Men's High Heels

This fellow seems ready to defend his high heels with the power of his model gaze... Actually I am told this is a woman.. which just goes to show - something

It has come to my attention, (well it came to my attention a while ago, but that reads less awesomely), that there are certain men who like to wear women's shoes. Not just any women's shoes quite often, but high heeled shoes.

Now that's exactly the sort of thing that is likely to put people's noses out of joint if you're not careful chaps. A man in high heels presents an outwardly incongruous figure which even the dullest lout cannot fail to appreciate and inevitably comment on.

For this reason no doubt, most men refrain from wearing high heels in public. their shoes collections are closeted away from the eyes of the world, and like stealthy male versions of Imelda Marcos they create little shoe havens hidden away behind secret false walled wardrobes. (I hope they do anyway, I have a mental image of a false wall swinging away to reveal dozens of lovely high heels shoes hidden away on little perspex shelves against a blue backlit wall, not unlike a weapons stash.)

If a man wants to wear high heels in public, he needs to wear riding boots, which are the acceptable high heel for men. For some reason we can accept that a man wearing riding boots or cowboy boots in a city many thousands of miles away from the nearest horse is okay, but a man who picks up some saucy little heels from to boutique on the corner is clearly mad and also a danger to the status quo of society.

But why? Are we afraid that he will steal the feminine mojo which comes with every purchase of a pair of high heels? Will he discover the dark secrets of women kind and suddenly start winning arguments with the line "If you loved me you'd..."? Will he become unnaturally tall and start seeing things he shouldn't? After all, the average man is taller than the average woman by a couple of inches and it is possible that like tired parents baby proofing the house by placing vats of sulphuric acid on table tops just out of reach of their child's eager grasping hands, our government overlords have been storing all manner of dangerous things just out of the eye line of the average citizen.

(That would explain why all the tall people are regularly rounded up and made to play basketball and have wild intercourse with loose women. Keeps them out of trouble.)

I'm being silly of course. There's really no practical reason that men shouldn't wear high heels, unless you count the potential damage to their lower back that can arise with extended wearing. So please men, be careful when you're wearing your high heels. You'll miss your back when it's gone.  


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likewhatiam 8 years ago

Hope I just wish for the day when there is no discrimination between the sexes and we can wear whatever we want whenever we want but alas I doubt that it will happen in my life time. Keep going and never give up the hubs you give us mere mortals something to look forward to.

Freestyler 8 years ago

I do believe than men ARE allowed to wear heels :-) Whether or not people approve is another matter, though. Otherwise I totally agree.

BWT. I believe the heeled person in the pricture is a woman.

Annonymous 8 years ago

That's actually Katie Sketch a female model

cestlavie 8 years ago

I could not agree with you more. However, when men sometimes look like women, TA-DA, then heels are an absolute must and a joy!

christine almaraz profile image

christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

Prince wore them and wore them well so why not. I wouldn't recommend them for someone like my husband but if you can pull it off, go for it:)

tonks21 profile image

tonks21 8 years ago from V-Town

I think I would be scared to see a man wear heels. Woman have a hard enough time doing it imagine how hard men will!!! lol!

neo 8 years ago

well i am a male 24 years old. I like wearing high heels but never in public. for x-mas i had a work xmas party that was themed drag and i seized the opportunity wearing a black dress, and black strappy gladiator heels. I had a great time along with my workmates and not one bad comment from friends and family seeing the pics. But as for managing in the heels, well they were quite high, higher than the average, because they were strappy there wasn't the nest of suppprt, but i was fine till the end of the night.

Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

Well, most of women in USA have no idea how to wear heels at all. It's a breathtaking sight really, for those who know how this should really look when weared properly. May be this is what prompted men to take a lead and show to the best half how it should be done? ;)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

Oh Misha, please do tell how heels should be worn... this I gotta see/hear/read ;)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

Oh Misha, please do tell how heels should be worn... this I gotta see/hear/read ;)

Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

Umm, may be I should pass this idea to Milla, for her next hub about me ;)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

I await Milla's observations with great interest ;)

Houellebecq profile image

Houellebecq 8 years ago from Newfoundland

I'm not surprised because some of the men in the city here and nicer women's clothing than I do.

