Wear your Deceased Loved One on your Finger

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but would you want your best friend to literally become a diamond?


Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring materials on the Earth and take approximately 4 billion years to be produced in our Earth’s super hot and high pressure interior. During our worlds past we were lucky and some of the diamonds were shot up to the surface of our planet, literally via volcanoes, for us magpie like humans to unearth.

We humans love anything with a shimmer, shine, glow or gloss and when that shimmery item is extremely rare, well then we love it and want it even more!

A funny and Ironic thing about diamonds is that they are actually formed using one of the most common elements on our planet, an element that we are largely composed of, an element which surrounds us in every living thing and that’s even in a pencil.

I’m taking about the element Carbon of course, which we our all aware of and don’t think much of. Regardless of our disappreciation for carbon, it’s history is actually very exotic. Carbon originated and was emitted from dieing stars, that exploded, in the Universe.

Considering Diamonds are made of carbon and carbon is bountiful, modern technology has allowed us to actually produce our own diamonds, and although they are synthetic, they are actually up to 50% harder than natural diamonds and are just as luminous and sparkly as our beloved natural diamonds.

These synthetic diamonds are made principally for industrial use, for example, for use in high tech cutting tools and next generation computer chips, but also for use in jewellery.

So how can we make a diamond again? And what is it made of? Oh ye, Carbon, and what are we largely composed of? Carbon…Hmmm, ponders.

A recent brainstorm came up with the idea to use your deceased loved ones remains to synthetically produce a diamond that could be made into jewellery. The purpose of this is to allow you to carry your loved one around with you for the rest of your life. This takes the phrase “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” to a quite literal level.

Life Gem is one of the main companies that provides this diamond producing service and uses the ashes of your loved to produce the diamond. Diamond prices range from $2,500 to $20,000, roughly, depending on the smallest carat size to the largest carat size, respectively.

Life Gem does not require the full set of cremated remains, but just eight ounces which is 200 grams.

Humans are composed of about 18% carbon, so the diamond created only represents a TINY proportion of your loved one, so you are not literally carrying around your loved one with you, just a small representation of him or her.

Below is an example of a Blue Diamond created from the cremated remains of a person’s deceased loved one. It is actually quite beautiful, but regardless of its beauty, it could trigger mixed feelings of the idea within us, some being positive and some being negative.


How do you feel about turning your loved one into a diamond? Do you think it’s moral, sweet, a little weird, wrong or are you unsure?


What are your views on Making Diamonds from People's Ashes?

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KittenFish87 profile image

KittenFish87 5 years ago from Indiana

I have told my fiance that I am going to be made into a diamond that he will have to wear. Also, I'm thinking I'll have my femur made into a steak knife that he has to use in public:) I think it's funny, he's not sure about it.

Iontach profile image

Iontach 5 years ago Author

Hi KittenFish87, Thanks for the comment.

I'm coming to terms with this whole diamond thing now, maybe its not a bad idea...i think. I'm sure your fiance would love to wear you on his finger. lol

Now the femur knife??? ya...ok. Is that a joke? that would be a pretty big knife. You're so funny.



Holisticity profile image

Holisticity 4 years ago from UK

Love it! Thanks Iontach

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