Liposuction Prices And How To Finance Liposuction Surgeries

Liposuction isn’t cheap, but knowing what to expect can help you make an educated decision on what is too low, which could mean too good to be true, and what’s too high, meaning you won’t get taken advantage of. Many times doing research online to find the best location or surgeon in your area can help to keep the surgery at high quality while finding the best price for your liposuction procedure.

This article will educate you on the reasons lipo prices vary and the average liposuction prices on different areas of your body. I will also explain a few different ways to finance your liposuction surgery.

Liposuction Prices: Why do the prices vary?

When you decide to get lipo it’s a big step towards having the body you’ve always dreamed of having. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing whether or not you are being taken advantage of by the sometimes extremely high price tag that comes with liposuction.

There are a few things that may make your liposuction price higher.

One of the ways your price will rise is by the number of lipo sessions some areas of the body require to achieve the ideal look and feel you are aiming for. Some surgeons will charge you for each new session, but some will give you a “packaged” deal and calculate all the surgeries into one price. Ask your surgeon if you will have to have more than one session to reach the contouring and shape you are wanting.

Another thing that may elevate your cost is the type of liposuction you choose to have. Newer, more cutting edge technology is more expensive. Tumescent liposuction is considerably higher in price than original techniques, so it can really make your session add up quickly.

Your liposuction cost can be calculated in a few different ways. Some surgeons will charge you by the time it takes to complete your surgery, usually on an hourly rate. Other surgeons will calculate the cost of your surgery by the amount of fat that is removed from your body. Make sure you talk to your surgeon to find out how their clinic calculates their liposuction prices.

Also include in your out of pocket expenses is anesthesia, post care supplies, facility fees, and lab fees. Many times you do not hear about these expenses until everything is tallied up. Anesthesia alone can run you a few hundred dollars an hour. In the averages below these extras are not included. Talk to your surgeon to find out what your absolute out of pocket expense will be for your surgery. Your surgeon and clinic should be open to discussing all financial as well as health aspects of your surgery with you.

Liposuction Prices: The Average Cost

The prices for liposuction should only to be used as a guide. Your prices of liposuction may vary considerably depending on where you live, your surgeons reputation and demand, the hospital or clinic your surgery takes place in, and a number of other things. If the cost of living is higher in your state consider visiting a bordering state to get a better cosmetic surgeon at a better price.

Chin and Neck: $2000-$5000
Upper and Lower Abdomen: $3000-$7500
Hips/Waist: $1800-$5500
Inner Thighs and Knees: $2500-$5000
Outer Thighs: $2500-$5000
Back: $1200-$5000
Breasts/Chest: $2800-$8000

Liposuction Prices: Financing Your Surgery

You have now decided on the surgery you want and picked out a board certified top notch cosmetic surgeon, I hope. What now? If you are at a standstill because of your lack of funds, there is help out there for you. There are a number of ways to pay for your surgery.

Your first choice for paying for your surgery is to put it on your credit card. If you have a card with a high enough credit limit and a low enough interest rate, this could work out perfectly. It will allow you to make monthly payments until you pay off your surgery.

Another option is using cosmetic care credit companies or “in house” credit from your cosmetic care clinic. If you surgeon doesn’t offer “in house” credit, they usually have cosmetic care credit packages that will allow you to apply for the funds needed to pay for your surgery. Most of these packages allow you to make payments for 12 to 36 months until the loan is paid off.

Although liposuction prices are important, it’s more important to find a surgeon with good experience, a good patient reputation, and an expertise in your choice of procedure. Nothings worse than a patient choosing to go the “cheap” liposuction route, just to find out they chose the wrong surgeon. The price of liposuction is important, but your health should be your defining choice.

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