MAC 120 Professional Palette (Eyeshadow) (Fake)


*Newest update* I have another blog now with another review about this and other brands of make-up. I also have swatched every color on my other blog from this palette. You can view it and follow it here:

Since I have not really updated this in the past few months, I will. Since having this palette for many months, I am still very happy and satisfied with it. All of the colors are bright and long-lasting and stay put with the right primer for many hours. I also forgot to add that since about the 2nd or 3rd day of owning this, the MAC metal sticker on the front peeled off. This is just from handling it. I don't mind it since the quality is great.

ALSO! If you are a spammer or want to leave your comment about a your online store, do not bother. I only approve comments that are not spam. Thank you.


Alrighty, let's start, SHALL WE? :)

Well, I am reviewing the MAC 120 Professional Palette from Ebay. Basically, yes. I knew it was fake before it was shipped, and when I received it you can tell it was not a product of MAC Cosmetics.

Well, the first sign was that it was shipped from some shopping organization warehouse and not from the Ebayer. Which, that doesn't bother me because I figured it would come from one of those places after I read about what I was getting. The next sign was that it came in a plain black box with the ingredients on the back. There may have been other signs, but I didn't notice.

Anyway, the product was wrapped nicely. It was in 3 layers of bubble wrap within a cardboard shipping box. Within the black box, the palette was wrapped with one sheet of bubble wrap. The product was not damaged at all when I opened it up which surprised me since I thought there would possibly be minor breakage on one or two of the eyeshadows. But nope! :)

When you open the case the eyeshadow is in, they are covered by a sheet of transparent plastic to protect the eyeshadow. Under that palette is the other palette that is also protected by plastic. They are removable palettes which I like but one palette can fit in the top portion when in use. I've just made sure that I put the plastic back on top of them and put them on top of each other when I close it. I don't want them to break somehow.

Anyway, about the eyeshadow itself. I am VERY happy with it to be completely honest. It is a very pretty palette with every color you could ever want. There are matte, metal, and shimmery eyeshadow. The eyeshadow is VERY soft and a little creamy I would say. It's not that cheap gritty feeling stuff you get at like a dollar store or something, it's actually really nice quality. I think the colors are highly pigmented since they are bright and colorful. I have not worn it yet, but I know I will very soon.

So, overall I think this is a nice product. Don't fall for it being a true MAC 120 Palette like I did because it is not. You will pay a lot more if you buy those. If you search for 120 eyeshadow palette on Ebay, you can get them for cheaper. I think this looks like the Manly 120 palette, and it may be the same, I am NOT sure. Don't take my word for it lol. But they look similar. Just find what you think is best for yourself and if you are not sure, as the seller to take extra pictures for you. If they want to make a sell, I'm sure they will not mind. If you are looking at other palettes too, I would suggest the Coastal Scents palettes. I've had people suggest them to me and I've actually thought about buying them. Just look up reviews about them if you are not sure.

Well, hope you enjoyed my "review" or found it helpful! :)

UPDATE!: I wore the eyeshadow today and it did AMAZING with my Urban Decay Primer Potion! It's going on 10 hours now and it looks just as it did when I applied it this morning! This is awesome! :)

**Sorry, this is a re-post of my other MAC palette hub, stupid me forgot about the "Edit" option and deleted the other. But there is updates and a few new things in this hub. Enjoy!**

Exact Palette

If you'd like to buy this exact palette (It looks the exact same, but I cannot say for sure) click the link below to buy or compare.

*Also, if you want to buy this palette, I would suggest buying it off of this website. It's a trusted company and I've bought other stuff from them before. I would NOT suggest them if I hadn't purchased from them before.


Back of box
Back of box
Front of case
Front of case
The number on the swatches matches with the colors circled on the palette.
The number on the swatches matches with the colors circled on the palette.
Me with the color (#2 circled on the palette). Bad picture of me! Sorry :( But this is after 10 hours of wearing it.
Me with the color (#2 circled on the palette). Bad picture of me! Sorry :( But this is after 10 hours of wearing it.


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cosmetics-machotsell 6 years ago

Thanks,I love MAC 120 color eyeshadow and I know a professional mac makeup website wholesale M.A.C makeup discount price, good quality, Express shipping, accept PayPal.

beba 6 years ago

who was the seller ?

jay 6 years ago


ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

@ Jay, what are you talking about being fake? The palette? Because it is, I just found the EXACT same one on a wholesale website last night.

Nikky 6 years ago

Hey :) I have this pallet, but it doesn't have the 'MAC' label on it! I really love it, but it even came in exactly the same box!! I think it really must be a fake!! :P

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

It really is great! I highly recommend it as long as you can find this exact one! :)

Boyd's Artistry 6 years ago

She is right, I have worked for make for over 3 years and YES this is fake. It is a Bh cosmetics palette that someone just simply moved the colors around and slapped MAC's logo on it and called it MAC P#120. Call any MAC store and they will tell you that they do not sale the P#120 palette!!

