Linds bowling shoes for sale and how to bowl better

Linds Bowling shoes

Linds Bowling shoes
Linds Bowling shoes

Linds Bowling Shoes and How to Bowl Better

Linds Bowling Shoes

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Linds bowling shoes

I remember the first time I had ever bowled. I was in middle school adn it was part of our Physical Education course. I remember the smells, the sounds or the pins being knocked down, and the lady at the counter that rented out bowling shoes. I remember the first time I put them on. They were old, worn, and even though they were sprayed with disinfectant spray I was still uncomfortable with putting them on.

I wasn't very serious about bowling at the time, but then I accidentally bowled over 200. I still have that score sheet printed out and framed. It was on July 17th on lane 13. I remember I had taken a bowling class and I really wanted to do well.

When I started the class I had always had a problem with my bowling shoes. They always seemed to stick and I couldn't figure out why. I tried a new approach, a different bowling shoe, even saw dust on the soles. Nothing seemed to work. I left bowling for a while until I was a student in college.

When I started college there was an opportunity to start a bowling class again. I was intrigued with the offer so I signed up the first day. I figured it would be an easy A anyway. It was there that I saw that I was enrolled in a class that had student who might have taken bowling a little too far. I saw bowling shoes of every brand, Dexter bowling shoes, Linds bowling shoes, cheap bowling shoes, expensive bowling shoes, blue bowling shoes, women's, men's bowling shoes, etc. The possibilities seemed endless.

As it turns out I broke 200 again and decided to take bowling more seriously myself. I then found myself in the market for some bowling shoes. I looked at dexter bowling shoes and other brands (even old rentals) and found that the best bowling shoe I could find was the linds bowling shoe brand.

My foot didn't stick anymore and I was able to glide through my approach and gently release my bowling ball right on my aiming point. I noticed that the more I didn't think about my Linds bowling shoe, the more I could think about my approach and release.

Luckily for my Linds bowling shoes offer a great selection in many sizes, colors, and styles. I actually have a wide foot and so the wide Linds bowling shoe worked for me. Other people are understandably different but Linds bowling shoes have enough selection that the casual bowler would have no trouble finding the perfect bowling shoe.

Now, I'm not one to give into cheesy gimmicks that regular commercials would have me believe, but when I started wearing Linds bowling shoes, my highest score is now a 257. Not bad for just a casual bowler.

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Kevin 5 years ago

Hey im thinking of purchasing a pair of linds classic bowling shoes, i have a kind of a wide feet but not too wide, and i read that you bought a wide feet version, does it differ alot from the normal version? does it look at different and is it MUCH wider?


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