Men Have The Right To Wear High Heeled Shoes

high heels
high heels | Source

Since men's high heeled shoes have become fashionable, many women in particular have spoken out against the practice, but men have the right to wear high heeled shoes if they wish.

Just as for women, high heels can be comfortable and make the wearer feel good.

Many men wear heels, or meels for short, and not just men of diminutive stature.

After all, it's not just small women who wear high heels.

Fashion models are tall and willowy, yet frequently wear high heels.

This is not to make them taller, although it does, but to change the shape of the calve as the muscles take up a new position to support the change in weight load caused by high heeled shoes.

As women traditionally dress to show their legs, and men don't, does this mean that men should not wear high heels?

Of course it doesn't. Many women, myself included, wear high heels with pants, where the leg is hidden.

I, myself wear denim jeans with high heels, because it feels good.

If men want to wear high heels under their trousers, why not?

They have the right to feel good too and not be forced by convention into wearing traditional men's flat shoes.

men wearing high heels while still retaining his masculinity
men wearing high heels while still retaining his masculinity | Source
a skinny guy in high heels
a skinny guy in high heels | Source

Interestingly, over on another hub of mine about high heeled shoes for men, many people from both within and outside Hubpages have commented.

We have the whole spectrum of attitudes and opinions expressed over there that one would expect to find in the general population.

From people who hate the very idea of men wearing high heels, to those who don't care much either way, all the way through to people who think it's wonderful.

We even have someone pointing out the potential health risksof wearing high heels.

But you know scientists have got to come up with theories to justify their huge salaries, so when some experts come away with stuff about bunions and sciatica caused by wearing high heels, you may as well take it with a pinch of salt.

High heels first became popular (among women) in the Thirties, when they would be worn only on special occasions, yet bunions were far more common in the years before this.

Many men suffer from sciatica having never worn a high heel in their life.

Interestingly enough, it could be argued that men with sciatica may even benefit from the wearing of high heels, because of the load shift high heels will bring their lower backs.

What is far more important, and all experts agree on this, is wearing well-fitting shoes.

Shoes which are tight in one area, or rub in another, will cause long term damage to the feet.

This is especially so in childhood. That is why children should always wear well-fitting shoes. Get your children's feet measured each time you feel their toes reaching the end the toe of the shoe, and buy a good sturdy pair with leather uppers of the correct width.

Children should NEVER wear high heels because their bodies are still growing, and the centre of gravity change brought on by high heeled shoes can change their bodies irreversibly.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are preferable every time to off-the-shelf synthetic fibre shoes.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to buy good leather shoes, whether with heel or without.

Leather breathes, it stretches, it molds itself round our feet, and protects us.

We do not have a problem with sweaty feet because the leather can breathe, and it gently expands on areas of tightness, while still offering support.

Leather high heels are preferable for both men and women.

high heels look good on men
high heels look good on men | Source

Getting back to the point of this article, men have the right to wear high heeled shoes if it feels right to them.

It is perfectly understandable for men to want to wear high heels if they are of short stature, just like women, but is also acceptable if they are tall.

If it feels right, just do it. Go out and buy a pair, but buy the best you can afford for your own comfort and safety.

Be aware that because of the centre of gravity shift brought about by even the lowest of high heels, your balance is more likely to be out-of-sync.

If you are a regular wearer of high heeled shoes you may not notice this during day-to-day activities.

A sudden and unexpected event like a bird suddenly flying too close to your face, or a car appearing from nowhere while you are crossing the road, is more likely to make you fall if you are wearing high heels, because your automatic reactions are still tied to your heels being firmly on the ground.

This would explain why so many people fall while wearing high heels.

Falls do hurt, and do cause problems the older we get.

This is why you seldom ever see old ladies wearing high heels.

It becomes an unacceptable risk the older we get, and this goes for men and women.

But if you are a young man in good health, there is no reason in the world why you should not join in the latest fashion and wear high heeled shoes.

It may even help prevent barroom brawls if it becomes widespread, as men will not be able to stay on their feet for long while wearing high heeled shoes.

Photo Gallery of men who regularly wear high heeled shoes/boots. if you would like your photo added, contact the hub author.


Shafted is the username on of a 47 year old straight guy from central Maine.

He always saw women stilettos as wearable works of art so almost seven years ago he decided to indulge that desire and has never looked back.

He feels lucky in that his shoe size is a US women's 10 and has rather narrow high arched feet so buying right off the rack is easy for him.

Not to mention that the shoes from the ladies side just fits him better.

He buys both online and in shoe stores if they have something he likes.

He says "I'm kinda having a love affair with suede for the moment".

I think Shafted looks great in those suede boots!

