Bras For Men

There's nothing naughtier than a man in a bra. Men who wear bras are breakers of taboos, seekers of sensation, playful people who know what they want and aren't afraid to wear it. For those of you who like to wear lingerie that is sexy, provocative, and a little different from the norm, here are a series of bras inspired by the fine collection boasted by the folks at to get your juices flowing.

These are are the naughtiest bras out there, bras that are sure to provide satisfaction whether you wear them yourself, or get a matching set for you and the lady in your life. I wouldn't recommend going jogging in them, because, well, they're not the most supportive pieces of lingerie available on the market. However if you like to show a bit of nipple, these are the bras for you.

Let's begin with the lace underwire open tip bra (top). It gives you all the feel and look of black lace against your flesh, but with an added little bonus of an opening that lets your nipples hang free. Perfect for sexual playtimes when you want to keep your bra on, but attach those clamps as well. You know, if you're in to that sort of thing of course. (Those in the know are very familiar with the fact that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to attach a clamp over a satin surface.)

For something a little more trashy looking, try the Chopper Bar Shelf Bra (middle). Settling under your 'breasts', it provides a snug fit whilst still exposing your chest. It's hot, its sexy, and it makes an excellent addition to any lingerie collection. The red color makes it perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or other special occasions.

If you like to mix a certain ambiance of innocence with your naughty ways, the Rhinestone shelf bra (bottom) might be just the ticket. Coming in pristine white, little lace cuplets caress your skin whilst the rhinestones sparkle in the lights.

Perfect for wearing on hot dates, or even under your suit to the office, these bras are certain to make you feel like a very naughty boy indeed. There is just enough support and soft material to let you know that you're wearing a bra, and feeling the top edge of the lace riding just underneath your nipples, teasing them, yet leaving them exposed is, for some men, even better than the feeling of sheer cover that comes from wearing a full bra.

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David 9 years ago

Hope, you seem to support men who have an interest in lingerie. So tell me are ther any dos and don'ts from your perspective as far as what type, style or color you would perfer see men wear? We all want to please the women in our lives and have them share in the wonderful world of lingerie. Thanks

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 9 years ago Author

Hi David, In general wouldn't say there are too many do's and don'ts. The whole point of men wearing lingerie is that they are doing something they enjoy in a way that they enjoy it. I wouldn't want to place arbitrary restrictions on that. Having said that, a camisole is always nice :)

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satin_lover 9 years ago

choosing a bra , chemise or camisole can be confusing for getting the right size as i am a 38 inch chest , hips and waist so any advice as to what size i should go , an xl seems to be around that size but i dont have the knowledge to get it right and can be frustrating and expensive , any advice would be appreciated

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 9 years ago Author

Hi Satin Lover, with those measurements, a bra that is a 38, or 40 should fit you. However, part of the problem you are probably running into is that different brands can be different sizes even when they have the same numbers on the tag. The best way to work this out is simply trial and error I'm afraid, or you can take the time to research each manufacturer's sizings.

The other piece of advice I have for you is to simply purchase cheap items to start with. These should give you an idea of size that you can use when contemplating larger purchases.

Some men commenting on these articles have mentioned that it has been possible for them to try items on in the store, so perhaps that may be an option for you depending on where you live and the folk who run your local lingerie departments.

Kendra 9 years ago

Hope ilove to see men in bras, Ihave even made them wear bras to work and under their clothes for longf periods of time. Yes those open nipple ones are great that I can put clamps on the mans nipples for the day too.

Bobb 9 years ago

My wife found out a couple years ago that I like to wear bras but she doesn't like it. I would love to be able to wear them all the time, as it helps stop the bouncing of my breasts and it feels comfortable, I fill out a 40 B.

Do you have any advice to me or her to get her used to the idea that it is ok for men to wear them as well?