Heel_Guy 8 years ago

I'm a professional guy and I wear high heel boots to work every day....heels are usually 4-5 inches high!!....I do not care what others think and if more men did this, the taboo would disappear.

John 8 years ago

Heels, luv'em. Especially strappy sandals. Unfortunately as a Womans size 12, they just don't look as sexy on me as a pair of 6's to 8' do on a nicely shaped Fem foot. Guy's, we used to wear things that make what women wear tody look like potato sacks. What happen'd to our spirit of adventure? In Nature, it is usually the Male of the species that puts on the show!

John little 8 years ago

I think it is fine. It is just a new style.

Robb 7 years ago

I am a guy, and I wear womes shoes almost all the time - in public. The more girly shoes come out when I am not around the family though. Although, I just told my wife all about it... she is in the wondering if I am gay phase - i'm not.

My advice to other guys outthere wanting to wear heels. Remember it's about what you want to wear. Take pleasure in them. I personally like a more refined, classic sandal. Anything above 3" is a death trap, and extremely uncomfortable.

Dave 7 years ago

Well, I just got a pair of J.S. Alen boots, with a 4.5" heel. at Macy's! The only size they had was an 8.5m and I wear a mens 10m. Still they fit me like a glove, even with thick sox on. The heel has lots of undersling(very important) and walks very well. They look just like the old cowboy boots of years ago. BTW did you know that some early cowboy boots had what was called a spike heel (could be covered with a dime)? The problem with them was that the boot shank was to weak and would bend inward. With steel shanks todays boots are much stronger.

kfsteve391 7 years ago

I have nine pairs of strappy high heel sandals. Heel height goes from 3 inches to 5.25 inches. They are all extremely sexy. I enjoy wearing them with my thongs and panties.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

kfsteve - your (second) comment can't be approved because your pic is totally NSFW ... this is a family friendly site, so full frontal see through panty shots are not going to work here...

Histiletto profile image

Histiletto 7 years ago

It doesn't seem to matter if a gal dresses like a guy, so why is it such an ordeal if a guy prefers to wear high stilettos? He hasn't changed his gender any more than a gal changes hers when wearing his stuff. Why can't society accept male effeminacy? It is just as much a part of humanity as tomboyish females.

Erica4U profile image

Erica4U 7 years ago from Great Lakes Region

Hope I love the issues you address! For the women who read your column, please know that I walk just fine in heels as most all women do! It took about 2 hours for me to figure the proper way to walk in them and I enjoy very much I feel while wearing them and how I look as well! My wife enjoys my wearing heels with Jeans especially. Ladies! What is the big deal at all with a guy who loves to wear heels or dress up? I don't care if you wear "Pants" or Men's T-Shirts or Tennis Shoes that men wear or anything a man wears! Why is there a damn "Double Standard?" By The Way Hope, Well, You Know!

bodaishinboy 7 years ago

If guy wants to wear heels let him. No one should tell you what clothing a shoes should be an expression of who you are. If work into that equation then so be it.

Fastcat 7 years ago

Hi Hope, to answer your quest for a hidden shoe haven you should come to my workshop. Hidden in secret drawers built into the bottom of my work benches and hatches that drop down from the ceiling, is a growing collection of women's shoes and boots that I have collected over the last 10 years and wear as often as I can. All styles, colours, heel heights and fabrics, all carefully stored in their own seperate compartments within each locker. James Bonds' Q would be proud of me. The odd thing is despite the fact that my wife knows I wear high heels and supports me as best she can, she's never asked where I store them. Which only adds to the excitment of when I open one of the lockers up to select another pair for an outing. Keep up the good work.

John2 7 years ago

If heels were unisex in the flower power era (late sixties, early seventies), why no longer?

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