Shafted from wearing his suede high heeled boots
Shafted from wearing his suede high heeled boots | Source
JeffB wearing high heeled boots.
JeffB wearing high heeled boots. | Source

JeffB is the username at HHPlace of the man on the right here.

He is a 52 year old male from southeastern Pennsylvania who has been wearing high heels since he was 13.

While he wears heels openly, and in public, he doesn't flaunt what he does.

He simply enjoys the feeling that comes from wearing women's shoes.

He wear everything from pumps to thigh high boots, all of which are, in his words, "much more fun than boring men's shoes".

I think Jeff looks great here, and I'm sure he is a fun guy to be around too!

Men can wear high heels and still be completely masculine.
Men can wear high heels and still be completely masculine. | Source
HP user Blacksheep557
HP user Blacksheep557 | Source

Blacksheep557 likes to wear heels in male mode as in the pics, sometimes with jeans turned up, depending on how much he wants to show.

He is a 59 year old New Zealander, and with these boots he does a lot of walking, which really helps him to develop ankle flex and muscle strength in his legs.

He has walked as much as 5 miles without stopping and when he stops to chat to people, there are no adverse comments from anyone.

He thinks boots are more a male domain and he likes the cuban heel as opposed to the stilletto for men.

He usually wears them about 8 and 12 hours a day.

Who says men can't look good in high heels? I think this guy looks great!


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Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

That's some gay looking stuff! Wait for it.....wait for it.....



I love reruns of Seinfeld! This high heel manshoe thing would make for a perfect episode too.

I kindly ask that should I ever be spotted wearing these - that a bullet be put through my head. In other words - that wouldn't be "natural" for me.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Ain't that so true of so many things? Equally, just because we don't do something, does not mean someone else can't. And no I will not put a bullet through your head for anything, far less for something so simple as your footwear choice LOL

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

Oh I dunno about the bullet thing - with my mouth - I practically expect to wind up shot, by my own government.

I was trying to think how much someone would have to pay me to pose all emo in high heels...still ain't arrived at the figure yet - but it's LARGE!

Blacksheep557 profile image

Blacksheep557 5 years ago from NewZealand

thanks for another magnificent Hub IzzyM, some great photo choices too of real men wearing heels in Public. Men may not be so choosy when it comes to getting heels which fit so well, as trying them on before buying may be a challenge to them especially for the first pair. A block heel with good arch support is in my opinion the best chice for comfort and practicality. I prefer an ankle hiking boot as they perhaps less feminine and look great for men's proportions.

JimmieWriter profile image

JimmieWriter 5 years ago from Memphis, TN USA

I think it looks very strange. Too feminine. I do notice that all your pics are of very thin men, already somewhat feminine in physique. I can't imagine my chubby hubby wearing heels! Picture Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, or Arnold wearing heels. Nope. Can't imagine it.

Of course, army boots do have a pretty hefty heel, but it's thick and more masculine.

A right? Sure. Do what you want. But I may giggle if I see a man wearing meels.

profile image

Dedmoroz 5 years ago

Never thought I'd see this...

hawkdad73 profile image

hawkdad73 5 years ago from Riverside, Iowa

It does look too feminine, but I think that is more evidence of how we are so used to things certain way.

Why do women wear high heels in the first place? I mean, I know some women do it for their calves and the way the shape the legs, or how they feel, but why did they start wearing them in the first place in the thirties?

They seem pointless. No pun intended...stilettos...get it?

RedElf profile image

RedElf 5 years ago from Canada

Cowboys wear high heels and cowboys are about as macho as they come. Fashion for men's boots have never changed much - men's biker boots have high heels, too.

If we go back a few centuries, men's AND women's shoes had high heels and no-one thought twice about it, as high heels had not been assigned to a gender.

Arise, men of the world! Take back your rights - take back those toe-pinching, tendon shortening, ankle-turning fashion statements!

Great hub Izzy!

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

I'm one who doesn't care either way--to each his/her own. Personally, I don't wear them, because I have weak ankles. High heels are an instant twisted ankle, so no thanks.

Plus, they throw my balance because my center of gravity is shifted, and they DO force your weight to push forward, cramming your toes into the front of the shoe, which to me is excruciatingly uncomfortable. I don't regard them as anything but medieval torture devices.

Interestingly, though, coming from San Francisco where a lot of the 'tranny' population can be seen wearing them, I notice they walk in the hells better than I do! (And no, that's not a typo--those are hellish shoes!)


Voted up and interesting.

Shafted 5 years ago

To begin with, I'm honored that I inspired you to create this hub.

