Magic Solution: Cure Pimples and Blemishes

For those of you wondering if I have a facial routine, I definitely do. And even more, I've got a secret.

I had pimples and blemishes for over three years. My skin wasn't the absolute worst, but it was far from good. I tried all sorts of high-end products but none of them gave me the results I desperately needed. That is, until I found my miracle cure: a magical mixture of Eskinol, vitamin E, and Dalacin C.

Eskinol, Vitamin E, and Dalacin C Cleanser

Eskinol Dermaclear C Facial Cleanser is a popular product here in the Philippines. When mixed with Vitamin E and Dalacin C it produces extraordinary results. I heard about this magic solution through my wedding planner and decided to try it, with great results. Here's what I did:

  • I went to my local mall, picked up an Eskinol bottle and dropped by a local drug store for vitamin E capsules and Dalacin C, which is an antibiotic. I only spent 200 pesos ($4.00).
  • I dissolved a vitamin E capsule in the Eskinol, which took about 24 hours. The Dalacin C will mix in instantly. Simply open the capsule and pour the powdery substance inside your solution.
  • I applied it the following night and you wouldn't believe what I saw the next morning. In just one night my skin had already improved. I was so, so excited!

Over the next two weeks my face had cleared to a state of flawlessness. The only imperfections were freckles and few scars from when I had chicken pox as a kid. My blemishes were gone!


  • Apply moisturizer after each application.
  • Only use at night, not in the morning.

Eskinol Solution Video

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Ayvee profile image

Ayvee 6 years ago

i love this product :) it rocks thanks fema!

triosol profile image

triosol 6 years ago

Great Info. thanks for sharing with us.

Yulie 5 years ago


do we have to put in the 2 tablets before every usage...or just that one time til the whole bottle is used??


lex 5 years ago

haha your so cute

jedz 5 years ago

im so frustrated i cant find eskinol derma clear c here in sharjah even on dubai.......

jaja 4 years ago

eskinol with dalacin c and vit.e is very effective a dark spot on my face is already gone in just a few days...and i also recommend it to my friends...

susan 4 years ago

in a 225ml of eskinol derma clear c, how many vit e should i put? And the dosage of the dalancin cap, is it 150mg or 300mg?

athasha 4 years ago

wow is that really effective? May I ask you if you don't have already pimples and blemishness. Please reply

athasha 4 years ago

may I ask again if Eskinol Dermaclear C Facial Cleanser is desame with Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser with Dermaclear Formula?

athasha 4 years ago

oh and uhm I'm only 12 years old but I have already pimples uhm may I ask if I can use any type of vitamin e in my age? please I beg you please reply for all my comment please....... this pimples in my face is about 2 years and they are getting so many so please....... I beg you to reply in all my comment oh please.....

jhizel1988 4 years ago

Very effective . i used Eskinol classic (w/o tawas) = dalacin c 300 mg and amoxcicilin (trihydrate).im oily/combination types of skin and had a few pimples on my cheeks and forehead. after a weeks you can see the results. and i always recommend this to all my friends who have a acne prone skin. good luck guys

dzinEt 4 years ago

..can i use it in the morning before I sleep? because i have work at night. Thanks :)

justme 4 years ago

ahmm... is vit. e is needed??

dalacin c here is 90 peos and eskinol here is 53 how about the vit. E?

rufalyn 4 years ago

do it really effective?? ahm how can we assure?? in how many months we can see the result?

darna 3 years ago

is that your normal accent?

natsu1921 3 years ago

That's not effective. It only burned my skin. Tsk.

natsu1921 3 years ago

That's not effective. It only burned my skin. Tsk.

Ces 3 years ago

Yes ive tried it but without the vitamin had a positive effect on me but it didn't help me with white and blackheads.. Anyway id still recommend it. Now im trying the nivea sparkling white toner with dalacin c as well.. So far it also good.

PS your cute on the vid. Accent is a bit funny thou but is alright

rosalie 3 years ago

can i use dalacin c to any cleanser like garnier, toners or etc.?

Johanie 3 years ago

Can 12 years old use eskinol?i'm having pimples and its very terrible :(

princess 3 years ago

how many capsule pag sa vitamin e?

angel-05 3 years ago

can i use the eskinol pimple fighting??

Johna484 2 years ago

Hi there. Merely desired to question an instant dilemma. bkacacfbbddd

melissa 2 years ago

i hope so

mture 2 years ago

i'm trying's was a good product..easy to find at's was fantastic when it could really help reduce my pimples.

princess 2 years ago

you should try the dalacin c plus skinol guys it will work

Dear 2 years ago

Im 14 years of age.

At this age i have a lot of pimples.

I use this eskenol and dalacin c now.

And it really works.

:) after 3 days u can see the improvement.

melanie 2 years ago

Hi i had pimple and ance when i bought dalacin c and eskinol pimple but my face is gone ..i first time now

anne 24 months ago

Kylangan po b tlga un my vita. E? Sure po?

Eunice Glory Smith 24 months ago

can I buy the Dalacin C and the vitamin E without prescriptions?

cyrhille anjhela aloha 19 months ago

Guys pls.. help skin had break out due to the skin prods.i was so damage my skin...dami ko now pimples/acne...pls..suggest what is the best prod...para bumalik ang kinis ng it reallt effectve dalacin C & eskinol..

irah cunanan 19 months ago

you can use clindamycin instead of Dalacin C. Dalacin C is more expensive because it is branded. Clindamycin on the other hand is generic. They're both 300mg and will therefore give the same result. You can buy clindamycin for as low as P6.

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