Lynx and Faux Lynx Fur Coat Jacket

The Lynx Fur Coat

It is without a doubt that the lynx fur coat is one of the most appealing fur coats witnessed. This is because the lynx is considered a fabled mystical creature and its rarity only adds to the luxury of owning such a desirable material.

In addition to this, lynx fur provides for a very soft and warm clothing having similar characteristics of being windproof. A lynx fur coat is often well sought after by fur collectors and enthusiasts around the globe. The demand is comparable to even that of the famous cashmere.

However, this demand does not come at a cheap price. Not only does it cost a fortune to the retailer and consumer, it is doing great harm to the population of the lynx.

Faux Lynx Fur Coats

Due to the constant increase of environmental actions to protect the lynx and use of animal fur in general, scientists and fashion designers have combines their efforts to create a very realistic replica, the faux lynx fur.

Faux lynx fur provides a very viable solution to the demand for lynx fur coats without harming the animals. It is also a very cheap alternative for the real fur. In countries such as Eqypt where the export of rare furs is very active, the introduction of faux lynx fur has had a profound effect in the population of the lynx.

However, if you are determined to purchase a real lynx fur coat and want to make sure it is not made from faux lynx fur, you can look out for an OA label to ensure that the lynx fur is not manmade, and that it comes from well regulated countries and not poached.

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