Mehndi Designs For Hands For Girls

It is common thing, that when ever a function is about to held, Children and growing age girls are very exiceted. It is a genral behaviour that when girls are in growing age, that what to prominent. They want they to also look pretty like others young girls. For this purpose, we have a beautiful Mehndi Designs For Hands for growing age girls. These designs are very easy to apply. Any one can apply it easily. By look it seems very delicate. So, by apply this design evey one will happy.

In south Asian, countries when Eid or other occasions come people make different arrangements to celebrate these functions. at these functions girls and women also make their own arrangments. Mehndi is also include in these arrangments. Before Eid Day girls and women apply mehndi on their hands. take a look, of these pretty Eid, Bridal Makeup and Mehndi Designs. Any one wether a girls or women can appply these and can receive admires from others.

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Shazai 6 years ago

WOW, What a pretty styles here... I love these...

mobushra 6 years ago

good effort yara. like it ur effort............................

mirza 6 years ago

Fine work, carry on. beautiful mehndi styles...

awais 6 years ago

awesome styles.......

ayesha 6 years ago

tooo goood

goro 6 years ago

very gooooooooooooooood

Saira 6 years ago


Sadia 6 years ago

WOW What's a beautiful design

Waheed 6 years ago

kya baat hai... Beautiful Designs...

pootle 6 years ago

wow very nice designs

farhan 6 years ago

A wonderful effort by intoducing such a wonderful Mehndi designs; towards a famous traditional ladies fashion since decades in the sub continent now also admired and flourishing all around the world.

Adnan khan 6 years ago

very beautiful designs......

Maryam Ahmed 6 years ago


aysha 6 years ago

wonder ful designz ........realy impreesiv

saloni 6 years ago


Phoolan Devi 6 years ago

designs r really gud, lekin itne mushkil hain km se km mujse or meri senior se to ni bnay jaynge. pagalo wala kam hai ye. wo hi design bhejne chahiy jo hm bna ske.

breakingnews profile image

breakingnews 6 years ago from Pakistan

nice designs give here more Indian mehndi designs

saira khan 6 years ago

I 'll display more designs...

kamran khan 6 years ago

Saira , indeed its an awesome piece of work, a job very well done.

profile image

Ketty John 6 years ago

Beautiful Designs For wedding Ceremonies. Thanks For Sharing the useful information. 6 years ago

Elegant Designs. Plz display more designs...

rajpootchohan profile image

rajpootchohan 6 years ago from New York

beautiful mehndi designs. very useful specially in eid days, or any special event. thanks for share.

Women fashion Trends 6 years ago

These are beautiful designs

dip's 6 years ago

wow what a designs beautiful and useful

sofia 6 years ago

how to take printouts of these photos,, i copied them in cd and wanted 2 take printouts but they cant be printed unless they are in clip art. it will be really useful if I can get a way to take prints of these designs..

safna 5 years ago

its very beautiful .i like it so much.....

Rexx 5 years ago

wow.........very beautiful designs... i like it very much.

Rizwan ali chaudhary from sahiwal 4 years ago

V v v v nice

unknownn 4 years ago


jhanu 4 years ago

its very nice designs

ifrah 4 years ago

so beautiful and wow

so nice superb:)

iffi 4 years ago

soooo sweeet

carlim 4 years ago

awesome designs

divya jain 4 years ago

really not


alina 4 years ago

its really ausum

shobi mithil 4 years ago


Bhanupriya 4 years ago

luking sooooooooooo cute

I loved allllllllllllllllllllllllllll

anagha 4 years ago

just fab....................

sneha junjana 4 years ago

very beautiful designs...................................

poo 4 years ago

looking so nice & so beauty ful

salma 22 months ago

So very nice

saba singh 22 months ago

Very Beautiful designs. I would definitely like to give it a try for my friends wedding.

anita 21 months ago

superb soooooooooooo wonderful

Samreen Khan 16 months ago

wow, it is amazing........i love it

preeti 9 months ago

It is very beautiful

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