I so wish I had some way to send along a pic of myself at work in heels. Yes I do wear high heels (stiletto pumps and boot specifically) to work and out and about town. I'm another one of those guys who is quite trim so the skinny heel does not look out of place on me or my skinny jeans for that matter. If you are overweight or musclebound or alarge build guy, it's going to be hard to pull it off. The important thing for guys who want to wear them is that they must be coordinated with a whole outfit and not worn for their own sake.

Another important thing for guys to remember is that they have to be worn with utmost confidence. you're you're gonna wear them you have to rock them. You have to be perfectly comfortable moving about in that heel height. Walking should feel natural. If it doesn't you haven't gotten the hang of it yet. More practice is required or perhaps you just picked too high an heel.

In my almost 7 years of wearing stilettos in public, I have gotten a very warm reception from the general public. I've had more positive experience and comments from people than I can count. Only had 1 or 2 negative experiences in that whole time.

I have often stated in my writings that tolorance is everywhere and acceptance is not. Acceptance is something you earn as an individual. Give people a reason to accept you in heels and they will. Imagine that!

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

I'm glad you mentioned that overweight or big guys are going to have trouble looking good in high heels, because by the same token fat women do not look great in high heels either. You have posted some great advice which anyone thinking about wearing high heels would benefit from, so thanks! I would love to have your picture wearing high heels in this hub. I can be contacted through my profile, which can be reached through my avatar top right. You can't send a photo through that, but email me, and I will mail you back. Else link me to a piccie you may have online.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

It's true - they have the right to wear any type of heels, but high heels designed for men.

The ones in the photo's look so feminine. I'd love to see how they walk in them. Lol

Lovely Hub.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

When I used to wear high heels all the time, they just become an extension of yourself and walking in them is no problem. Men I imagine are just the same - may be they teeter a bit at first but then relax as they get used to them, jut like we do.

Shafted 5 years ago

Just thought I'd mention heels have completely cured my lower back pain. I have discovered that the advantages of wearing them far outweigh the disadvantages.

Foxyheels 5 years ago

Well I am definitely not a trim feminine looking man ad I wear 4" heels out and about regularly. I do wear block heels as opposed to stilettos to maintain a manly look and have never had any issues. I have short legs so the height in the heels actually balances my legs and makes me look better.

Blacksheep557 profile image

Blacksheep557 5 years ago from NewZealand

As foxy heels has said, I too believe that a block heel looks better on men. A lot more masculine. Heeled hiking boots are a favorite of mine for out in public,never a bad comment, and just to occasional glance from people

Heelster 5 years ago

As a man who has worn Cowboy/western style boots for over 30 years, going to a narrow stacked tall heel boot was pretty easy. I find them more comfortable than my steel toe work boots, or anything flat.

profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il

Actually have worn stack heel cowboy work boots but it has been a while remember they were not the most comfortable, but have worn a variety of high heels not much in public except recently twice for a costume contest and rocky horror picture show. but the 3.5 mary janes the ladies picked out for the costume really hurt but recently found a 5 1/2 wedge platform boots that are extremely comfortable which i have worn while driving and in small walks but i was able to walk without a problem. I have not been in open public yet but plan on doing it soon.

Shafted 5 years ago

Looking good there JeffB.

Justin 5 years ago

No problem for men in High heels. They were originally invented by men, for men. So men just have the right to choose to wear them or not. Period.

JeffB 5 years ago

Izzy: Many thanks for posting my picture. I hope to show to everyone here that it's altogether possible for a man to wear high heels, even thigh boots (a particular passion of mine) and look both stylish and tasteful in the process. Looking garish or clownish is NOT how I roll, my goal is to display a presentable image while out in public. For me, that's part of the fun that comes from wearing heels.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

No probs Jeff, and it does look good. Remember, anyone else, if you want your picture added just contact me :)

Vonnavie Sanchez profile image

Vonnavie Sanchez 5 years ago

Looking at the photos I just realize it's so nice looking for boys to wear high heels. Great Hub!

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

Hey I'm glad you agree. I think it is important for men and women to get used to seeing guys in high heels, especially as more and more of them want to yet feel constrained by society.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington

Hi IzzyM, I see absolutely nothing wrong with men wearing high heels, if they wish to do so.

However, why would they want to? High heels are terribly uncomfortable. I haven't worn high heels since my 20's because they were so uncomfortable then and I am sure they would still be.

I voted up, funny and interesting.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

I used to love my high heels - not so much now since I broke my back,(not while wearing high heels!). I never felt uncomfortable in them. Buy hey thanks for commenting and appreciating the rights of these guys.

Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannieinabottle 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

I never even realized this was a new trend. I guess I am out of the loop. My thought on this is, if a guy wants to walk around and be uncomfortable in heels, go for it! Why should women do all the suffering in heels? Voted up and interesting!

