A Handbag From Louis Vuitton Is Unmistakable Palermo Bag lv

Louis Vuitton Handbag Signature Logo Patterns

A Louis Vuitton handbag is nearly impossible to mistake. With signature logo patterns and a style that quietly say “class”, a Louis Vuitton bag is one that you should have. If you've ever wanted to send the message that you're a woman that values not only style, but substance, any Louis Vuitton fashion is for you, and Louis Vuitton handbags are a perfect accessory for the woman who wants to turn heads gracefully, not in a jerking motion.

Louis Vuitton perfect example of what a Handbag should Be.

The Monogram Canvas Palermo PM bag is a perfect example of what a stylish bag should be. Flat leather handles and leather trim contrast the subtle monogram on dark canvas. The adjustable shoulder strap turns it into a crossbody bag, and is also removable when you prefer to carry your bag.

The Damier Canvas Alma bag has gold metallic trim, and a fabulous square patterned canvas fabric accented by ebony leather trim. Roomy and just the right size, it has convenient pockets for your cell phone and other small items.

The Monogram Vernis Bel Air is a sleek and chic number that can be carried as a clutch or as a shoulder bag with its link chain shoulder strap. The monogram embossed coated leather and polished hardware make this little purse a classic accessory that will compliment just about any outfit.


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2patricias profile image

2patricias 6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Louis Vuitton bags are without a doubt gorgeous. But if you see one for sale at a bargain price, don't rush to buy it. There are a great number of copies about. Always take a very good look at the internal construction, clasps, zips, stitching. If any of these are less than excellent quality, the bag is probably a copy.

Cute hub.

kia31 profile image

kia31 6 years ago from Los Angles Author

2patricias thanks for the comment and the tip on buying a Louis Vutton Handbag. Yes you always half to beware one buying someing on sale online.

Johnyboy profile image

Johnyboy 6 years ago

When it comes to women handbags Louis Vuitton is definitely a well known name in the handbags industry. So well, that Chinese and Italians were rushing to copy their success. And how can they start doing that other than copying the already successful Louis Vuitton products ;)

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    Louis Vuitton purse should be your choice.

    For a handbag that shines with elegance and grace, a Louis Vuitton purse should be your choice. If you like the look and feel of quality and style, any Louis Vuitton handbag will help to complete your wardrobe in the most beautiful way.

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