Mary Frances Handbags, Bags and Purses

Mary Frances Handbags, Bags and Purses

Mary Frances bags have been in existence for 20 years,to celebrate the occasion Mary Frances has designed a special 20th Anniversary bag which may well become something of a collector's item.

Celebrities are fans of Mary Frances bags  - some of the celebrities who wear them are Oprah, Teri Hatcher and Jessica Simpson.

After my hub about Radley Bags, this is I believe was the first hubpage about Mary Frances handbags, so well done me ! :-)

Mary Frances handbags may not be as well-known as some of the big name designer handbag makers, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Coach etc... but this only makes her handbags more desirable as they are slightly more distinctive. They are also slightly more quirky, as Mary Frances likes to use beads, stones and colors to make highly colorful and exciting bags.

Mary Frances' Bags are Unique and Quirky


Oprah Likes Mary Frances Bags

Oprah with Mary Frances Handbag
Oprah with Mary Frances Handbag

Mary Frances Handbags Photos

Mary Frances Bags - Flower Patch - $238
Mary Frances Bags - Flower Patch - $238
Mary Frances Bags - Glamour Girl - $204
Mary Frances Bags - Glamour Girl - $204
Mary Frances Bags - Special 20th Anniversary Bag - $299
Mary Frances Bags - Special 20th Anniversary Bag - $299
Mary Frances Bags - Eden - $110
Mary Frances Bags - Eden - $110
Mary Frances Bags - Great Empire - $208
Mary Frances Bags - Great Empire - $208
Mary Frances Bags - Legend - $208
Mary Frances Bags - Legend - $208

Mary Frances Schaffer started designing handbags in her apartment as a hobby in 1990 and now after less than twenty years as a designer, her handbags and purses are highly successful and sought after, being worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson and many others.

All her bags are highly unique and are collected by some people just for their aesthetic appeal, although others prefer to wear them and aprpeciate their ability to turn heads!

Mary Frances is a natural talent and imprints her handbag and accessory designs with her own lively and enthusiastic personality.

She started designing as a hobby, but soon found that her designs were much in demand and over the years have received numerous accolades including "Accessory Designer of the Year at the 2004 Dallas Fashion Awards".

Mary Frances handbags are known and appreciated for their mixture of style, avant-garde, elegance, vivacity and their excellent quality, while still being offered for reasonable prices.

Five collections are produced each year and they are always extravagantly ornamented, not to say slightly unusual. Each bag is made by hand by artisans with extreme attention to detail and quality. The bags are not for the shy and retiring, they tend to accentuate the glamorous and artistic side of your personality, they are also highly collectible, so you can buy them and keeo them as works of art as they are almost sure to rise in price over time. So if you are looking for a designer bag that is a little bit different then take a look at the latest Mary Frances bag on offer, they may be the bag for you !

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muyasser 3 years ago

very interesting 5 years ago

Mi piaciono le tue idee !Sei piena di creatività !!! A presto !

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Molto elegante le tue borse !!!

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Yes Mary Frances handbags are the best ! Thanks for the comment.

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wow...these bag looks great...i've never seen these kind of great bag series before..

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