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

Ahh. but these guys are very comfortable in their high heels. One guy has even resolved his bad back problem because with the shift in gravity caused by wearing high heels, the pressure is now off a weak spot in his back. Thanks for your vote though :)

Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannieinabottle 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

OK, well as long as they are comfortable. :-) High heels have just never been my thing. They can borrow mine anyday!

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

Did you never wear platforms? I was a 70s chick, and we had the most fabulous platforms in those days! 6" heels but with 4" platforms are you walked tall without feeling any strain on the feet at all - it was just like wearing a 2" heel! Loved them!

camlo profile image

camlo 5 years ago from Cologne, Germany

I think the chunky men's high heels of the 70s glam rock era looked great. That's the thing -- men can wear high heels, but they shouldn't be elegant, just as men can wear nail polish as long as the color is ugly.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

You might have a point there, Camlo!

CZCZCZ profile image

CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

Why yes Men certainly do have a right to wear high heels, however, I'm not sure I could ever get away with it. My friends may run me out of town if I showed up in a pair of high heels, but more power to those dudes that like to rock the high heels. I think a coat of clear nail polish on my toes is about is far as I can go, but for others high heels it is.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

You see, its all about peer pressure even among adults! On the other hand, if it became normal to see men in high heels, your friends wouldn't say a word!

jeanine 5 years ago

The heels to me is just another example of women feminizing their men, heels today, bras tomorrow...we are all growing in ways that we didn't expect... women are enjoying their freedom to change their men, the more power men give up the more power women are taking on... the bra was invented by men, for women, because they liked how it made the woman look... the same here... women will dictate if this fad will do anything for sex... so they are definitely on the way out as leaders of the world... they are so ego centered that they can think of nothing but sex... we all say it... "don't you ever think of anything else" the answer is no... sex is and after all shoes are

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

Yeah - more power to women!! All for it!

Adrian 5 years ago

Jeanine my dear yu couldn't be more wrong than what you have posted. I wear heels not because my partner is trying to feminize me but because I like heels. In fact my partner hates the fact I like to wear heels as she feels that it's wrong. As for giving up power, I don't thin so. I have been with my partner for 5 years and have no problem in leaving her and being single for the rest of my life if I can't find anyone who accepts me. There is too much focused on body image these days and I dress for what I feel comfortable in and again couldn't really careless what anyone else thinks.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington

Hi Izzy, I came back to your hub and after begging my husband to look at the photos of men wearing high heels (I told him they were not cross dressers, men simply wearing high heels dressed as men, he agreed).

He did actually like this photo: Shafted from wearing his suede high heeled boots.

jeanine 5 years ago

Adrian, I didn't say your partner... I said the world in general and if you don't see that... that's quiet alright... the fact is High heels are not comfortable ask any woman... so when you say that you wear them for the comfort I am a little suspect... maybe for the comfort of your mind but not your legs nor your feet... I'll wait for another opinion, but my comment could be wrong for you personally, but unless you have been hiding out for the last twenty years, you must be aware that things are changing with your power as a man... lol... it certainly is changing for women... so if you choose not to see it dear, I'll look you up to see that surprised look on your face in a couple of years... and you can bet in the future, you will learn, that you will care what she thinks... so enjoy your little boy stage, the big boy game is good most of you guys who have the immature macho thing still going on will fade into the past... or be culled out in the future like we do with cattle... what ever happened to Adrian "oh that's right, he was the one who wanted to be a rebel"... "I don't know what happened to him".... educate dear...

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

Yeah, I think I'd make fun of my hubby if he started wearing high heels...though, I wouldn't blame him...he's a little short. LOL.

Adrian 5 years ago

Hi Jeanine, when I said comfortable I was meaning it in the context of being comfortable around other people but they are also comfortable at times as for some unknown reason eases the pain in my lower back. My fiancé once said ask any woman and I did most didn’t seem to find them uncomfortable as long as they fit properly. As for the changing of power of man, well… I’m all for women having equal rights, but its ashame that some woman scream for equal rights but are less giving, so you will never see a surprised look on my face. Big boy, little boy, immature macho… yeah don’t think so. I work as a Paramedic and have seen how much life is a gift. Your view on what life is changes when you are doing CPR on a 4 month old or tending to someone wrapped around a tree. The topic is about Men having the right to wear heels. It shouldn’t matter whether heels are made for women or not. It about being yourself and enjoying your life and I believe that people should wear what they want. One more thing there is people out there who will remember me as the one that saved their loved one. What will you be remember for?

seattleamilehigh1 profile image

seattleamilehigh1 5 years ago from Seattle, Washington

I can't see this being a trend. I live in Seattle and have never seen a man walking around in any shoes that resemble the ones above, at least I don't think I have...Weird. Though I will say, your right. because of the wonderful country we live in, you can wear what you please. Heel away dude!