Boyd's Aritstry 6 years ago

She is right, I have worked for MAC for over 3 years and YES this is fake. It is a Bh cosmetics palette. Here is the TRUE palette for just $29.95 SHAME ON THOSE BASTARDS FOR SELLING IT TO PEOPLE FOR $100!!!!

nikki 6 years ago

I have this palette and it says mac... but ithink its really good! and yeah i seen BHcosmetics and they look same.. so then i knew it was fake but... as long as it works fine then its good right?

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

I think it's fine! I actually LOVE my palette. I'm going to get another when this one runs out.

sarah 6 years ago

I have one that looks just like this one but it's by Shany.

It says Shany on it.

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

I think this is just a general palette with different names on it. It is a great palette just don't be fooled and over pay for something with a name brand stamped on it..

profile image

trznjane 6 years ago

I recently bought a Manly 120 Palette from ebay user "faddybee2009". (link to their 120 palette-->

I'm worried that it could be fake, meaning that it could contain lead or sumthin else weird in it. They haven't given me any reason to think it's fake, it's just that after reading about fake ebay makeup (after purchasing it, unfortunately), now I'm worried about purchasing makeup on ebay, as they say to beware even of buyers that have 100% rating with 4,000-5,000 feedbacks, cuz they could still be selling fake stuff. Faddybee only has 1,247 feedbacks, and only 1 feedback that says "Cheap knockoff" (it was regarding some computer gadget, not makeup).

My question is, do you think this could this be a fake Manly palette? I know it won't say "mac", it will say "manly" on it. It only cost $8.88 USD.

I know that if it says "mac" then it's not really "mac", but rather it's "manly". But are there fake "manly" palettes that say "manly", even though they're not really from "manly"? I don't wanna put sumthin on that's bad for me! :/

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

trznjane, I am unsure if your palette is real. I do have my doubts though considering it is being shipped from Hong Kong and I believe Manly may be based in the US. But I could be wrong. My palette looks the exact same except it has a red ribbon. My palette was made in China, but I have not run into any issues with irritation or anything. Test a swatch on your hand before applying it to your eyes to see if you may have a reaction to something in the eyeshadow. Let me know how it goes! Sorry I couldn't be more help! :)

profile image

trznjane 6 years ago

Thank you for your quick response :) Your suggestions are helpful. I never thought of really checking out where Manly is based, so that is something good to look into :) Hopefully there won't be a reaction to a swatch. Thanks! :)

TW 6 years ago

Lets see, where do I begin. MAC Does make a 120 color eye palette for professional artist registered to MAC. I get dirrect from MAC all MAC products including the 120 palette. Yes, there are plenty of fakes out there. I also sell the lady gaga lipglass, along with many other MAC products. You must understand the differences in the procuts. The 120 palette is for color sample only and not made the same as the rest of macs makeup. It is to demonstrate color, not eyeshadow. These are purely for demonstration. Now, as for you slandering people on here, you should retract some statements. MAC is made in 3 locations. Toranto, Canada is headquarters though. If you feel you would like to see what else is available I would be happy to show you items that only a select few can offer. In close, you are stating that products are fakes, when you have no real clue. Become registered with MAC, then come back and post!

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

TW, I should probably update my blog since I've posted it. I do realize MAC made a palette just for the colors. But in my blog I was reviewing MY palette that is fake and is a MAC knockoff found on Ebay which the seller marked as a genuine product. I was just letting all these people know to research the product before they buy it and ask the seller for pictures other than those listed so they can make their own decision if it is real or fake. There are signs and ways to tell the real from the fake. A lot of the palettes I have seen on Ebay are fake and I have been able to find the real thing on wholesale websites. The only difference is the some people put the MAC stickers across the palette and some people don't. I just do not want to see people get ripped off paying $60-$100 for a palette that looks exactly like mine and I know is fake that cost the seller $15-$30. I will be updating this blog and making some corrections.

Staar_grl 6 years ago

I was wondering if you could kind of tell me what you think of this offer I found on ebay.

It is the 120 color eyeshadow palette. It's for 15 dollars and is being shipped from California.

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

@Staar_grl, I'm pretty sure it's not a real MAC palette but it looks very similar to mine. I love mine and for that price I wouldn't pass it up. It's only $15 with free shipping, so I'd probably go with it. The only thing I'd worry about is the seller does not have any feedback as of yet but sometimes it's just someone starting out. Hope I helped out!

danirox123 6 years ago

you are great this has helped me a lot i was looking at it when i saw this review and you say it is good so i bought it and you were so right i love it

thank you!!!!