Wanatry 9 years ago

How can I buy Lingerie for myself without getting looks?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 9 years ago Author

Hi Wanatry,

Several commenters on other hubs have mentioned how they can quite happily buy lingerie for themselves in stores without getting looks at all. On the other hand, if you don't wish to risk it, there are many fine lingerie retailers online.

dale 9 years ago

I think I could fill out a 44b or c bra with no problem. How do males like myself pickout a bra with all the selection available? I must admit, even I like the looks of the pretty you know what other guys wear?

Bobb 9 years ago

With a sixe close to mine I suggest Lane Bryant or Fashion Bug. I can always find what I want there. For me I wear underwire, bras that give great support. I found a GREAT new bra from Hanes at Fashion Bug called Lovable. GREAT fit, support, feels great, I can't get enough of it, I will be getting more in the near future.

dale 9 years ago

Hi Bobb...any websites where I might be able to have female assistance. I don't believe I could go into a store and make this kind of purchase. I really don't want to get into a sports bra either.

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madeleine 8 years ago from Takoma Park, Maryland

"...just enough support and soft material to let you know that you're wearing a bra, and feeling the top edge of the lace riding just underneath your nipples, teasing them, yet leaving them exposed..."

- Whew! Descriptions like that leave me bits of sweat on my forehead and a rocket in my pocket!

I had never even thought to give those open shelf bras a try until you described them this way. Too bad you can't find them in regular shopping mall stores....I'd like to know what I'm getting feels right, and I hate the hassle of mail-in returns. Haven't quite worked up the courage to ask for assistance (or spend too much time) in the lingerie dept. yet. I admire those that have.

BTW- I love camisoles too- the way they feel against my nipples and skin, the straps, The frilliness or lace on my neck or back,and the length and silky coolness of the fabric on my skin, just long enough to gently and tantalyzingly brush against, and tickle my "private bits" as you say. Wonderful feeling. Very arousing. And just great in bed at night with a thong, to sleep in or whatever as well. ;)

jrw 8 years ago

I wear 18 hour bra by playtex in a40b and i find it very comfortable all day i bought it at wal-mart in the front closure .I would recomed this to other guys.

joe 8 years ago

I love to wear brassieres, but pretty ones in 40 plus are hard to find. I usually have to wear extenders. But, if every man wore a brassiere they would never take them off. They feel wonderful.

Greg 8 years ago

I'm a guy and I where bras all the time. I shop for bras at Fashion bug, Layne Bryant, Catherines, Avenue, etc. I've tried them on at all of those places with no problems. The women who work in those stores are very supportive and understanding.

jerry 8 years ago

HI Iam a man who wears a bra every day and for those guys out there that thought getting the wright fitting bra was hard. I found that if you get fitted for a bra it is more comfortably. I found that a lot of places will fit man for the right size bra and are very help full with this. So i think more men should wear bras if they want to. I have very good luck with beening fit at any hanes factory outlet store and also fashion stores.I incourge men that want to wear bras they should do and get fitted for the right one.

Teri 8 years ago

I wear womens panties all the time, I threw all of my mens underware away. I love wearing a bra at nite and I have started wearing nylons when I go shopping. I massage my breast every chance I get and sometimes for over an hour... I am getting close to a B-cup and need to find a bra to wear all the time that is not too noticable and I would love to hear from men and women who support and feel the way I do and especially those who like to dress like me. Thank you Teri

BobbieAnne 8 years ago

I love wearing bras. They make me feel soooooo sexy! I started wearing bras when I was around 9 yrs old. It made me feel excited when I put it on. I have been wearing bras ever since and can easily fill a 40 C cup. I love bras of every kind but prefer underwires since they help keep my breasts in the cups. Does anyone else have this desire to wear bras 24/7?

jerry 8 years ago

hello teri

I also threw all my mens underwear away and bought all womens silk binki underwear I love wearing them every day . I found THE PLAYTEX 18 HOUR FRONT HOOK BRA very comfortable to wear all day and not to noticable and i wear a b-cup bra now. You can buy them at wal-mart or get fitted for the wright bra because i went and got fitted for mine. hope this helps you.

