Lingerie That Loves You, Jezebel Cherished Garter Skirt and Panty Set

By all the gods, this lovely lingerie skirt made from red rose embossed fabric and tiered mesh is enough to knock your socks off and make them retire into hermit-hood from the shame of being so unbearably plain. Welcome to today's panty pick!

This is technically a skirt, but it comes with a thong, so, yes,  I'm going to make it my panty pick for today (although I thoroughly realize that I'm fooling no-one and that all regular readers know by know that Hope's 'panty pick' could be anything from a lace pair of panties to an elephant called Herbert.)

A quick reminder to sweet little newblings, my site is the place to go if you want purchasing information and more delightful lingerie picks.

But more about the skirt. It is gorgeous, is it not? The front is lovely and feminine with rich red fabric that wouldn't look out of place in your average vampire coven. (It's always important to have an outfit picked out for every possible occasion, and ending up in a vampire coven is one occasion you'd probably remember for a very long time. Or at least until the end of your life.)

A surprise is in store around the back however, where the skirt gives way to form fitting lace fabric that shapes and defines your derriere. This delight is foreshadowed by the divets of black lace that peek out under satin bows at the front of the skirt, and of course, by the contrasting mesh ruffle underneath the skirt. Really, there is so much to love here, it's impossible to know where to stop drooling.

Naturally the skirt comes as part of a lager ensemble, when you purchase the skirt, you get the thong for free (which is decidedly awesome), and up for purchase as well is an absolutely gorgeous brassiere made out of the same rose red embossed fabric and black stretch lace.

Cherished is a lovely name for this collection, which also includes a 'pink chic' option with an unlined (read 'see-through') bra and a low rise boy leg panty, which is perfect for the guy or gal that can't stand thongs. (Thongs look good on people with toned derriere's but they're also pains in the self same derrieres and if you're female, can be a health hazard, so I'd go for the boy leg panties every time. That's just me though, your mileage may vary.) Did I mention that the back of the boy leg panties is entirely made of mesh? It is. It hides nothing.

Et voila! There ends the tale of a pretty lingerie set just waiting to cherish you as you cherish it.

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chevy34_00 6 years ago

I would enjoy wearing this.

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