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 5 years ago from australia

Oh for heavens sake I would rather a real short man wear a pair of heels so he is taller than me I say lol. When I am taller I feel like I am the man, even though I don't look like one I guess. I love heels, we could even swap, woo hoo xxx

Jeanine 5 years ago


profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il

how tall are you blondepoet because i am only 5' 2" and the tallest i have worn is 5 1/2" and found the lift interesting.

jeanine 5 years ago

Just like you I'll be remembered for how creative or not I am... how many people I helped or didn't... how many times I brought peace instead of hurt... I don't think heels were made for women any more than for men... the heels you describe are however built to show your ass in a good light... making it more attractive to those viewing if you must be an ass about it... I guess it's best to show it in the best I like heels or I wouldn't be reading your hub... I appreciate you letting me express an opinion...

EuroCafeAuLait profile image

EuroCafeAuLait 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

I was surprised to see that men also look great in heels, just like women do! Who'd a thought it! Great idea for a Hub, Izzy! :)

profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il


all options are appreciated I did think about it. I never thought about that but it might be?? but as i have lost weight so has my butt reduced, have not looked back there but if it does highlight the butt it might even show in a better light ???.

MissFunkadelic profile image

MissFunkadelic 5 years ago from Ireland

I agree that if men choose to wear this type of footwear they should have the right to without being judged but this images are very feminine ones, the last image is a good one it looks more masculine, I believe that in the correctly designed shoes they could look great!!All in all your hub was very interesting and I like your enthusiasim keep up the good work!!

profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il

As I do wear Heels periodicly the question is what is considered feminine , i have a pair of thick heel wedge boots and an open toe stilleto both in black at 5 inch + platforms and have openly worn 3 1/2 inch mary jane chunky pumps for holloween twice with a rocky horror themed costum chosen by a couple of lady friends. the events were fundraisers did have a lot of fun and it was freeing. I did find the taller wedge and stilletos easier to walk in. Interesting now the ladies are planning another event with the alternate dressing ??? should be interesting. I did find the ladies with the same size shoes were having me try them on during the event and now outside a few pics no real discussion on it??. having seen men in a variety of heel types i guess the determination of feminine.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

You can email me through my profile if you have a photo of you in your high heels you would care to share, lightinventor. You don't have to show your face if you don't wish to.

profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il

I got couple from holloween and might have more tonight. Not sure if short, or longer denim mini , do have short black but thinking pockets and black tights.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

You choose. Email me and I will email you back so that you can send the photo :)

wolfee profile image

wolfee 5 years ago

To each their own :) Wear what you want, I don't understand why people get so worked up over what others wear...

ChrisPatrick profile image

ChrisPatrick 5 years ago from West Coast long ago.

I like really masculine men and these guys don't really fit that picture. My man is 6'4" tall and heels on him would be sort of like putting the Empire State Building on stilts. Interesting Hub!

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

Empire State Building on stilts! Love it :)

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 5 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

I'm never an early adopter of anything -- technology, fashion, etc. So it's going to take me awhile to get used to this trend. If it even sticks. But from an equality standpoint, men have every right to wear whatever makes them feel good. If heels to be taller makes them feel good, then go for it (Tom Cruise)!

Great hub,IzzyM! MM

everythingdazzles profile image

everythingdazzles 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

Hey if a guy wants to where heels then why not? Go for what makes you feel good. lol.

ringlawncare profile image

ringlawncare 5 years ago from Stillwater MN

Wow! Do I dare say as a happily married (to a helluva woman) man, that's Sexy! LOL! I don't honestly know if I'm ready for that. I do believe that fashion plays a bigger role in our world than most would or could even admit. Good Hub!

profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il

hello Izzym

I did go out and went demin knee length black tights and 5 1/2 stilletos, it was an opening experience I actually walked about 3 or blocks to get to the club crossing a busy EL stop. I got there and stood at the bar no comments or other stood next to a lovely young lady named ellen and talked for a while as she looked a the skirt tights and heels just a knod and nothing else about it. it was a nice experience opening and freeing.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

lightinventor, I went and read your hub. I suspect you might be a transvestite as opposed to a man who likes wearing heels but is still hetereosexual. You say you like women but I have the feeling you are a little confused at the moment. Was Halloween the first time you dressed like a woman? You liked, and now want to repeat the experience. Perhaps you will feel more comfortable if you chat with other transvestites who can put your mind at ease. You cannot change who you are; you have to learn to accept it and embrace it, and go with the flow. Whatever makes you happy :)

prettynutjob30 profile image

prettynutjob30 5 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

Lord I have a heck of a time trying to wear them.By the end of the night my feet are killing me.I say if they can stand them why shouldn't a man be able to wear heels to each their own,great hub.