beverly ann 8 years ago

i love wearing all women clothes. wear hongs 24/7,and a bra when home. i have breast enhacers i fill out a 36b. love to shop for them. would realy like to be fitted in a store

CAROLYN 8 years ago


BobbieAnne 8 years ago


Iagree 100% with you. Once a man has tried on a bra he would know how good it feels to have one on. I really love wearing bras and panties and if I could would wear them 24/7/365.The feeling of having the soft material against my skin is such a turn on that I would never want to take them off. Unfortunately my wife doesn't agree with me wearing women's lingerie so I only wear them when I am alone in the house. I only wish she would accept me wearing bras and panties whenever I am home. Until then, I will continue to wear them when I can.

Bill 8 years ago

I want to know where normal size guys buy bras. Measured by a nice store clerk, I am a 46A. She had a 42 A and I tried it on, it was very tight and I didn't come near to filling the cups. I think I was a novelty, so she spent some time helping me figure out a cup size. Turns out the cup on a 34B is just about right, but doesn't fit across the front or back. looking for any suggestions since i don't want to wear pads to fill out a 46A.

Jim aka Jenny 8 years ago

I love bras. I would have hundreds of them if I could, but I am married with children, so privacy is only option for me. Give me a pink bra with dainty pink panties and I am at balance to love and adore a woman. Women can't wait to get home to take their bras off. Men want to wear them 24/7. They feel so good, and the prettier the better, as men I believe wish they could let their soft side out but society seems to push them in the macho direction, a dichotomy for sure as some just want to be pretty. Everything a woman wears; panties, stockings, nighties, slips and dresses is the most exciting thing in the world.

OLRAM 8 years ago

Me too loves wearing bra. i really like it. I have six bras at home.Most of it bought by my wife for me.

steve 8 years ago

I'm a 24 yr old male nuse who is very feminine with long hair and pieced ears. i wear a bra daily under my uniform and usually have on matching panties. My bra is visible when I bend over to help a patient but no one seems to car. I wear a 36-b and fill it out nicely. I have been wearing bras for about 6 yrs and own mo mens undies at all. Yhe best gift I can get is a gift card to victoria secrets

jim 8 years ago

I'm eighty years old and still love to wear bras. Playtex cross your heart has always been my favorite style. At night it makes my niylon night gowns fit better.

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timmi 8 years ago

I wear nylon stockings and garter and some times a bras. It feels nice.

Love wearing bras in my job - noone noticed yet

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daytona 8 years ago from Bolingbrook, Illinois

Like I stated earlier in another comment area, I have been wearing my femme undies for over 20 years now and do it everyday, 24-7, and have no mens underware at all. There are businesses that will size you for all your foundation clothing needs and who will do it in a very discretionary method. While I have A cup breasts, my comfortable bra is a 42B, and yes Wal-Mart has them. I am especially partial to underwire lace bras as I do love the feel. And yes of course match the colors hon's. Daytona

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tinyt 8 years ago

I've been wearing a bra now for about 4 years, and in that time, no one has noticed or if they did they have not commented. I started in a 36A, but now find a 36B is more comfortable. I prefer the non padded, underwired bra, and in all honesty, I feel a lot more comfortable wearinga bra, than when I'm not wearing one

Claire 8 years ago

I am wearing my new 36a bra and size 8 panties, Iwould love to meet a girl who lets me do it with her

marybeth 8 years ago

i love to wear them am a 36a and feels soooo nice to wear

Rob 8 years ago

I absolutly LOVE wearing panties and my wife even likes to pick out pairs for me to wear. She even allows me to wear a chemise to bed on occasion which turns me on beyond belief and usually ends up in LOTS of long, hard lovemaking. I am not sure she would go for a bra though and I am also not sure that I am ready for that but it sounds nice.

patricia 8 years ago

i have been wearing bras for about 5 years just love them

i wear 38b with inserts

caslau 8 years ago

My wife fed up with me stealing hr thongs and bras asked me what i would like for xmas i jokingly said my own lingerie and surprisingly she agrees and has promised to get me some cant wait only 12 days to go!

