutes you can be ready to go. You should soften the hair before shaving and the simplest method is to soak your skin in warm water as this opens the pores making the shaving process simpler. In the shower or in a bathtub is perfect for this. One thing though, shaving does not weaken the hair and regrowth takes place very quickly. As the hair is cut above the skin the growth cycles is not interrupted at all.

Electric Tweezers For Leg Hair Removal

This method is fast, removes hair by the root and the results are as effective as waxing where regrowth occurs in a period that goes from 3 to 4 weeks. However this can cause pain as the hair is pulled out - shaving on the other hand is painless (unless you cut yourself).

Depilatory Creams & Leg Hair

These are effective and recommended for anyone who is not suited to waxing (and the pain). They are easy to use you just apply it by spreading the cream over the area where you want to remove the hair. They destroy (chemically) the hair so you only need to remove the cream with a spatula within 3 or 4 minutes after applying it. Two words of caution here: 1. Always follow the instructions as these are creams that provoke a chemical reaction and if you overdo the time they can have a negative effect on your skin. 2. As a precaution try it out on a small areas first so you can see how your skin reacts.

This method is quick and painless. Regrowth can take place anywhere up to 2 weeks. Remember this method removes hair above the skin.

It is a good option for leg hair removal but you should be careful in more sensitive areas such as the inner thighs. It is not recommended for facial hair. Although there are some specialized depilatory creams made for the face, you should be cautious.

Hair removal from the inner thighs is a delicate due to skin sensitivity so one option is laser, as it prevents unsightly pimples that can appear after a waxing. The laser acts directly on the hair follicle and the hair becomes weak and successive applications can make disappear altogether.

Removing Leg Hair: The Wax

This is the most popular method for leg hair removal (some say shaving is, suffice to say they are the most popular methods). One of its main advantages is that the of hairless legs can go up to 6 weeks and not a day or two. The hair is also weakened as the follicles are damaged with the pulling out process so each time it is easier, less painful and potentially a hair reduction process. You can also choose from a variety of waxes on the market.

  • Cold Wax: These waxes are very versatile as they can be used at just about any time. You simply warm the wax with your hands and apply the wax strips to your skin where you smooth it into place then you pull in the opposite direction to the hair growth and you're ready. It is safe and ideal for heat sensitive skins and recommended for women who have circulation problems or a varicose veins. They are a fast, comfortable and effective hair extracting method without irritating the skin. Its effects last for up to 4 weeks. You'll get a perfect result, with a hydrated and soft skin. They are ideal for holidays.
  • Warm Wax: They waxes are also very easy to use. You just warm the wax over hot water or in a microwave and spread it on. To remove the wax that is left over you do so with water. As with all waxing processes it removes hair by the root and it lasts for approximately 4 weeks. It is ideal for sensitive areas, and like cold wax, it does not irritate the skin.
  • Hot Wax: This is the traditional waxing method. One of its advantages is that the resulting hair removal lasts longer, up to 6 weeks. The heat dilates the hair follicle, making it easier and less painful to remove and this ensures longer lasting results. You can also find hot waxes that have been designed for sensitive skins.


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