Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Product Review

Seven Month Supply

This two-part system immediately fights fine lines, reduces the appearance of pores, and creates noticeably softer, smoother-feeling skin with a healthy, more radiant-looking glow. •Step 1: Refine – Key exfoliating crystals immediately energize skin
This two-part system immediately fights fine lines, reduces the appearance of pores, and creates noticeably softer, smoother-feeling skin with a healthy, more radiant-looking glow. •Step 1: Refine – Key exfoliating crystals immediately energize skin | Source

Today many woman are spending big dollars on chemical peels, botox injections and microdermabrasion treatments in high end spas and dermatologist offices. There are many different at home products on the market and Mary Kay a company that has been around as long as our Grandmother's has the Timewise Microdermabrasion Set available through their independent consultants and online.

I bought my set through my friend who just signed on as a consultant at a party she had. First thing I was happy about is I got to take the product home with me that very day. Many of those "home party" direct marketing companies make you place an order and then wait a week or two to get your order. By that time I'd forgoten why I ordered it and then have to figure out how to meet up with the hostess to get my goods! With the Mary Kay product I got to try it that night.

My consultant said the best way to use the Timewise Microdermabrasion Treatment was in the shower. So I hopped in got wet and got to work ridding myself of deep down dirt and oil that was blocking my pours and making me look old and tired! Step 1 (The Refining) is a very fine grit that you gently massage in small circular motions all over your face, neck, declatage' area and shoulders. My consultant said to do this for about 3 minutes. The first thing I noticed was there was no detectable scent, which I like. I am sensitive to strong perfumes and this was super mild. Also the grit was so fine and did not hurt or irritate my skin. After the recommended 3 minutes I rinsed my face. Immediately I noticed my skin felt softer and smooth and I wasn't even out of the shower.

Once I was dried I used step 2 (Replenish) This was a very light lotion that also had no detectable scent. A little goes a long way and it felt so good on my face. My skin felt "calm" it was literally as soft as a babies behind! That night I looked in the mirror and my face looked fresher, more alive and had a healthy glow. I also noticed the next morning my foundation make up went on much smoother and lasted longer throughout the day. Maybe because all the dead skin cells were gone?

I wanted to do the treatment the next day, but, my consultant said to allow 2 days between treatments. I have used this product for about two months and it is doing some amazing things for my skin! Especially my chest area and shoulders! Oh my word this stuff got rid of all the little red bumps on my shoulders. Some mornings when I wake up and feel my face I am surprised that it is my own skin.

Each year my husband gets me a European Facial at the local spa and I have a treatment similar to the Time Wise Microdermabrasion. The treatment costs $120 and lasts two hours. My Set lasts about 7 months and is $50 for the kit plus a gift with purchase when ordered online. I would recommend this product for woman of all ages. The calming effect of the Replenish step (step 2) is really great if you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin.

I know my mom has used Mary Kay for a long time but it is also worth it for some younger woman to try out this line. Top notch as far as quality and cost effectiveness.

To order your own Timewise Microdermabrasion Set visit Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Lynn S. Murphy 5 years ago

I love Mary Kay and have used it for over 20 years and still get compliments. Try the timewise anti age moisturizer and 3-way cleanser which you can use everyday. It feels amazing and the results are amazing..

ecomama profile image

ecomama 5 years ago from NC Author

Thank you Lynn! I have the 3-way cleanser. I should write a review about that one too! I used to use Aveno products but Mary Kay is even more gentle!

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