Gerry 8 years ago

Anyone try wearing a thong? breezy. hardly remember your wearing anything. NICE.

Lauren 8 years ago

If it helps guys, more and more young women are supportive (pun intended) of men wearing bras. My friend and I have been urging the men in our lives to wear sexy lingerie 24-7 (bras, panties, stockings, etc) to get in touch with their feminine side. Men who do wear lingerie all the time seem to be nicer, less violent and just more at peace with themselves. So like Hope Alexander, it's our hope that many more men continue to be happy and fell sexy wearing their bras and panties, just like us. :)

David 8 years ago

I am not sure whether naughty is the right word.

Wearing a bra just feels right to me. I understand what it feels like for a teenage girl - wearing a bra is a sign of maturity.

I live in the UK, and have had a bra fitting done at Debenhams. I did this soon after buying my last pair of breast forms. It is much more comfortable to get the right size rather than just guessing.

I am only age 34, but am coming to a point of time in my life where I feel that I am happy doing what I want. Wearing bras and panties is nice (I started because mens underwear disgusts me).

It is wrong for some people in society to say that guys shouldn't be feminine.

To me being feminine is all about being beautiful.

Lee 8 years ago

I started wearing bras at 18, my breasts started growing then and never stopped until I was 23, I now wear a 38C and fill it out quite nicely, I wear a bra to support my breasts. People who know me don't even think twice about me in a bra, and strangers just look and keep on walking..Men if you have breast then just wear a bra, it feels good and the support can't hurt. My girlfriend loves my breasts and says she wouldn't trade me for anyone!!!

sissyboy 8 years ago

i have been wearing lingerie as long as i can remember and it is amazing, i love to go out in public dressed. the women at the linerie store are very nice about me tryng stuff on and even look and give me their opinion. and my girlfreind loves it!!! go girly boi's

BraMan 7 years ago

One of these days we will see male professional athletes wear sports bras. It is comfortable especially to the nipples. I will bet those masculine-looking female basketball players will get mad to see men in sports bras. They won't know what to think.

But it is time for a crossover in chest comforst as men deserve to feel comfortable as well. I wear cotton sports bras (purchased from Wal-Mart in the women's section) when I work out, run, walk, etc.

ging353 7 years ago

Ihave worn bras and panties for years and wouldn't wear anything else now. There is no better feeling than to have all that sexy lace close to your skin. I wear them under my male clothes and don't care if people notice them.

lingerielover 7 years ago

Wearing a bra is just the next step. Once you have started with lingerie like panties, ogb and stockings a bra simply comes next. I´m wearing bras most of the time and have done so for long years. I love the feeling and the hug a good fitting bra give me.

At the beginning I have been very shy and thought a lot what might happen if someone would notice my bra. Now I don´t think about it any longer and simply enjoy it. I fill my bras with forms so I think it is easy to spot my projection. So far I have only got some curious looks or smiles usually from women.

mike 7 years ago

I went to a Fashion Bug and bought a great bra tonight. They have a great bra with firm padding. I picked up a 44DD and walked up to the check out counter. There was one other woman in the store, and two store clerks. one in her mid 20s I guess, and the other looked to be 20 or so. I put the bra on the counter. The clerk asked if I was all set. I asked politely "I'm a little embarrassed but, I have a question for you. Do you allow men to try on clothes in the changing rooms". She said "sure" and led me over to the changing room and unlocked one for me. I tried it on and it happened to fit perfectly. I walk up to the counter and she ask how I made out. I said it fit fine and I said I'd take it. She rang it up and I thanked her for her help. She said "not a problem". The younger sales clerk watched me, as I think the older one told her about it. Overall, it was a great experience, and I would go back there to buy lingerie again,

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gneena 7 years ago

Hi I am 66 and love to wear bras. Ihave been wearing one since I was 50 in 1993. My whole life I have been interested in bras. From looking at the Sears "playboy" to stealing bras off clothslines. This just happened when I was a teenager. I realized as I was posting this that when I was "shopping on clothlines" I never found a bra that would fit me.