profile image

lightinventor 5 years ago from Chicago, il

halloween was staged event were several of us men let the lady dress us so yes those were in drag.The rocky horror picture show was the main theme which the costume were i got my character. as far as full drag I do not want to do drag again the whole thing was just ??. but as far as the skirt and heels the height and freedom has intriguing, I do dress male normally meaning pants gym shoes and business shoes. the next time out i may only do heels because the extra height actually raised my confidence and made it easier to see eye to eye being as short as i am. as far as the skirt tights (due to cold temp and hairy legs) with the heels was a test of my confidence to step out of the box. It was interesting did find that most even batted an eye most were unaffected and might just look and continue on with there business. I do know that full drag is something i am not interested and unless there is a themed event again and would take some thought.

profile image

SmarttChick 5 years ago

As a woman who may choose to wear heels or not, without much fuss I have to ask: why would you WANT to wear heels ?!? They hurt your feet, make it harder to RUN if needed, and unnaturally shorten your achilles tendon (if worn too much) so that in old age, you CAN'T wear flat shoes.

Who needs this?!? Beauty, confidence and one's personality should shine from the inside and not be relegated to the gear one wears.

Shafted 5 years ago

Hi SmarttChick.

I thought I'd jump in and answer your question. For as to why I would want to wear them check out my bio posted above in the gallery.

It's not really harder to run in heels, I do it all the time. It does take a different technique however to be able to do it. I kind of feel like a gazelle when I'm running in heels.

The achillies tendon issue can be avoided by changing heel heights constantly. And most of the time when at home I'm either in stocking or bare feet. I have no problem in anything from bare feet to 5 inch stilettos. If a person is one of those that must always be wearing skyscraper heels then I would agree. It would be an issue.

Okay, I'm not exactly a beauty. But it takes confidence and personality for a guy to wear them in the first place.

Yikes 5 years ago

I think people should do whatever they want. As a male, I remember earrings being controversial for men and I was not so interested in earrings. Now, I would love to wear them but can't due to work. As for heels, I think it is the same. Women are wearing pants and construction boots, who is to say a man cannot wear heels, especially as it was invented for men to begin with?

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

Yep, very good point, Yikes! There is no reason whatsoever for men not to wear high heels if they so wish.


BLACKANDGOLDJACK 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

I like to wear a bra and panties on occasion but I draw the line at high heels.

They are just not safe. I yell at my teenage daughter for wearing them. I mean, there she goes out in a foot of snow wearing those high heel boots. She slipped and fell on her butt the other day going out the door to her car.

Oh, but I do so love my man purse.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

LOL, you crease me up!

High heels and snow never were a good combination, used to hate trying that myself, and falling all over the place!

Bra and panties, man purse, You? Yeah right!


BLACKANDGOLDJACK 5 years ago from Blitzburgh area

Okay, I misspoke. I got a four letter word that starts with "w" mixed up with another one. I meant I like to wash a bra and panties on occasion. Now that is the truth.

I take my daughter's dirty laundry along with my own to the laundromat like once a week. I got some stories about that, too.

But yeah, I do have a man purse. I went on a road trip today. Guess what was in it. Mascara, of course. And my little notebook computer. And beer.

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK Author

What a combination! Mind you I bet there are plenty of women have miniatures of vodka or something in their purse!

hunter1riley profile image

hunter1riley 4 years ago from Nashville

Nah, not a good look for men.

profile image

jadeck001 3 years ago

Just my two cents. I have enjoyed playing around in costuming type stuff in the past. But never took living in a heeled shoe seriously until a girlfriend had me try a rather butch looking pair of wedge sandals one day. Since she liked the way looked, she bought them. I decided to wear them later in the afternoon and found that my lower back pain went away.

As it turns out, I have always hated shopping because my lower back always ends up hurting after just a short while. I actually found that with the posture change that the wedges create, problem solved. I have now been looking for more masculine looking shoes with that same 2" heel lift.

There has been a new trend in the female shoes that I really like, and wish were available in larger sizes. It is the high heeled hiking boot look. I bought a pair for my girlfriend back in December. They just look really cool with jeans. So yeah. I am a little jealous as they look like fun.

