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Lace is generally regarded as being something of a genteel fabric. Historically it was worn by the aristocratic elite, both male and female. In modern times, lace has faced something of a gender barrier, but a few brave souls still contend with these fickle morays and pursue lace with all the vigor it deserves. These men are rewarded with the many joys of wearing lace, indeed, many say that lace lingerie is lingerie you'll never regret owning.

Lace lingerie comes in a plethora of forms, there are lace bras and panties, of course, the lace bra and panty set is something of a staple of any lingerie owner's collection. However your lace loving does not need to end there. Lace camisoles are also rather lovely to behold, as are lace teddies, garters and thongs. It's also possible to purchase lace body stockings and cover oneself in lace from head to toe if one pleases.

When buying lace, quality is paramount. Cheaper lace can quickly become scratchy and irritating, defying the purpose of wearing lingerie in the first place. Nobody wears lingerie to be more uncomfortable than they were in their cotton man uniform, so spend a little time when choosing your lace and try not to buy the cheapest product possible. You can usually feel how soft lace is when you are in the store, or, if you are not shopping in person, rather taking the virtual route to lace heaven, then you can usually find reviews of a product that indicate its quality.

Hanky Panky is one company renowned for making 'butter soft' lace products, so if you enjoy soft, skimpy pieces of of lace lingerie, I highly recommend that you invest in some of their product. Other well known brands are also likely to use high quality lace in their garments.

When it comes to body stockings, you can more safely save a few dollars. Lace body stockings are typically not so much lace as they are stocking nylon that looks a great deal like lace (is there a line between looking like lace and actually being lace? I do not know.)

Lace lingerie suits men well, because it provides a lovely 'visual break' that softens the hard edges of the male body. Because lace has so many little holes and gaps in it, the eyes are tempted to feast upon lace for longer, which means you're quite likely to enjoy seeing yourself in lace more than other fabrics.

Enjoy your lace, explore your lace, and share your lace experiences with those you love.

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Chris 7 years ago

So what sort of visible lace might you recommend for a gentleman? We have lace cravats and pirate shirts of course. But I've always wished I could 'get away with' a sheer Oxford shirt through which the lace camisole is dimly visible.

Any guidance?


Cantsay 7 years ago

Where can one find the white babydoll you have at the top of this article Hope? LOVE IT! And love the article :)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

The babydoll at the top is by Hanky Panky, the EBay links may yield a result, or you can go straight to the source :)

quarsarte profile image

quarsarte 7 years ago


Can you help me find how to purchase the lace item shown on your LORDS OF LACE HUB #74? I have been on their website and cannot find this item. Not even sure what it called but I love it.

Thanks for your help.


Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

It's Hanky Panky, that's really all I can tell you I am afraid. It may be an older item that has gone out of stock, perhaps?

quarsarte profile image

quarsarte 7 years ago

Hope, thanks for the help. Gordy

fryburg01 6 years ago

I love lace on all my lingerie and I have asked Donna Lawson who makes my panties etc. to put as much lace as is practicl on ever piece she makes for me. She is a marvelous seamstress and a partner in Panties For Men, a great company specializing in lingerie made to fit a mans body. Her panties allow room for a mans needs, keeping everything in the panties so that nothing escapes.Any man who would like to have lingerie that is designed to meet his boddily needs should contact Dona at pinupprissies@aol.com You'll be glad you did.

AnithaPriya profile image

AnithaPriya 5 years ago


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