Make Your Own Feather Hair Earrings AKA Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Earrings on YouTube

Some of you may have seen lots of YouTube videos about FEATHER HAIR EARRINGS otherwise known as Feather Hair Extensions.  (If you haven't, you might want to search YouTube and watch a few.)  They are cute hair accessories for young women, teens, and girls.  Today, I want to share with you 10 feather hair earrings that I recently made. 

I love this one with its firey orange feathers and red feathers!  And it's complimented with black feathers and a black and white one.  On this one, I made my hemp string short so that it may be worn with long or short hair.

...more of those firey orange feathers!

This time I used hot pink and black feathers. Some of them almost look purple in places. And more glass beads.  I charge $10 per hair accessory.

Here, I've moved to light pink feathers!!  With pastel glass beads and tan hemp string.

Light pink feather hair accessory with teal beads.

With this one I decided to add a small, silver heart and oversized glass beads.

Here, I combined pink and hot pink, with short strings for those with shorter hair styles.

And another...I can't quit making these things!

And last, I had to make one very different from the rest.  This one I made using black and red pheasant feathers.  How pretty.

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blondey 6 years ago

I luv these they are so cute

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 5 years ago from Oklahoma

These are beautiful. I make something similar and attach to a hair clip. I hadn't thought about using a crochet stitch, I've used a friendship knot.

Erika 5 years ago

How can i make one for myself ? HELP!

nickolee 5 years ago

How did you get the coiled parts of the string to stay coiled up?

melanie brown 5 years ago

it looks great i guess you love pink alot then lol good work youve inspired me to make one :)

megan 5 years ago

it was nothing like i ever expected.

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