Blacksheep557 profile image

Blacksheep557 3 years ago from NewZealand

Welcome jadeck001, welcome to thenworld of men wearing heels, i too love the heeled hiking boots as in the pics above. They have a masculine look and are very comfortable to wear. I do hope you find some of your size. Generaly size 10 us womens is as big as i have been able to find, which fit me perfectly. The beuty too of heeled hiking boots is that they lace up, so if they are wee bit tight, start with losing off the laces then adjst to suit your self. Best of luck and look forward to future comments

bootie 3 years ago

high heeled cowboy boots rock!

bootman 3 years ago

3 inch heels are high heels? try a good fitting pair of cowboy boots with 6 inch those are HIGH heels. Once you get used to them, nothing is more comfortable. But be careful of every step and don't try to run in them or make any sudden moves.

john 3 years ago

men have the right to wear everything they want .... but, are your balls big enough to waer heels???

Anon1 2 years ago

Hello. To all the comments that are poking fun and think this subject is wrong. Why? Well women wear all kinds and types of men style shoes whether their sizes are pencil thin or slightly overweight. What difference does it make. Being a straight man, I love heels of all kinds. However my wife doesn't think men should do that.

I say if you are well groomed and tidy, heels are a perfect choice for nearly any outfit for a man. Slightly overweight such as myself or pencil thin, size doesn't matter, just as long as you match your clothing choice to shoes. I love simple shirts with jeans and high heels. My jeans would be long enough to cover most of the high heel shoes, the length I prefer, or which ever length you would choose. Now you could go all out flashy and draw unwanted attention by doing shorts, high heels or high heel boots and just dressing sloppy. That would not be promoting men wearing high heels in public the right way. Only causing laughter and probably bad press. Of course this is only in my humble opinion, and my two cents worth. Best wishes to all.

profile image

lightinventor 2 years ago from Chicago, il

I would agree and add as I have been not only wearing heels in public recently, but dressing feminine , and found very little or no negative. I still do not dress or heels around family or local friends but more outside local group, it has been comfortable.

Histiletto profile image

Histiletto 2 years ago

IzzyM, this has been an interesting read both from your premise and the comments. Aren't people amazing? Such diversity in opinions. Some to persuade the wearing of heels positively or else. Some to just make statements as to their positions on the matter. Why do people want/hate to wear high heels? Each person has their own perspective reasoning, which all boils down to the agency of individuals. Society seems to be the foe of individuality, instead of its support. Attitudes of expression as to I do/don't like it, so you can/can't either type of thinking under the guise of some sort of influence or power stand as to what is considered the best/right, has become the way things are done. This doesn't mean it has become right!

Had we really understood the stewardship nature obviously meant to be individually controlled to make decisions concerning personal matters, a person's appearance would be their own business. Of course, health, hygiene, appropriateness, and morality would have to be part of this personal concern, along with hair length and styling, accessories, and other appearance appliques, like cosmetics, tattoos/piercings, and etc. Furthermore, things like men/women wearing a blouse, jeans, high heels, and beret outfit (colors, materials, and styling included) would be just another selection for self-expression. So, actually anyone has the right to wear or reject high heeled shoes. It is the social attitude that is in question as to its usurpation of personal agency.

robert hathaway 23 months ago

im a man and I love wearing high heels out in public especially ones with a 5 inch heel and don't care what people say or think there not wearing them im

jessica 22 months ago

this seems really funny,...whwn a boy flaunts the shoe pair instead of a girl..haha

Histiletto 22 months ago

What is the point of a person's appearance other than for protection from any environmental harm and injury along with keeping their self-respect. Any other selections of apparel would be an expression of how they'd prefer to present their personality. Just because our selections may not follow the ideals of others, doesn't mean we are choosing to make them more important than a relationship with another person. Being able to express our identity through what we wear is a basic principle all people are endowed with due to their individuality. This concept has been eroded by society in using the choice of attire to represent ones social status and sexuality. I doubt our first parents had any qualms as to the appearance, color, and/or texture of their coverings as long as they satisfied their understanding of morality. The concerns over our display coverings came as civilization improved the processes to customize the garments and accessories. Now there are many items of apparel available for selection. Society has mandated what a person is supposed to choose and the whole appareling industry has developed accordingly. Any individual desires that differ from these man-made standards have been tainted to be perverted and demeaning. Even women, who have been fairly successful in freeing up their selection constraints when it comes to the standards, still have to deal with this attitude that they aren't actually wearing the attire society meant for them. Perhaps it time to return the choice of what and how a person exhibits their personality back to the individual's taste as it was originally intended. It is wrong for a person to fear being ridiculed by others for their desires that were not assigned to them by some man-made standard.

profile image

highheelbob 22 months ago

im a man and I wear high hels 80%of the tine away from work and love the feel I get from wearing them

Histiletto profile image

Histiletto 22 months ago

The allure to wear high heels is no stranger to both men and women the world over. 4 inch heels are the most commonly sought after for daily activities, which is understandable for those who wear heels for some significant height gain of about 2 to 2.5 inches, but what is it about the higher heels where the gain in any more height is almost negligible?