After the internet came along I had read about men getting bra fittings and I had bought some bras online but they didn't fit. I went into a store here in Chicago that sold lingerie and was recommended online as a place which would do a bra fitting for men. what a thrill!

I went to the store pulled into the parking lot and couldn't get out of my truck.

I left but went around the block and got out, went in the store. I was asked can I help you? Yes, I would like to buy a bra for myself. She led me to a dressing room and told me to take off everything above the waist. As I was standing there I realized I was standing in a woman's dressing room. I wqill never forget that moment. The lady came in with several bras and I tried them on. she helped me with the back closure ones. I have since become very adept.

That day I bought a front closure bra and wore it out of the store. I haven't looked back since. But my wife does not approve unfortunately.



David 7 years ago

I always wear panties, and quite often wear a bra at home.

Would like to wear one everyday.Would people notice or say anything if they saw the outline of your bra straps on your back?I am tired of hiding behind thick shirts, and waiting for the winter in order to wear more layers.

In the summer, I normally wear a t-shirt. If I wore a bra underneath, it would show through. Am I worrying too much?

profile image

shortbread 7 years ago from Michigan

For everyone worries about the bras and panties showing Hope has a page here just for you.It is good advice!!But one i will add too....check your jeans for holes especially if you tring to get you money's worth out of them or they are the preworn variety....nothing like having a gal come up and tell you how pretty you panties are in the grociery store....;)

Curley 7 years ago

I am a 55 year old man who enjoys wearing bras and panties. The only problem is I don't seem to wear the right size. Any ideas on how to find the right size.

I also give my myself a breast self exam every month. Women aren't the only ones to have found lumps or cysts in their breasts. My doctor said to give myself a breast exam, because I have a large chest.

Thank you.

robin48 profile image

robin48 7 years ago

I love wearing panties and bras 2.

I am wearing a pretty pink bra now and pink thong lacey panties, panty hose and flats. I have a pink top on thats says:"Girly but strong" and a white mid length skirt for summer.

I wish more guys would try on panties ,bras and dresses.Way better than guy clothes

profile image

akdan58 7 years ago

I love my Playtex Secrets #4023. I have 4 and wear them allot. Under a t-shirt it adds allot. I cut the lining out to be more revealing. I also have some Demi's that I took the wire and linning out as well. The Demi's really fit nicely! I just got the Demi's and haven't worn my Secrets since!

Jere 7 years ago

As a big man ,my band size measured 56. Cup size does not matter to me. I found some very nice lacy ones, but had to settle for a 56C. I must put it on hooks in front (4 of them) and then twist it around so that I'm wearing it properly. I'm going to get some bra extenders. If they work, then I'll get forms.

All you men: try They have beautiful bras at fantastic unheard of prices. EXAMPLE on Women Within.Com the bra that they sell for $26.99 sells for only $9.99 at That's where I purchased mine.


Carolyn 7 years ago

I have recently started wearing microfiber panties and oh my gosh, do they feel wonderful. I don't even want to wear mens underwear anymore. men, you should try them. They feel wondrful.

Bob 6 years ago

I came back from K-mart and purchased 12 pairs of panties-4 pair pink, 4 pair white and 4 pair black...$1.99/2 pair and 2 bras.$3.99 looks whatsoever. I hate tighty whities and plan on throwing ALL of them out. PANTIES all the way...forever.

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