ArtisticShadows profile image

ArtisticShadows 6 years ago Author

Yay! I am glad you enjoy it! :)

mysisters profile image

mysisters 5 years ago

Great Hub. I have used MAC products for years now and love them! I think I might need to get one of the eyeshadow palettes though!

Latasha 5 years ago

I just got exact same one. When I bought it I didn't relise it was fake mac, I just wanted something with a lot of different colors in it. So when i got it today I was like Mac cool it's gotta be fake but whatever it's still a nice palette. I never expected buy real Mac on ebay anyway. I can't wait to try it.

Angie 5 years ago

That's FAKE!!! I work for mac and is fake

katy 5 years ago

I bought one, I have not received yet, but know it's false, but it works well the colors?

Teri 5 years ago

Manly is NOT based out of the US. Its manufactured in China. And everyone should know that M.A.C. do NOT ever make palettes like that. This is why buying from ebay is not a good idea. I swear the lack of research by people just bugs me. If you actually go to the website, you'll see that they don't have those types of least Artistic Shadows likes the knock off. She did pay for it & she's getting her monies worth. Good for you, girl!!!

hayley 5 years ago

im afraid this pallete is a fake. i have the exact same one but mines called the manly 120 pallete. same colour layout and everything. MAC don't sell eyeshadows in a premade pallete as big as a 120 you have to build it up seperatly.

however i think everyone on this site who turn their noses up just because its got mac written on it but isn't 100% genuine is pathetic! This apllete is a really good one very diverse and the colour payout is remarkable. i stopped using mine for a while then started using it again- don't know why i stopped to be honest!

don't listen to negative comments the palletes awsume! xxx

paulina 5 years ago

I've been a makeup artist for over 15 years..and invest in good quality long as it looks good and stay on...then go for it :)

Samantha 5 years ago

I just received my pallet and it looks just like what you described, though i don't have a protective paper in between. Though i knew it was fake, i didn't mind, as long as i don't get an irritation on my eyes, that is the only thing i am worrying about. and it was sent from the eBayer and not something else.

Samantha 5 years ago

ps it does have the protective film lol. i am doing the eyeshadow hand test right now to see if i get an allergic reaction. I have to mention the funny smell of the whole product.

ali 5 years ago

Anyone who has used MAC procucts would know that this 120 palette is fake. C'mon now ppl.

koi 4 years ago

Hi all :)

Whether a prod is "real" mac or "fake" mac.. who cares?? really. As long as it does the trick. No one so far has had a bad reaction to the fake. And there is so much things out there that is bad for us.. the "fake" mac isn't confirmed yet to be bad for us

Joana 4 years ago

i see good coments about it,and it's really good the hear about it because i'm about to buy one of those palettes.i don't care if it's fake or not,since it has a good pigmentation and don't irritate my skin :)

profile image

bosworth1 4 years ago

Anyone know whether or not MAC makes a 78 piece eyeshadow pallette? I saw a few being sold on ebay, going for around $40 and thought, no way. The seller claims it is authentic, right! Shipping from Maylasia. Just curious. Thank you.

EmmaTrish 4 years ago

these 120 palettes are sold by a chinese store and you have the option of placing whatever name you want. So that's why we see BH cosmetics, Coastel Scents, Manly and all other brands with the same product. It's just that you have to be very careful of buying overpriced ones when you can get it cheaper. I've been wanting my palatte for a very long time and got it today for a reasonable price because I was not gonna pay more than what it's worth.

tonya 4 years ago

MAC does have 120 palettes and also a 180 palette as well but the thing is that i only know make up artists that have them and the paid top dollar for a friend of mine got one for her best friend and she paid like 2 -3 hundred for it but she is a makeup artist

maro bebo 4 years ago

This is funny but I felt for this fake mac products too.. Then whenn I got it, I noticed it was fake kinda mad bc I spents about $70 n got fake one :(

Brittany 4 years ago

HEllo, Mac Pro does have a 120 palette..i have one i am a makeup artist and there are so many people wondering what's real and what's fake when it comes to makeup...or should i say anything now a days..personaly i have used ALL sorts of brands of makeup and have purchased some of my products through 3rd parties as well as MAC, Sephora ,ect..and when you purchase through a third party or ebay or amazon just because the seller SAYS authentic doesn't always mean it is..but ultimately rather you know for sure if its fake or not as long as the quality is good..then go for it:)some people cant afford the high end brands but that doesn't mean they still don't want good makeup!!The thing that gets these countries selling fake makeup is because the US and Canada give rights to them for packaging by having china make the packages for their products along with brushes that being do we know that the makeup isn't exactly what we buy at our MAC stores?they could copy the ingrediants just the same right?

Daphne 4 years ago

This is BH Cosmetics! Check their website, they have 5 generations of the 120 palettes and even 88 palettes.

kendra 4 years ago

i have the same one too girl and i love it,my number is p120-3#.

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