Mainstream Men In Dresses | Lady Gaga and Men In Skirts

Two of my favorite subjects combined in one clip of awesome. Lady Gaga, who its impossible not to like simply because she's so damn good at what she does, is emerging as a fashion leader so ahead of the curve that some people get lost just trying to comprehend her outfits.

(PRO TIP: Glam rock, without the pants.)

I'd invite all men who have an interest in alternative fashion in the form of skirts to watch this live performance. (Ignore the screaming teenies for the moment, they annoy me too, but apparently we need them to further the eventual population of the planet, and their presence will become very heartening and important once you've watched this video.

Notice something about the attire of her back up dancers? That's right, every single male there is wearing a kilt style skirt. Thanks to Lady Gaga there are men, in skirts, on stage in front of one of the most generic, mainstream audiences imaginable. The show was introduced by the Jonas brothers, for crying out loud.

The great thing about Lady Gaga is that she lives and breathes on the fringes of fashion, yet her market, once underground and alternative, is now largely made up of the mindless majority. That means that concepts like women without pants and men wearing skirts are now filtering into the sponge-like minds of the new media generation, a generation lacking critical thinking skills to the point where they require celebrities to remind them to actually vote.

For many years I dismissed fashion as being the ultimately frivolous expression of desperate meat puppets (I was a charming teenager,) but I now realise that fashion has the power to change minds and change lives not by what it is, but by what it represents.

Whether the haters like it or not, female fashions are creeping into mainstream men's fashion lines. What starts out on the stage soon trickles into teen fashion and as teens grow up, magically becomes a new norm. Just twenty years ago, hooded tops were the exception, not the rule, then they were popularised by music, found their way into a niche market, expanded from that point and we're now at the point where about 80% of people between the age of 15 and 30 own at least one hooded top. (Yeah, I made that statistic up, but I was at a comedy gig the other night, restricted entry to 18+ and I swear almost every person in that crowd of several hundred was wearing a hoodie. To my delight, there was also one guy wearing a skirt, something nobody seemed to mind at all.)

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Tomgeekery profile image

Tomgeekery 7 years ago

Now I find that much more interesting than a fashion designer putting out mens skirts.

Those men all looked very good, in a masculine kind of way. So all in all, very positive. I don't doubt that there would be a few screeming teenies who will emulate that style for a while.

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

Cool! It would be excellent for fashion to allow "we men" to wear kilts to keep our "junk" free and cool in the summer time.

As for Lady GaGa, at 3:23 freeze frame, wow! Her pantied ass could set on my face any time LOL. She is most defineably hot!

Great as always Hope, you've done it again. Check out the "Warrior Fighting Kilts" at this Manly site.

They are coming!, and a beaver shot will get you busted in your camoflaged panties.

Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

This is nice.

profile image

anderbee 7 years ago

I love Lady Gaga's fashion sense! So avant-garde sometimes. She should keep it up.

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