We have all seen people wearing heels as high as 5 inches or even as high as 6 inches with the proficiency of those seen wearing 4 inch heels. It has to do with the feeling of being able to extend the feet somewhat like ballerinist achieve in their point shoes. Not everyone can wear these higher heels as gracefully as they wear the 4 inch and less heels, due to their physical limitations and/or their desire to practice through the needed conditioning required for wearing such heights. Once the conditioning has been completed, the bonus for doing the effort is the self-satisfaction and elated enjoyment along with the exquisite feelings of gracefully walking in really tall and alluring high heels. These higher heels are not accompanied with platforms of any significant thickness. Platforms have become the common cheaters for people to wear taller heels and not having to deal with the steeper sloping. The platform look can still be attractive for some styles but I tend to think platforms should only be used when ones ability to gain more height with their feet has reached their limitation. Most platform heels today have the same physical height gain as the 4 inch heels plus the platform thickness, but the pleasures of wearing the steeper sloped heels has been seriously reduced, if not totally compromised.

If you are still in doubt as to my affinity to wear heels, then I would like to remove any misconceptions. As a guy, if it were prudent socially, I would be in heels nearly every moment, but my job isn't practical for the wearing of heels, which probably means I should find another job. (I'm working on it.) My avatar features the type of high heels I choose to wear. I wear high heels as a guy and I'm open to attire from either side of the appareling isle that helps me to project the real male image. In times past, men had more frilly, lacey, and colorful attire to select. It has only been in the recent centuries that many men seem to accept the plain, dull, and boring selections most people have become accustomed. The idea that items of apparel choose their wearer can't be real and sounds like a societal manipulation. Individuals know what they prefer to wear better than anyone else. A guy choosing to wear high heels is proof of that.

lingerielover 22 months ago

Nothing wrong with a guy who likes to wear heels. As I wear stockings it is a logical step to wear heels with it. It´s so much better than wearing men´s shoes with it. Of course it is not socially accepted and I get some looks when I wear heels with my suit. But a few days ago I got a compliment from a women how well I would walk in heels. That made my day.

profile image

highheelbob 21 months ago

I agree men should have the right to wear high heels in public if they want sice woman can wear our clothes

lingerielover 20 months ago

hi bob, nobody says it is forbidden for men to walk in heels. Of course it lacks social acceptance but if a man wants to wear heels in public, why not? I do wear heels in public once in a while. You get different comments negative and positive. I loved the comment from a lady who told me I would walk better on my heels than a lot of ladies.

I think the more often we see a man in heels the more normal it would become. Guys let´s show our heels.

robert hathaway 20 months ago

im amanand I wear high heels with a 6 inch heel out in public and I love it

profile image

C Kerstin 18 months ago

My partner always loved it to see me on heels. One day he decided to try a pair of heels himself. We bought him a pair of 2 inch pumps for starters. He learned how to walk on heels and now owns several pairs. He no longer cares for negative comments. And I like him wearing heels with his suit. Although it is far from being socially accepted we both love it to wear heels when we go out for dinner.

Kathleen D. 11 months ago

I don't like the look of a guy wearing anything that is outwardly girly. I do love to get a guy to wear girly things underneath his guy clothes. If he will wear a bra for me then I know he is really into me. I live in the conservative Davenport,Ia. area and I have never had a problem getting boyfriends that will wear panties, pantyhose, and a padded bra for me as long as they don't show. It always seems to keep the guy aroused for me.

Histiletto profile image

Histiletto 11 months ago

Hey Kathleen D.,

As kinky as it tends to sound for your pleasure you have the right to prefer certain details, but this is where it has to end unless the partner is willing to go along with you. Another person can not be bound by your whims as to what they prefer to adorn their appearance, lest you be a bully or slaver, which creates problems in a lot of social relationships. Not letting people be who they are, is the root cause of some lack of mental adjustments. People are constantly stressed because they have to try satisfying the social expectations while also meeting their own desires.

C kerstin 3 weeks ago

Hi Kathleen, I can understand what you wrote. Years ago playing in the bedroom I made my hubby try bra and panties. First he was reluctant but then he gave in. We had a lot of fun. That was the start to some kind of journey. Now, a few years later, he wears panties, girdle, stockings and bra most of the time. We love it to go out together. He loves it to be dressed as a woman under his male suit. Especially he loves it to wear bra and girdle. At the beginning we filled his cups with enhancers. Now he wears real silicon boobs. For me he looks so sexy wearing women´s lingerie.

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